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Were you lucky enough to meet Orlando or get a letter from him? Tell me your story so we can all be jealous of you!

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Eizabethown New York Premiere by VioLeT
POTC 2 Set in LA by Lauren
In Calibishie Dominica by Susan
Kingdom of Heaven London Premiere by Lucy
Kingdom of Heaven London Premiere by Tonny
Kingdom of Heaven London Premiere by Claire
Kingdom of Heaven London Premiere by Lucy
Kingdom of Heaven NY Premiere by Darlene
Kingdom of Heaven NY Premiere by Laura
Kingdom of Heaven London Premiere by Hayley
Kingdom of Heaven London Premiere by Lou
Kingdom of Heaven London Premiere by Kelly Marie
Kingdom of Heaven NY Premiere by Elena
Kingdom of Heaven London Premiere by Laura
Kingdom of Heaven NY Premiere and TRL by VioLeT
Kingdom of Heaven London Premiere by Marisa
Kingdom of Heaven London Premiere by Safiyah
Kingdom of Heaven London Premiere by Emma
Kingdom of Heaven London Premiere by Katherine
Kingdom of Heaven NY Premiere by Evelyn Sam
Kingdom of Heaven NY Premiere and TRL by Nicole Snyder
Kingdom of Heaven London Premiere by Hayley
Kingdom of Heaven NY Premiere by Suzie F.
Kingdom of Heaven NY Premiere by Joann
2005 Academy Awards by Elizabeth G.
2004 Toronto International Film Festival by Lizabeth
2004 Toronto International Film Festival by Pip
2004 Toronto International Film Festival by Brittany S.
2004 Toronto International Film Festival by Hallae
2004 Toronto International Film Festival by Rosie
2004 Toronto International Film Festival by Deana

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In Kentucky filming Elizabethtown by Angie
In Oklahoma filming Elizabethtown by Yvette
Filming Elizabethtown by Ceseli
In Oklahoma filming Elizabethtown by Ashley
In Nebraska filming Elizabethtown by ?
In Kentucky filming Elizabethtown by Lynn
In Kentucky filming Elizabethtown by Diana
In Kentucky filming Elizabethtown by Hannah
In Kentucky filming Elizabethtown by Jessica
In Tennessee filming Elizabethtown by Orlandoluvr615
In Kentucky filming Elizabethtown by Jenny Wade
In Kentucky filming Elizabethtown by Jordie
In Kentucky filming Elizabethtown by Laurie
In Kentucky filming Elizabethtown by Erin
In Kentucky filming Elizabethtown by Meggie
In Kentucky filming Elizabethtown by Meredith
In Kentucky filming Elizabethtown by Melissa
In Kentucky filming Elizabethtown by Kristin
In Kentucky filming Elizabethtown by Colleen
In Kentucky filming Elizabethtown by Stella
In Kentucky filming Elizabethtown by Elizabeth
Madrid Airport by Sebastian
Jay Leno Show by Samantha
Return of the King Premiere in LA by Jamie
Return of the King Premiere in LA by Tianne and Jasmin
Return of the King Premiere in LA by Missy
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Return of the King Premiere in Wellington by Amanda
Return of the King Premiere in Wellington by Melissa
Return of the King Premiere in Wellington by Katie
Haven Set in the Cayman Islands by Lauren

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2003 GQ Men of the Year Awards by Amy
2003 Hollywood Film Awards by Samantha
2003 Hollywood Film Awards by Lily
2003 Hollywood Film Awards by Sonia
Lili Claire Foundation's 6th Annual Benefit by Jaylee
POTC Premiere in London by Rachel McNally
POTC Premiere in London by Annie
POTC Premiere in London by Fran
POTC Premiere in London by Lucy
POTC Premiere in London by Tonia Andrews
POTC Premiere in London by Stacey
POTC Premiere in London by Foxette
POTC Premiere in London by Tasha
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POTC Premiere at Disneyland by K.C.
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The Two Towers Premiere in LA by Samantha
At So Graham Norton by Sara
In Melbourne by Lady4Legolas
2002 BAFTAs by Ehli
Ned Kelly Set in Clunes by Jess Olive
Hard Word premiere in Melbourne by princess_greenleaf_of_mirkwood
FOTR London Premiere After Party by Grim
On Location in NZ by Quickbeam
FOTR Sydney Premiere by Scrow
BAFTAs by Chev
FOTR London Premiere by White Lady Of Rohan
Fan Mail Response by Sammi

Eizabethown New York Premiere October 10, 2005 by VioLeT
The tenth of October. What started out as a gloomy day sure ended wonderfully. I had a lot of luck, yeah it was definitely my lucky day. It was me, my sister and my best friend(Katherine)going to see Orlando as he arrives in Lincoln Center, NYC. Took us an hour and a half to get there, but it was all worth it.

First we saw this puny little red carpet and a tent over it, it was nothing like the Kingdom of Heaven premiere, fans only had like this one little rectangle. When we arrived it was all filled up and boxed in so there was no way of getting inside, and a security guard was standing there too. We knew we had to figure out a way to get in that box, and we did.

Someone started screaming "Orlando is here!" and everyone started squealing so the guards attention was somewhere else. This is where we made our move. We squeezed through the barricades and got on the other side. Oh my gosh it was so tight in there, especially later on when Orlando really did arrive. A little later on a lady from WB11 came and did interviews with 2 girls and asked them why are they here, and then one girl started saying you know he's a good actor that's partly the reason, and the reporter girl is like "aw come on that's not the real reason" I thought that was kind of messed up, like Orlando is only a piece of meat, brr. Well at the end of the whole interview thing we all yelled Orlando Bloom and she left.

Then we were just standing there waiting for him to come and someone shows up with the tickets, everyone in the box is like hey how did u get the tickets??? So this girl said she got em from a tent around the corner but u have to be on the list. Thinking quickly I came up with using my friend's name(he's in higher places and he's the one that let me know where it was all going down), so we ran around to the tent. We came up to the guy we're like yeah Mr.x he should be there, guy goes which list? I'm like uh well the radio stations one, he looked it up and he goes no i don't see it. Then this rather good looking PR or security guy comes up and he's like oh she's not coming from the radio so just give it to them, I couldn't believe it. Then we were about to walk away I'm like could i get one for my sister. Guy goes sure. Me and Kat were like thank you soo much.We then ran again back to the box(i call it the box now but it's actually where all the fans were). We got our spots b ack and then waited.

Orlando arrived and i saw him. I was like "OMG Orlando!", at this point no1 wanted to believe me because some jokesters kept on yelling "he's here" making the girls scream. So then another girl saw him and it started, we started screaming, but earlier on a guy came up to us and said not to scream when he's doing his interviews so we tried to keep it down. Then his dad came up and started taking pictures of the fans, at that point i didn't know it was his dad, I swear I would of started yelling "hi dad" lol sooo then Orlando stops doing his interview and looks on at all of us fans and gives us a biiig smile. Then we all lost it. Screaming, yelling, pushing all sorts of crazy things.

He walked towards us and started giving autographs and taking pictures, my sister got an autograph, she was so happy. I started yelling "Orlando say wicked" but he didn't so i was bummed. Then he had to go inside already and this is when we rushed out of that fan mosh pit and went inside. Holding our tickets we rushed around to the escalators, we saw Orlando was about to get on em too, and we didn't know if we were supposed to go on up or what, I started running up the stairs then ran back down, my friend yelled out "i love you Orlando!" he heard her and blew her a kiss and smiled. He's too cute. Then we found out we could go on the escalators so we followed him, we were like right behind him lol kind of stalking him I'd say, but we didn't say anything then we got upstairs and he was giving an autograph to someone and Katherine goes "Orlando i want a hug", he goes "I'm not giving u a hug" and opens his arms wide so she started hugging him and i cried out "But it's my birthda y!"(which isn't totally untrue, my b-day is in a couple of days anyways) and then he walked off somewhere to greet with some other ppl and stuff. So I'm like well OK it's over let's just go see the movie now, but before that let's go the bathroom.

