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Games and Random Fun

Send Orlando e-cards to your friends through The OB Files or CC Orlando.

Memory Game
Match up pairs of Orlando pictures with this classic game.

Lunch Break Encounter
Aeroplane Amour
Falling in Love by the Fruits and Vegetables
Dear Orlando...
The 3rd Degree
Going For a Ride
The Three Hunters

Mirror of Galadriel
Have your fortune told by Legolas and the Mirror of Galadriel.

Kiss Legolas or Orlando
Here's your chance to lay a smacker on one of the guys.

Online Paper Doll
Drag and drop clothes using your mouse with this online version of the printable paper doll.
There are also two great online dolls at stardoll.com (1 & 2), one at cartoondollemporium.com, and here's a printable Prince Paris doll.

Slot Machine
Try to win (fake) money on this Orlando slot machine.

Body Doubles
Check out the Orlando look-a-likes.

OB Hangman
Play the classic game of hangman with words associated with Orlando.

LOTR Hangman
Play hangman with Legolas in the bathtub at CBBC Newround!

Riddle Quest
Navigate "Orly the Elf" through a village to gather rings at CBBC Newround.

Shoot off fireworks above Orlando.


More Orlando puzzles at JigZone.com

Six Degrees of Orlando Bloom
Connect Orlando with other actors.

Word Search Puzzles
Pirates of the Caribbean
Lord of the Rings
Orlando Bloom
Orlando Bloom 2
Orlando Bloom 3
Orlando Bloom 4

Sim Skins
Download Lord of the Ring skins for your Sims here, here, or here, an Orlando one from simsgogogo, simfreaks or sugasims, and a Legolas and POTC one here.

Virtual Wedding
Get married online at bored.com and print out your marriage certificate. Don't worry, it's not legally binding!

Bloom Bingo
Print out your own bingo cards and play Bloom Bingo.

Hollywood Stock Exchange
Buy and sell shares of Orlando at:
hsx.com and bbc.co.uk/celebdaq

Comics and Cartoons
TTT video spoof with dancing badgers
Fox Trot
Between Friends
Waiting For Frodo


Mouse Cursors
Message Board Avatars
AIM Icons
Printable Legolas and Orlando Paper Dolls
Printable Bookmarks
Printable Orlando Scrapbook
Printable Advent Calendar
Printable Valentine's Day Cards

Reading and Writing

Orlando Fans
Fan Encounters
Dream Journal
Fan Poems/Songs
The Secret Diaries of the Fellowship
Guide to Becoming Orlando Bloom
Hand Puppet Theatre's parody of LOTR
Hand Puppet Theatre's parody of POTC
Lord of the Peeps
LOTR Survivor
Bad LOTR Captions
Pirates of the Caribbean 1 Movie Script
Pirates of the Caribbean 2 Movie Script Fellowship of the Ring Movie Script
The Two Towers Movie Script
The Return of the King Movie Script
Black Hawk Down Movie Script
Troy Movie Script
Download Elvish Fonts
Get your own Elf name
Another site to get an Elf name!
Elivhs Name Translator
Get a pirate nickname

Blooming Fanfic
Rusted Faith: The Orlando Fanfiction Network
Orlando Bloom Fiction MSN Group
The Mellon Chronicles
Orlando Bloom Fiction MSN Group

How To's

How to Speak Elvish
Learn Elvish
How to make Legolas and Elf braids
How to make Lembas


Orlando Fashion Quiz

General Orlando Knowledge Quiz

POTC Personality Test

Test Your Orlando Bloom Obsession-Strength

Which POTC Character are You?

Which Orlando are you?

Middle-earth Dating Quiz

Which Elf are you most like?

Who's Your Celeb Hottie Love Match?

Pirates of the Caribbean 2 Trivia

More quizzes at quizilla.com and triv.net


Love Calculator

Are you compatible with Orlando?