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Printable Advent Calendar

Printing from your web browser: Click on the low-res link then print the pop-up page.
Printing from a graphics program: Right-click and save the high-res version and print it using your program.

Print out the house and the photos on 8 1/2" x 11" paper, in landscape mode. You may wish to print out the photos on a stiffer paper or mount the calendar on cardboard or posterboard.

Low-res - House & Photos
High-res - House & Photos

Cut off the extra white space on the bottom of the house, and then using an X-acto blade, cut the windows and door so they can fold open like shutters. (the yellow part of the windows are not meant to be opened, just the green, like in the sample pic above) Then put glue on the back of the house, making sure not to put any on the windows that will open. Then place it onto the photos. Use the guides on the bottom of the photos to line it up with the bottom corners of the house. Then cut off the excess white paper around the edges and you're done. Everyday open a new window until it's finally Christmas!

Calendar created by Sarah of The OB Files