We walked to the bathrooms and we see bodyguards there, we're like oh snap he's in the bathroom. As we were walking in we saw a glimpse oh him walking out. So we got our business done and went running after him again and followed him inside the theater. Along the way he signed a couple of fan's autographs and was about to sit down, this is where I summoned all my courage and tapped him on the shoulder and said "so where's my hug?" without a word he hugged me. Oh my god i wanted to freeze that moment forever.I was so happy, sooo so happy. I still am when i think back about it. Then of course inevitable happened and i had to let go, with a smile on my face i said "thank you" and started to back out of the row, and he said "hey, isn't;t it your birthday?", shocked i said "yeah", he went "well then, happy birthday!" i was like ""aww thank you so much!" He remembered. I mean how many freakin ppl were there that night telling him stuff? I mean it's unimaginable to me how he could remember but he did and he made me so happy.

After wards we went to watch the movie. It was great, made us laugh a lot. We decided we'd leave like 10 minutes before the end of it though to get my camera back because i had o check it in before the movie. As we were leaving i looked at the spot where Orlando was sitting, didn't see anything and we left. Got my camera back and we went to the bathroom again, as we walked in (it was like a little hallway that divided into a man's bathroom and women's bathroom) I said "oh man this is too funny" Orlando was by the wall with his two bodyguards, either tying his shoelaces or stretching out. My sis and my friend said that they'll wait outside for me, so they did. The line to the bathroom was a little long and it extended into the hallway, i leaned against the wall and looked at Orlando, he was straightening up, and he looked at me, so I smiled gently, and he gently smiled back. Then the line moved and i went in the bathroom and saw Kate Bosworth leaving, so i figured he must of been waiting for her. When i came out they were walking to the theater again. Took some pics along the way and disappeared behind the door. That was the last i saw of Orlando. We saw Kirsten going to the bathroom as well lol and when she was coming back we took pics and got an autograph too. We staked out but didn't get to see Orlando anymore, but we did see his guard and he looked at us smiled and said "easy girls" hehe

After all that we were going to try and get in the after-party, but i had my little sister with me and we just left for home. I loved every minute of this day and I'll forever remember that hug and the look he gave me. That look man, it was awesome. It'll definitely be hard to get this man out of my head now! :sigh: I'm crazy ^_^


POTC 2 Set in Los Angeles March 23, 2005 by Lauren
I met Orlando on Wed., March 23th. I had cancer and I had a wish trip and my trip was to meet him. I took a week trip to L.A where he is filming POTC 2 & 3. I stayed there from 3/19 - 3/24. On Wed., me and three other girls went with our families to meet him. First we took a tour of Disney Studios where we saw a set that will be in POTC! It was soo awesome! Around 5:30 we went over to Paramount Studios and saw a huuge set where they were filming a scene from POTC 2. 5 minutes later, we got to go see him in his trailer!! He was soo nice to everyone of us! He signed a lot of autographs and I gave him a "LiveStrong" bracelet and a gold cross (so if he wears those, I gave them to him haha). Then we went back onto the soundstage and got to watch him actually tape a scene of POTC2. I found out a lot of special secrets! After he taped the scene everyone got pictures with him from a professional photographer. It was the best time I've ever had in my life!! He was the nicest celebrity I've ever met in my life... =)

In Calibishie Dominica April 22, 2005 by Susan
I met Orlando in Calibishie Dominica on April 22nd 2005. To be quite honest I was not very familiar with him. My family and another family were planning on going to Dominica for the past year. In January we recieved a phone call from the house we were renting to see if we could change our plans because film crews were coming to the island to shoot Pirates 2&3. We could not change our plans, anyway my friends were really excited because they were Johnny Depp fans, I had never seen one of his movies. Before we left for vacation my daughter and I rented Pirates Of The Caribbean just in case we ran into anyone so I would be a little bit familiar with it. There are so many stories to tell, we saw Depp off in a distance and saw 4 of the major actors just about every night at the Calibishie Lodge, and many crew members. I will try to make a long story short. I went with the other couple we were with to pay our bill at the cal lodge from the night before, I was just about ready to leave and Orlando Bloom came up the stairs (thank God for the movie I rented because I could recognize him) My friends said do you still want to leave I said yes because my husband would have dinner ready shortly. Don took Brenda & I home then picked up the kids and brought them back to the lodge. An hour later they were not back for dinner so Bren and I went back to let them know that dinner was ready, my daughter said are you crazy ORLANDO BLOOM is here. He had already given the kids autographs. My daughter begged for a picture with him I said ok but do not bother him anymore. He gracoiusly said yes and looked over at me and said lets make it a family picture come on Mum, I all most passed out because #1 it was very hot out and #2 so was he!! Orlando and I put our arms around each other and had our pictures taken with the kids. I am 41 (some say I look 29) and officially an Orlando Bloom fan!!

Kingdom of Heaven London Premiere May 2, 2005 by Lucy
Someone once told me never to give up on your dreams...I took this as direct advice to seek out Orlando bloom!! For the past 5 years I have been concocting ridiculous schemes to meet the man who is my hero!!

It all started when I saw that the premiere to Kingdom of heaven in London fell on a bank holiday. This was fantastic news.it meant I didn't have to bunk school, which in turn meant I'd more likely be allowed to go. I dragged (pretty much PHYSICALLY) my mum up from Bristol which is 2 and a 1/2 hours away....we had to get up at 5:30 in the morning and she is not the happiest bunny at that hour. The only reason she was coming is because my friend wasn't allowed to go without a parent- I think it was pretty decent of her to come. Anyway we arrived at Leicester square at about 10:30 and joined the already apprehensive crowd (some of whom had been there since half past 7 that morning!) After talking to a rather jolly policeman (probably due to the vast amounts of young girls flirting with him) we positioned ourselves by a flimsy line of tape.

Just when we were getting to know some of the peops surrounding us and thinking that we must be the luckiest gals alive to just have a weak plastic tape to keep us from that hunky sex god, the 4 foot high metal barriers arrived. The crowd got kinda restless and violent as people were pushing to get to the front and the nice policeman (who was too nice really) briefed us on how CALMLY WE HAD TO WALK UP TO THE BARRIERS cue mayhem and pandemonium as 300 girls ran forward towards him. I managed to get into the 2nd row, which was actually better than the first in my case we were just opposite the press and so sure to SEE him at least. My mum disappeared off and said she'd be back later and my friend sall and I got comfy on the camping stools we'd brought (!!) I made LOADS of friends and still email them now which is cool. We all reserved places for each other while full bladders dragged one or the other of us off to the public loos. Feeling physically sick with nerves I couldn't eat and it was such a hot day (RARE) that I got sunburned!! Loads of Camera crews and presenters came over and used our screams for sound clips and interviewed some of us. 2 'Queer eye 4 a straight guy' guys were there and they signed autographs. my little group of new friends were getting quite restless and wanted to see some action ..cue some beautiful presenter from TRL to come over and take MY NUMBER for an Orlando phone in later!!! WOOOOOHOOOOO! this was more like it!

About an hour later, all sweaty and buzzing we were chatting away and screams came up the crowd like Mexican waves??I started screaming as well just because and then I realised that HE WAS HERE!!!!!!!!! Ok so for like 6 seconds as he got out of the car and waved and went into TRL studios but STILL!!! Anyway, on with the show. random nobodies started to show up, but NOBODY paid any attention- Orlando was up in the big glass window and every time he waved we went CRAZY.

Edith Bowman was by the cinema doors presenting the web cast so we shouted at her a bit but only to fill the time until he.came.out and there he is NOISE like I have never heard before. We were the ones chanting OR-LI-OR-LI and later ORLAN-DO,ORLAN-DO we could see him working his way up the line and my hands were ready with the pic and pen we were being crushed from behind and crushing the people in front, but the pain wasn't felt as he got nearer and nearer and suddenly he.was.there. Stopped in front of me.

I Put my calendar under his chin so he couldn't look anywhere till I moved it and he signed. THANK YOU I SCREAMED He signed something else but replied THANKS FOR COMING I grinned like a loon and he smiled back. My hand was trapped above the crowd with my pen and autograph in it as pressure from front and behind was immense. I started shaking uncontrollably. It sounds ridiculous but the rush of adrenaline gave me a total high. It was an almost out-of-body experience and writing this brings it back to me. I can picture the moment perfectly and re-live it. Strange.

I was, unconsciously taking loads of pictures of him, some of which came out, some of which are close ups of his moustache and ear and other weird things for the next hour I was not in control. I have a picture of someone's ass and I have no idea whos! Eva Green pootled along, as did trinny (of trin and suze) and Billy Boyd (who is ADORABLE) and that stupid, fat hobbit Sam, who is mean and refused to give autographs!

My mum called me, informing me that we were about to miss the bus and that if I hadn't got his siggy she WOULD have killed me. We ran, blowing kisses to my newly made friends, to the nearest taxi and hotfooted it to the bus station..heart beating wildly, I fell asleep on the bus after one of the most exciting days of my life..17th of October 2005? Elizabethtown? You Betcha, I'll see you there!!

Kingdom of Heaven London Premiere May 2, 2005 by Tonny
After many months of uncertainty, we finally got confirmation and my sister and I booked our last minute flight to London. First thing I saw when I stepped out of the tube was these huge KOH banner pasted on the walls. It was a good sign. Om Monday We arrived on Leicester Square at 9.30. Met up with friends Laurie, Charly and Lilian. The very lovely Melissa, all the way from Australia, was there..and some other early birds. We took up positions by the barriers in front of the EMPIRE theatre and watched the crew build up the setting. During the course of the morning we were moved twice..and finally I ended up on second row behind Lilian. Right in front of the entrance of the theatre. A good place.

There were about three rows of people now and nobody was moving anymore. It was only 12.30 by then. We were separated from Laurie and Charlie unfortunately. Many passing tourists and other people kept asking what the occasion was. Well can't you read: There is a big sign that says "Kingdom of Heaven" right in front of you. In the square there was a huge tv screen where they showed the KOH trailer. And Orlando's voice echoed across it "Forwaaaaaaaard". Guh! The TV crews arrived, press photographers and a big camera was set up in front of us, by the younger slightly less handsome brother of Jared Leto *gg* that's what we named him, very cute though. The banners they put up are beautiful and gave us something to look at. My sis, who is not a devoted fan like me, brought me food and drink in the meantime; she went off shopping. A few hours passed and my feet were starting to hurt. Worse was Flo had hit me full force in the night and I had to go to the toilet, but I did not move: my spot would have been taken. So I stayed. As my dear friend said: "How come I ended up in front and not you? You're supposed to be the biggest Orli fan." Yeah well... I am too nice. I don't shove people. Poor Lilian getting squished against the barrier. Around 17.30 they finally laid out the red carpet. And things were looking up. TV crews came up for short interviews. They started playing the soundtrack music by then.

It was loooong loooooong time when finally finally we heard the screams indicating Orlando had arrived somewhere. He went up to the building where he did the MTV show and waved at the crowd from up there. They went completely mad. When he came back out the noise had already gone to a deafening level. In our little corner it was the most quiet. Must because we are his older fans :) Coming closer ..slowly..taking his time. I have to say I have never seen a celebrity do this for his fans. He's the sweetest person to do that. If it weren;t for his people pushing him on, he would still be signing autographs.

And then suddenly he was in front of me. People pushing and holding out things to have signed and camera's and phones above my head. It was a real fight to maintain my spot. A crusade on itself. Yeah I pushed too, but hey Orlando was in front of me. I had every reason to. We had been there all day and I would be damned if I let anyone take my place! I was getting swamped and I tried very hard to concentrate on looking at him. The first thing I noticed was how small he is, how frail he looks. Slender, almost breakable but then again strong. And I tought, my God, it's Will Turner! He said something like: "Nice to see you here", or "It's good of you to come" Can't rightly remember. My God , he is the most beautiful, sweet creature I ever laid eyes on. Even better in real life. His hair is just GUUH. And then those eyes. They are so gorgeous. And then he flashed his killer smile. *whimpers* Guuuh Thuuud and all that. Try hard not to faint!! I tried to take pics.. but was difficult.

I then remembered I had to let him sign something, so I held out my drawing. He looked at it briefly and then he signed it. Poor thing, he signs anything shoved under his nose. He looked at me as well. Then he smiled his dazzling smile. That smile, I swear, can stop a woman's heart from beating. I think mine did for a moment. I did not think it was possible to adore him even more. But it is.

We were the end of the long line and when he was done signing he waved at the crowd and turned away. He walked over to the press where he did the interviews. He did the TV interview right before where we stood. I took pictures but somehow I only have his trousers on them. When he was done I could breathe again..

And then Billy Boyd showed up. Orlando rushed up to him to embrace him. They hugged and smiled,what a great moment that was. He came up for autographes and I had no pic of him obviously. So I held out my Balian picture to have signed and he looked at me then back at the picture and started writing. He took a long time, so I realized he was up to no good.. and I said: "what are you writing?" And he gave me this look and handed the picture back saying: "This is not me!!" He wrote on the picture "This is not me unfortunately, Billy Boyd" That made me smile. I love that man. He's a total sweetheart.

Then Eva, Ridley and Sean Astin showed up. Orlando was on his way inside and posing for the photographers. He's very good at it.*gg* Jeremy Irons is the last one to arrive, and handing out autographes as well. I admire Jeremy and I am very glad I got to meet him as well.

All were inside.. and that is when I finally collapsed. I couldn't stand one bit longer.. and fell into my sister's arms who was waiting for me behind the crowds. I was so happy I had seen him. She handed me hanky. I needed that. Then I made some phonecalls to squeee. And After visiting the toilet , we went up to Mc Donalds. To get some food.

Waitress: "What kind of sauce did you want?" Me: "huh" She:"With your Mc Nuggets" Me:" I am sorry. You'll have to forgive me, I just saw Orlando Bloom, I can't think straight!" She: *wrye smile*

Then we decided to stay until they came out again. Back in the line again. Laurie, Melissa and Charlie were still there. I lost my spot unfortunately. There were three young men standing in front of me.

Me: So that's new, A few men waiting for Orlando?" Guy nr 1: "He's great" Guy nr 2: "Well I am gay. I am wearing a pink shirt." Me: "Well I am wearing a pink shirt too." Guy nr 1": "So you're a big fan?" Me starting to tell how we been there all day and we saw him.. and all that. Guy nr 2 suddenly turns round and says:"Would you like to swop places love?" Me: "YEEEEES"

So a gay man gave up his spot for me to look at Orlando. How sweet is that eh? Around 23.00 they all came outside. Cars were pulling up and they all got in and left. Orlando made one last dash to sign something (as i later find out it was Lucy's banner !!) and then he was gently guided back to the car by his pitbulls. Waving at the crowd and smiling happily. He looked so happy. He just glows. Then it was over. The waiting, the battle, the squishing, the squeeing, the struggle. It was tough, but it had been worth it in the end. Not sure if I will do it again soon *forget i said that* But I wouldn't have missed it for the world!!!

Kingdom of Heaven London Premiere May 2, 2005 by Claire
Let me introduce myself first before telling you what is, at the moment, the most fabulous day in my life. My name is Claire, I live in the west suburb of Paris, France and I am to become an English teacher.

If one day I had been told that I was gonna meet Orlando at a Premiere of one of his films, I would've said "You're kiddin'!!" In fact, I've been lucky enough to be chosen to accompany a group a French youngsters for their two weeks stay in Kent, England. Thanks to this fantastic website, I learnt before going to England that there was gonna be a premiere of "Kingdom of Heaven" in London so I told myself that it was THE opportunity not to miss. So on Monday 2nd, I decided to take the train from Gilligham to London (fortunately, my chief allowed me to) and I arrived in Leicester Square at about 3 pm. The red carpet wasn't yet installed and people were still passing by the Empire. I tried to find the best spot but it was quite hard because there were already maybe something like 300 people or more !! But I finally found one close to a barrier where cars should be arriving and I did something I shouldn't have done because it could be dangerous for me : I waited 4 hours before seeing the first cars arriving !! I saw Orlando in the first one and instead of screaming at him, I just started to weep. I mean I was so overjoyed that tears started rolling on my cheeks. It was uncontrolable. Then I had to wait again a bit more because of the TRL show Orlando had to attend.

While I was waiting, I heard someone from the organization staff that Orlando was gonna come in less than one minute. I thought of my girls in France, espacially one who told me last year that I would never see him flesh and blood in my life. Then I said to myself "Gosh !! You've succeeded !!! You're gonna see Orlando for real !!!" And the woman I heard was right because Orlando did came less than one minute after. Everybody started screaming and pushing around me but I managed to remain standing on my feet !! I saw Orlando going on the red carpet but he finally change his direction and came towards where I was. I started screaming that I was coming from France ; Orlando heard it and I don't know if it is because I said that but among the 5000 persons in Leicester Square, I was the very first one he signed !!! I found him amazingly gorgeous. I just couldn't believe it and tears came down again. I asked him if I could have a hug and he said "Sure" and even kissed me right after. I was just like "Oh my God, I can believe it!!" Then he went on signing and I took as many pictures and make as many videos as I could. I was impressed to see him flesh and blood that the only thing I did was looking at him and smiling. I thought to myself "I can't believe I'm here!! I'm really crazy to have come here!! You're the only French girl among all this crowd !! Woooo !!!"

I saw other celebrities coming : Alexander Siddig, Michael Sheen (both signed too), Billy Boyd, Sean Astin, Jeremy Irons, Ridley Scott, ... I couldn't stay until the film was over because it would be dangerous to take the train back to Kent too late so I left at 8pm. It was a very quick but it was somehow it was so weird for me, as a French girl, to be in a London premiere. I'd never have thought I would do it in my life. Although it was quite painful to remain standing of my feet for a long time just for a short moment of happiness, I'll never forget this afternoon. And if I have another opportunity to do it again, I'll do it again even if I have to wait for 8 or 10 hours. This is something everybody should experience once in his or her life.

Claire from Triel sur Seine, Yvelines (France)

Kingdom of Heaven London Premiere May 2, 2005 by Lucy
So I got there at about 8.45am, and there were already people there. I grabbed a spot on the floor, slightly to the right of the entrance to the cinema. I was absolutely exhausted, I didn't sleep too well the night before out of excitement and nerves about getting a spot. I had my banner all ready, it took me 3 hours to do!!!! All because I'm such a perfectionist and kept rubbing it out to make sure it was just right. So I plonked myself on the floor and sat waiting, my friends weren't due until near 11am. About 20 minutes later a girl arrived and sat next to me, so we started chatting, her name was Kiera.

It began to get a bit more crowded by about 10 ish, and I was starting to worry about when they put the barriers out, as per usual they weren't set up which meant it wouldn't matter where I was now as I was bound to lose my place later. Anyway, they pushed us back at about 12 while they started setting out the barriers. The security guard told us we would be fine and would get our spot back no problem and we appreciated the effort he was making. So we stood waiting until at least 5ish, but we were told they would be putting a camera in front of us, one on a swinging arm. They advised us to move, but there was no where to move to that we could get to the front, so we were pretty ticked off, but weren't sure how badly it would affect us. We thought he would still be able to get in and sign or at least wed see him up close. Oh how wrong we were.

We were still waiting for them to move us and put barriers out for our half of the crowd, and anyone that tried to stand in front of us while we waited got their head bitten off. There was a bunch of us telling people to move if they dared take our space, which was quite funny. But they put the camera out, and it was kinda in the way but not in front of us, so Orlando could get round it. But then they totally screwed us over, after promising our space, they put a row of barriers BLOCKING US OFF FROM THE RED CARPET!!!!!!!!!!! We were absolutely livid. There was no way Orlando could even get near us, we were cut off from the rest of the crowd, and then we had to surge to get a spot. I got to the front but the fricking camera totally obscured our view, because the cameraman kept moving in front of us. I was so gutted because I couldn't even put the banner out, and I was soooo crushed. Security kept shouting at us because the people behind was forcing us forward, so the barrier holding us kept going forward, and we couldn't get too close in case the camera whacked us. It was very frustrating.

We sorta saw Orlando's car arrive and he went into TRL, where he popped his head out the window, but I missed that! When he finally came down to the carpet I got totally squashed, but I could see him at times. He looked soooo stunning, and he was so friendly. I could see him giving out kisses and hugs while signing. And when he was by our section he did this cute little thing where he held up both hands making peace signs. Then he turned and spotted us all screeching and looked a bit stunned! He waved at us but he didn't stay long because he couldn't reach us. Edith Bowman was interviewing him in front of us, but the stupid cameraman kept blocking our view, I was so frustrated. So he ran around interviewing and signing, and I got as many pics as I could, you can see its him, but not total in focus, but still, lots of him! I saw him fly over to Billy and hug him too, it was so cute! And I saw all the other stars too, Sean Astin, Jeremy Irons, David Thewlis, Eva can't remember her surname....but I was slightly disappointed with how we got blocked off. Oh and the girl Kiera who I was friendly with got to go to the press section because she's a photographer!

So after all the chaos died down, no one really moved to leave, and I was banking on waiting until he came out again to see if I could meet him then. People started taking the posters, but I couldn't get one because the girls next to me claimed the one I was by. But Kiera rang me to see what I saw, and she told me she had got me a poster! I was so chuffed! It took ages before anyone left, but when it finally cleared by about 9pm I went with my friend to join the other 2 of our gang who had moved when we got too crushed. Turned out they had seen Orlando pretty close and caught it on video, so I felt pretty miffed. But we grabbed a spot, we were quite far down the red carpet, and I spread out the banner, determined not to let my 3 hours making it go to waste. And then we waited. Kiera gave me a shock because they had seen the car Orlando came in disappear out the back, so they thought maybe he left through a back exit, but after she left a security guard told me as far as he knew Orlando was still inside.

At about 10.15pm silver cars started pulling up and parking all along the red carpet waiting for the celebs to leave, so I panicked a bit thinking Orlando would get straight in and leave. I was absolutely gutted when this huge people carrier type thing pulled up and parked RIGHT IN FRONT OF US!!!! I felt like crying, I kept repeating "How can I always be so unlucky?" It seemed so petty to get upset over it, but it was a combination of all luck in my life at times, I never seem to have good luck! I was reminded of the ROTK premiere when that had all gone wrong too. There was a small space between us and the cars, maybe about a foot and a half, so I thought at least if he was in a car near us we'd see him. But I'd pretty much given up hope.

About 10.45pm we finally heard screams as Orlando left the cinema, I was trying to catch a glimpse, but had no such luck. Then I got a huge shock, he started coming down between the cars and barriers, signing as he went!!! We were shouting for him, and as he got closer it hit me he was going to come past us. He got closer and I couldn't get over how gorgeous he really is in person. He was just walking and signing saying thank you as he was ushered past. He signed my photograph, but it was so typical. Right, let me explain, I printed a recent pic, the one from a photoshoot around KOH, he has hands in pockets jumper over shirt, you'll see later in the pic I have of it. I chose it because it had a lot of white space so his signature would show. What did he do? Sign on the BLACK jumper, with a BLACK pen. LOL!!!! TYPICAL!!! But you can still see it....sorta....and one bit goes over the lighter bits....my luck I tell ya. So then he was gone, whizzed past us. He went over to the other side, signing away back towards the entrance of the cinema. Then he started coming back down our side, but just waving, not signing, and saying bye to us all. As he got closer to us I was snapping away, and THE most amazing thing happened. Just as he got to us, he spotted the banner!!! He stopped, and looked at it, then at me and said "Thank you! That is soo sweet" and I can just hear it in my head, the way he said it, the way he emphasized the "soo" . So I called out "can I have a kiss?" and because he was in a hurry, he kissed his hands and held it out at me, like offering it to me, I was like woooooo!!!! I wish he had had time to give me a proper kiss like he did earlier to others! And then he looked at the banner and goes "Let me sign it!" and he looked to my hand where I had a marker and my photo he had already signed, and he like took my hand for a few seconds, and took the pen, and bent down to sign the banner!! I was in total awe!!! He wrote "Thank you, OB" And he stood up and I was like "Thank you!!!!" and he was still holding my pen and poster, and he signed some stuff being held out, so I thought he was gonna disappear with my stuff! I was shouting "thats my pen, and my poster!!" desperately lol! Then he looked back at me, and he dropped them both! So he bent down to get it, and looked up trying to locate where he got them, and as he locked eyes with me he smiled and I said they were mine and he went to hand them back, but first he checked the photo to make sure he signed it for me! How cute!!! I thought it was adorable that he bothered and made such an effort for me! So then he smiled at me and continued to go and leave, waving at people as he went! And then he was gone!

I'm in total shock, I can't believe in the space of ten minutes everything from that day changed! And I give him sooo much credit for a) walking down the sides with all the cars in the way, stopping to make and effort with me when he was clearly leaving and c) signing the banner with a "thank you" and signature. Oh and checking my picture before handing it back! Hes so awesome! And my friend caught all that on tape, him blowing the kiss and signing the banner, dropping the pic and handing it back. She got my encounter on tape, I'll try to work out how to get it here somehow! I'm extremely happy, on another level and reliving it all in my head! My banner is now stuck on my uni dorm wall, hehe! I can't believe I finally met him after all that, thank goodness!

Kingdom of Heaven New York Premiere May 4, 2005 by Darlene
On May 4th, me, and my 2 other friends went to the Kingdom of Heaven premiere in NYC. It was the most memorable moment of my life! I knew from the moment I found out about the premiere, I knew that I was going to meet Orlando and I would feel so complete. Me and my friends were seeing signs everywhere about this man and we were freaking out. Can you believe that on our way to NYC (we're from Philly) we saw a Coach bus that said "Bloom Tours" on the side. We were flippin' out!

So back to the premiere... Me and my friends arrived at the Ziegfeld around 2:00 and the second we got there, we found our spots in the front and stayed there. The time rolled around and Orlando's jeep pulls up in front of the theater. I just remember seeing the jeep and seeing the window roll down and seeing his beautiful face! I immediately started bawlin' like a baby! My friends were trying to comfort me all while screaming! He made his famous walk down the red carpet but he was signing autographs so fast, he didnt stay on the carpet for very long but that was okay cuz me and my friends had our moment later on that night.

Me and my friends were mingling with a few people on the PR staff and they were nice enough to give us tickets to the movie and get this...passes to the afterparty!!! The afterparty was a private dinner with the cast and director of the movie. But we didnt get to go cuz we were underage!!!! I was so pissed but anyways after we saw the movie, we went out to the lobby to get our cameras cuz cameras weren't allowed to be taken inside of the theater. Unfortunately, I lost my ticket stub to get the camera back and I was sooo mad! My friends said that me losing the stub was fate in a weird way.

The guy who was in charge of returning the cameras to everyone told me that I had to wait until everyone had gotten their cameras before I could get mine. So me and my friends were standing there really aggravated when all of a sudden I look up from the table where my camera was sitting and who do I see standing all by his lonesome self only a few feet away? ORLANDO!!! He was leaning against the banister of the steps that led into the lobby. He looked sooo good! He looked over at me and my friends and smiled, that is when we all smiled back and waved to him..that was when he made his way over to us. My friend told him that he did a great job in the movie and he said, "Thank you, Thankyou very much." Then I told him that I loved him and he reached his hand out to me and I grabbed it and he held it there for a few seconds, then he stroked the skin on the back of my hand. Then my friend said, "We came all the way from Philadelphia to see you." Then he smiled and was like, "awww!, really?" We all smiled and nodded. We then asked him for a picture and he was like, sure, sure!" So while my friends were snuggling up close to him for the picture, I kinda stood off to the side. Then I said, "Well Orlando I would love to take a picture with you, but my camera is right there on the table." Then he said, "Well come on in over here." My mind went blank and his words were echoing over and over in my head. I jumped in the picture and I reached my hand over and placed it on his pelvis!!!!!! I was aiming for his stomach but my hand naturally went a lil lower! I remember the feel of him. His skin was so hot... It felt as though his skin was burning through the fabric of his shirt. I hope he didn't have a fever or anything. The first time he took the picture, the flash didn't go off. He said, "Oh no, did it work?" then my friend pushed the little buttin that turned on the flash then he took it again with success. It was a beautiful moment. We then thanked him and he smiled at us once more before leaving. We all stood there with gap ing jaws. While we stood there in complete awe, one of the guys on the PR staff that we had met when we got there gave all of us Kingdom of Heaven movie posters. They are soooo big!!!

My friends and I had Orlando all to ourselves for 5 minutes! He didn't have his entourage or the press around him. His manager wasn't even around! He was so vulnerable! But he was so sweet and genuine with us. This is the 2nd premiere for me and my friends. We call ourselves, "The Premiere Divas." Oh yea..before we went into the theater, we walked the red carpet and the photographers were snapping pictures of us with our, "Mrs. Bloom" shirts on. It was a great night and I'll never forget it.

Kingdom of Heaven London Premiere May 2, 2005 by Laura
I got to Leicester Square at 9.30am and sat on the floor outside the cinema making banners with my sister and friends. At 12 we were moved back so that they could put the barriers up. At just after 1 the crowds surged forwards and we lost our spot, so we moved to outside the Angus Steak House and put our banners up. One said 'Will swap kiss for autograph' and the other said 'Been here since POTC, please sign for us'

When he came out from TRL, he worked his way round the crowds and finally got to us. We all got an autograph and my sister and friend got kisses. We also met Michael Sheen and Alexander Siddig, and got kisses from them. All in all in was a long but fabulous day!

Kingdom of Heaven London Premiere May 2, 2005 by Hayley
ok I am still in a daze but I will try and tell you my AMAZING story! I got up at 5.30 am yesterday! and left for the premiere with my 2 best mates izzy and chloe. we got to leichester square at like 8am!! lol and we waited and we waited and we pushed some mean girls and we waited!!!!! then these gorgeous guys from the E! channel came and interviewed us...well me! and they were asking me all about me loving orlando and were testing me to see if I knew all the films he was in, which I did lol. then they rolled the red carpet and I saw orlando drive past in his gorgeous silver car and he popped his gorgeous head out the window and went into the TRL studios to do an interview then bout three quarters of an hour later everyone started screaming and i saw orlando!!!!! he was soo sweet! he worked his way up the whole line of fans and signed autographs and took photos and then he got to me!!!!!!!

he was signing autographs for these girls near me and I GRABBED hold of the hand he wasnt writing with and I held it!!! literally for about a minute and a half and omg he squessed it!!! and his hands were soo warm and soft!!! then he came in front of me and I said "hey orlando I think your really gorgeous!" and he was like "ow thank you" and I asked for an autograph and i handed him my pen but he said he already had one and he signed my t.shirt!!! (i have it framed in my room already!) then he was about to move away and i suddenly said "orlando can i have a kiss!?" and he said "sure!" and he leaned over the barrier! and omg he got me right on the cheek! and i kissed his cheek aswell! and it was sooo smooth and soft! and I even touched abit of his gorgeous will turner side burn!!!

then when he moved on and billy turned up! and he was signing my shirt and he asked me if orlando was here yet and i said yer hes just over there and pointed at him. then he called orlando over and orlando ran over and they hugged!!! a great big manly hug!! and it was right in front of me..I nearly died! then they went inside and sean astin turned up, with no shoes on lol and he just ran around abit and had a go at these boys who were shouting abuse at him then he went in and I took one of those big posters along the side aswell! the best day of my life!!! sorry guys if that was really long but I had soo much to say!!! i love him!!!

Kingdom of Heaven London Premiere May 2, 2005 by Lou
The whole day was a nightmare! We got to Leicester Square about half 12 ish and there was quite a few girls there already behind these temporary barriers...I thought they would have had it all set out beforehand but they hadn't done it. So we were just waiting like next to them...ish...and then they put out the real barriers that the posters go on and they like stampeded on to them. So we are just standing there waiting for them to put some barriers out for us and they finally put some out but only temporary ones...but anyway I got at the front of the last one at the end and waited there 5 hours only to find at the end of that a MASSIVE crowd gathering like infront/to the side of us sort of thing..not behind a barrier...so we thought right they are all gonna be pushed behind us 'cos we were here first but no...this secruity person took the barriers away from us and then moved them across to where the tv camera was like behind it...and he goes 'Right everyone CALMLY walk towards them' ....er yeh right... the word 'calmly' does not register into crazy Orlando fans heads and the people not behind the barriers we were behind got infront of us and we got like SO squashed and we were like 10 people behind the barriers so we literally just shoved everyone outta the way and went back to my Mum and Dad and I like had tears in my eyes but I didn't wanna cry...and anyway we were now right at the back standing by the gate and we were just gonna wait till he came out and we kept hearing screams but we couldn't see why...but earlier it was just these camera men getting them to when he was filming them so we didn??t think anything of it and then there was these LOUD screams. So he was obviously there but he just went into TRL...and then there kept being the occasional screaming and we were like well he's in TRL so...and me and Leanne went to the toilet and then as we came out I saw him in the window of TRL and I just went 'OMG!!! That's why they screaming!' and he turned round and waved at everyone and I will never forget that feeling when I first saw him! =') I just couldn't believe it...and so Leanne went and got my Mum and Dad and I got on my Dads shoulders! (Wooo go Dad!! He saved the day) and he waved out the window again while I was on Dads shoulders and I was going mental!!

But Oh-my-god when he came out...he came to our corner bit first and we were quite far back but I was getting some photos but somehow my Dad managed to get like just 2 people behind the barrier and I got such a good photo!!!! And then he like moved round a bit to the other side so I got down and then when he came back to do the other side near us I got back on my Dads shoulders and HE WAVED AT ME!!!!!!!! And I got to look into his eyes for a split second!!!!!! OMG! It was SO amazing!! That just made my day =)

So I didn't get any autographs or get to speak to him or kiss him or whatever some of you lucky girls got but I got my one amazing photo of him and a wave! =) And I'm SO going to the POTC 2 Premiere and I'm determined to get a hug if it's the last thing I do!!!!!

Sorry I'm unable to show you my photos =( But there are some on the internet of him at the KOH Premiere (They might get them on here too I dunno...) and they are like press photos but I'm in them too!!!!!! On my Dads shoulders in a brown top with like a white one underneath =)

Kingdom of Heaven London Premiere May 2, 2005 by Kelly Marie
I was at the KOH premiere in London with my fangirl friends and thought as i had a dream day i'd share with all you Orli lovers! we arrived at 9:30am and got great spots outside the empire cinema entrance, we got a bit tired at one point so decided to pass the time by making our banners one saying "been here since POTC pleeeease sign for us" and the other saying "will swap kisses for autographs". then comes midday we were pushed out the way when they put the barriers up so we went round the corner and got spots at the front of the barrier near the swiss clock and infront of the steak house. We decided that if we didn't meet Orlando then it wudn't be the end of the world (yeah right) we were just to enjoy the day.

Time flew (no really it did) and then Orlando arrived for TRL and we all joined the screams when he arrived, and kept waving at the crowd through the window then he came out to sign autos and was being interviewed by sum blonde lady when he looked over and read our POTC sign and pointed and laughed. He then set off signing and came closer and closer then to my dreamy eyes he was in front of me, he went to sign my picture which he thought was amusing (one of me hugging a huge orlando on a KOH poster) then signed my POTC sign, he looked at the other sign (kisses for autos) and signed that then kissed me on the cheeck then my friend Aison but my other friend laura (and alisons sister) missed out on a kiss as he did not hear her ask for one too. Then sadly it was over, but I will love that day forever as it took me three years to meet him, as I went to the POTC premiere with my mum but didn't get a chance to meet him *sob* but hey no big deal as three years down the line i got two autos and a kiss! He's a one in a million kinda guy and I can't wait to meet him again! xx

Kingdom of Heaven New York Premiere May 4, 2005 by Elena
Well I am the incredibly lucky winner of the Kingdom of Heaven contest, the one with a trip to New York to meet Orlando at the KOH premiere. I was soo absolutly shocked. They called me on my cell phone, right after the lunchbell rang so I was still in a classroom at school. "Are you sitting down" said the guy on the other line. "Uh no." "well you should sit down, cos you won the Kindom of Heaven contest." At first I was kind of confused because I thought I won a poster or something, and I was thinking why would they call me for a poster. "Which contest is this?" I asked. "The one that we fly you to the New York premiere of KOH to meet Orlando." This was when I totally flipped out. And I even asked the guy if this was a joke. Well it wasn't a joke. Today is one week after the premiere. Sorry I didn't post any earlier, but I didn't have the time, because I had to do a bunch of absent work make up. Anyway I'll tell you all about the premiere.

Well since I live in LA the flight to NY was 5 hours. When we landed there was a woman holding up a sign with my last name. I thought this was funny because I never thought that anyone would ever hold up my name in an airport. Anyway so we get into this awsome car that Fox Studios has resurved for us and we drive off to the hotel. And because of the endless traffic in NY I only had roughly 45 minutes to get dressed and everyone knows that's not enough for a teenage girl! But Im not going to complain. I did make it in time though.

Now my mom and I are waiting outside and this limo pulls up. For a second I thought mabey Orlando was staying at our hotel. But the limo was for us, I did not expect a limo at all. our driver took us to the premiere and dropped us off at the red carpet. My mom and I got off and picked up our tickets and waited for the Fox representitive. When she came she walked me down the RED CARPET! And these paraprazzi people were taking pictures of me without even knowing who I was. She took me to the Access Hollywood reporter, Tim Vincent, and he was so incredibly nice. He was soo funny. Well this is when the Access Hollywood people were asking me questions about Orlando, like trivia, excpt they didn't know the answers to the questions. They asked me what Orlando was working on now, and I told them Pirates and that Sidi was with him (Later when they interviewed Orlando they mentioned this).

So the first person I see on the carpet was Liam Nesson. I went to go and get his autograph, and I talked to him while he signed it. I asked him "So wheres your lightsaber", and he said, "Back home, at least the handel part of it." That was pretty cool. But nothing compared to the toatal exitement coming my way.

A little while later Orlando finally arrived! I was standing there with Tim and the camera crew was joking around with me saying "Don't mess up now!" and then I was standing next to Tim and he is watching me gaze at Orlando and he says "your all dreamy eyed!" He was soo cute. Then the moment arrived. Orlando came over to the Access Hollywood cameras and Tim started talking to him and they were discussing KOH and Pirates. Then my heart just stopped as Tim introduced me to Orlando. "Heres the contest winner, Elena." Orlando said my name and gave me a huge hug and kissed my on my cheeks. I asked him how he was and told him that I am a super huge fan of his. My necklace caught Orlando's glance and he said it was really neat, and he was touching it and saw that I even had a LOTR One Ring on it. (My necklace had stones and stuff on a chain, like Orlando wears. HeHe I did this on purpose but I never thought it would catch his eye!!!) Then Tim told Orlando that I had something for him to sign. I told Orlando about the last time I saw him in LA that he gave me this blue sharpie, which I had brought with me, and we started laughing. He tried to sign with the sharpie, but since he only gave me the pen part I didn't have a cap on it for months so it was all dried up. And we had to look for a pen. the first one didn't write on the glossy paper and then he finally found one that worked. And he worte my name on the picture and signed it with love, Orlando. Then he told me that he hope I like the film and I reassured him that I would love it and that I cant wait for Elizabethtown and Haven. And he was rather surprised that I knew about E-Town and Haven. Then it was time for him to leave. He said it was a pleasure meeting me and we shook hand and hugged and HE KISSED ME AGAIN!!! While he was leaning over Tim asked if he could have a kiss as well, and Orlando gave him one and we all started laughing. And we said goodbye. And then Tim started asking me questions.

Wow. I still cant believe it! After watching the movie we went back to our limo. And the driver said that he should take us to the after-party. My mom and I were surprised by this and told him that we weren't invited. He just laughed and said, your dressed up and have a limo, just act like you belong. So we went to the party. It was so fancy. I saw Orlando again and he said that we should take a picture (because we didn't get one on the red carpet) and we did.

Well. you all have now heard the story of MY LIFE! I am still in denial. At least when I was in New York it was kind of like okay well I'm in NY so it must have happened. But now that I'm back in LA its like nah it was all a dream. Thank God for pictures and video tapes.

Kingdom of Heaven London Premiere May 2, 2005 by Laura
I went to London with school. The 2, 3 and 4 of May. The 2nd of May we went to Leicester Square. I had no idea that there was the premiere of "Kingdom of Heaven". When I saw al the posters of Kingdom of Heaven I freaked out! LOL! We went standing by all the other people. First we were standing at the beginning, where the cars drive in. When I saw him sitting in that car, I started screaming! It was all so exciting. Then we went to another place where we could see him better. We were standing on the third row. All the people were jumping just to see him! Including me! LOL! I've made a lot of pictures. But they are all hazy. Bad luck! But I have seen him! He is so nice to his fans! I will never forget that moment.

Kingdom of Heaven New York Premiere and TRL May 4, 2005 by VioLeT
On the morning of May fourth, me and my buddies left for the city, on our journey to meet my future husband - Orlando Bloom. :-)We've arrived at Forty Second Street at approximately eleven. Little did we expect our day was going to be freakin awesome!

When we got there it was maad early of course. So we went to eat bla bla, went to put some free make-up on hehe and about 1 o'clock we started staking out in front of the TRL studios. I have no idea why that early because of course i knew Orlando was going to be there on this day and sent in an email and made reservations and all like 4 weeks before he he

So like i said we started staking out... I dont even know how it was humanly possible to stay in one spot for 3 hours but we've managed it. Then it was time to pull our id's out and get a wristband. We have, then it was time to go inside the studio. All happy we all did. Filled out some first timer papers. And then before we knew it we were in the studio, which seems pretty big on camera but in reality is this small studio thing with camera men running around like monkeys. Actually quite amusing, less so if they're stepping on your fingers!

So the show started first shout out was my friends and me(i watched the tape today we all looked so cute! hahaha hmm im wondering if maybe he saw that.) Then after that Orlando came out OMGGGG [he] IS HOTTTTTT!!!!Like hotter than on tv, like like breath taking hot. He came up on stage every1 was screaming their asses off! Including me, god my throat hurt the day after. As he was coming onstage i got to touch him, i was going crazy. Then reluctantly we all settled down, I was sitting looking at him and shaking. I donno why omg wait i do i love him that's why ! He was doin the interview i just kept on staring him right in the eye, at one moment he looked right at me.. omg i was soo excited. Then he was getting off the stage to walk someplace else and then again and then when cam was off noteljah(friend) like grabbed him by his arm and the security guard had to pull her off. so then orlando stands like right in front of me! I was feeling so good and i donno so excited!

A brake came and i summoned all the courage i had in me and i went "orlando orlando!" and he turned around and looked at me i was like "can you say wicked for me?" he goes "say what?" with his cute accent i go "wicked" and then he says "wicked" i grabbed my face and started screaming. That was my dream come true! i've always dreamed about that!!

Alright so after it's all over we head out to the premiere which was a couple of blocks over.We get there and we go at the end of the red carpet and we somehow squeeze through to the railings. noteljah was on top of it and i wanted to cry.then orlando comes and we start chanting and then he turns around and winks at us. i go orlando say wicked again say wicked say wicked and noteljah is yelling it too! so he goes wicked and then we go nuts crazy screaming! He autographed my book and moved on, but i could tell he was laughing at silly us, and the wink probably meant he remebered us! yay!

Then we're like overjoyed and i go we should go to the front now and we did so we squeeze into the front. We start chanting and screaming as he's doin some interviews and he turns around and smiles. Then his agent says 10 minutes he'll come back here. So he does all his press thing and comes around and vh1 lady says ask him if he'd ever date a fan, he comes and he goes "how u doin girls" to us.. omg.. then we ask him stimulaneously and he like looks down then he look up and goes "no". and we took some pics with my camera phone and they were hott. AND and he knows us now! We're the wicked girls man!!! Trademark man!

Then he went in and that's the last we saw of him. We stayed around talked to ppl if they didn't have any more tickets and tried to bribe our way in, but no1 had anything, we were bummed like crazy. Then my friend starts talking to this guy and all of a sudden he pulls a mic and starts an interview with us.. all i can remember is him asking us where would we live if we married orlando? and i go well i think he wanted to buy a house in the carribean so probably there. Wish i saw that on TV we musta looked crazy.. hahaha

That day was just a fullfillment of my dreams and i wish every day would be like that, u know by his side and very happy. And i will accomplish it one day, i swear to god or at least i'll meet him once again. We will meet again orlando! you cannot escape fate! I am your fate you are forever mine even if u land up in some other woman's arms lol i'm too crazy.

I put up the pics up here

Kingdom of Heaven London Premiere May 2, 2005 by Marisa
I wonder if you or any fab fans can help me? I went to leicester square on Monday for the KOH premiere and kissed Orlando! Very exciting. He came right over to me and signed my Film Review Orlando Special mag but I dropped my camera! He was such a sweetie and picked it up then put his arm around me to take a pic of us both, but the flash didn't go off and I knew that it was broken! (it is my friend's and I promised that I would guard it with my life!)

Orlando's pr woman told him "no time for pictures, just signing" so he started to move on, but I said to him "my camera is broken and it didn't work please can I have a kiss instead?" and he came back kissed my cheek, whilst I kissed his and touched the back of his neck - whoa mama he is cute! Just want to let all you fans know he is even better in the flesh, gorgeous deep brown eyes and amazing skin!

But I have a dilemma, I have no photo's as the camera broke, not even the one that Orlando tried to take. I was standing inthe front row in front of the Swiss clock tower so i was facing the Angus Steak house. PLEASE! If anyone who was outside the steak house and facing the swiss clock took any photos please can you post them on this site or maybe go through this site to email me directly, I would be more than grateful, I was wearing blue tshirt with sunglasses on my head, brown hair and probably an expression of pure joy (or nervous excitment!) I would love a pic of me and him, that kiss has cost me pound 300. worth every penny!

Kingdom of Heaven London Premiere May 2, 2005 by Safiyah
I was listenin 2 the radio a few weeks ago when I heard about orlando being at the kingdom of heaven in leicester square in London. Being one of his biggest fans I begged my mum and dad to take me and they agreed!! So on monday we went down to leicester square at 1 p.m. and we found the perfect spot outside the TRL studio door so he could see me when he came out. Me and my dad waited for around 5 hours and my legs and arms we beginning 2 hurt. When he came out I screamed and my legs gave way and my dad had to hold me up. He went in for his interview giving me a chance to get a grip and start breathin again. When he came out after the interview he shouted 2 my area that he would be back and he went to sign some autographs round the corner.

I waited for about 10 minutes but then they shut the gate which was just before me so orlando wouldn't be able to see the sign I had made for him (it had said "please sign!! I've made my dad wait 5 hours!! but your worth it!!" and it had attracted a lot of smiles) But one of the camera men on the red carpet saw the sign and started filming it, which caught Orlando's PA's eye. She nudged Orli who read the sign and said to his PA "aww how sweet" he tried to reach me but he couldn't and he mouthed "I can't get to you" his PA told my mum to pass her the sign so I gave it to her and she gave it to Orli and he signed the sign and the poster clipped to the bacl of it!!! He leaned over and passed me the sign before smiling at me and carring on greeting his fans. I was so shocked I burst into tears and my knees gave way again. When we got home I was looking at my sign when I saw that as well as signing it he had wrote a little thank you message!! This was thebest day of my life and I love him more now I have met him!! He is so nice

Kingdom of Heaven London Premiere May 2, 2005 by Emma
OMG I went 2 the KOH premiere in London and I got there bout 4ish and me and my sister managed 2 get 2 the front almost and at 6pm. He was on trl which is right by the premiere and orli was on there and he waved out 2 us a few times. About 6:30 a girl near me was picked 2 go into the trl studio and meet orli (not fair!) she also got tickets! lucky 4 sum! When orli came out everyone screamed and me and my sister screamed 2. I had a book and a black and white photo for him to sign. When he came near us I asked my sister to hold my camera phone ready incase he came over which he did! He signed my picture and smiled at me. I said wait and my sis took a picture he put his arm around me when she took the picture yay! After I took one for my sis he was moving on and I said Orlando and he turned and looked at me I said can I have a hug he said sure ok. I was over the moon and my sis was crying (he hugged her 2!) I didn't want 2 let go but I did and he kissed my cheek I gave him this bear that was holding and "o" and he said ah that's so sweet thanks. He had 2 go but I nearly fainted! I had 2 go before he came out again because my dad wanted 2 leave! (well we had been there for 4 hours standing!) but I was happy enough! I'm definitely going 2 the potc 2 premiere next year if there is one I hope he will remember me! I will send my pictures in when I get a camera phone link thing so I can upload them on the computer! I'm so happy yay!

Kingdom of Heaven London Premiere May 2, 2005 by Katherine
I went to the KOH premiere and had a really good place right by the barrier but I had to move so they could open the barrier and I lost my place. I went somewhere else to try and squeeze in somewhere else but couldn't so I went back to find my mum. When I found her, she took something out of her bag and it was an autograph saying 'Katherine heart OB X'. My mum had said spoken to Orlando and said will you write 'To Katherine' because she's been waiting for you for hours and she'll be so disappointed that she missed you! and Orlando looked concerned and asked if it was with a C or a K lol!! It was so exciting lol!!

Kingdom of Heaven NY Premiere May 4, 2005 by Evelyn Sam
I was at the KOH NYC premiere tonight and met Orlando twice! Once during the red carpet and the also after the movie was over. Orlando was so sweet but he had to go through the autographs very quickly... and he looked so tired after the movie was over.

A woman gave Orlando a jade pendant to add to his collection. He was very touched & even gave her a kiss!

Kingdom of Heaven NY Premiere and TRL May 4, 2005 by Nicole Snyder
I met Orlando yesterday a few times! I heard that he was going to be on the Today Show and TRL and whatnot in NYC. My dad has connections with both of those TV studios, so I beggggged him to let me go with a friend and he got me tickets to TRL and to my surprise, the Kingdom of Heaven premier that night!

Me and my friend got to leave school at noon and we went to the train station in NJ to go into NYC to meet my dad. We got there and ate lunch and headed over to MTV studios for TRL. We got there and had to wait in a line outside of the studio for about forty minutes and I knew that Orlando was basically around the corner so I was freaking out!!! I was so excited!!

We finally were allowed into the TRL studios and I was sooo excited that I was finally about to meet Him!!! I had waited five years for that chance! So when he was introduced on TRL and I saw him, I started BAWLING and I almost passed out. He is soo much more gorgeous in person (I didn't think it was possible, either!!!). So he was really sweet and it was amazing to be so close to him. During commercial break, I was sccreeeeaming his name and he looked over and did pelvic thrusts!!! I ALMOST DIED. It was incredible.

I never got to talk to him because his manager (I think that's who it was) pulled him out of the MTV studios but I didn't really care because I knew I would have my chance later that night. Just to see him was beyond incredible.

So we headed a few blocks away to the theater that the premier was at and we got to walk on the red carpet. There were so many of his fans outside and they took a bunch of pictures of me and my friend with the AWESOME home-made Orlando bag I have. They thought it was the hottest thing ever....(and he is!)

So anyways, we're walking along the carpet and I stopped dead in my tracks. There he was, two feet in front of me, just going on like any other person. He is a god!!! It was amazing to just stand and watch him function. I had to soak it all in. But then, security pushed me away from him. So we went inside and waited for him inside the theater. I had my Flaunt magazine and and a pen and I snuck a camera in with me. I waited about forty minutes and the movie was about to start but I didn't care because I HAD to get a picture with Orly.

He finally came in and I sprinted past security (it was worth it) and I went up to him and asked for his autograph. He smiled and said, "Yeah, sure." He signed my magazine and got pushed away by his manager but i was determined to get a hug or ANYTHING.

So again, I plotted out where he would be moving next and i ran up to him and asked for a picture. (At this point, I'm crying!!) He said "Yeah, no problem," and he put his arm around me and OH MY GOD ORLANDO BLOOM GAVE ME A HUG!!!! and we took a picture and it's awesome. I said "Thank you sooo much!" and he said, "No problem. It was so nice to meet you, doll but I really have to go to the bathroom! Bye!"

So I was content. I got a great picture and my lifelong goal is accomplished. I thought it would never happen. But seriously, keep tryin' to all of you fans. He is amazing and totally worth the effort!!!!

Kingdom of Heaven London Premiere May 2, 2005 by Hayley
I just wanted to tell you that i was at the KOH premier in Leicester Square. I gave Orlando my gift bag (a mulit-colured spotty one) so if anyone is wondering what the bag is for in the family pics and the webcast... it's my gift for him lol. He was so sweet too, very sexy and his skin was amazingly soft!

Kingdom of Heaven NY Premiere May 4, 2005 by Suzie F.
Wow let me tell you guys it was such a struggle for me to make it to this premiere...I knew about it for 2 weeks before it happened...and I called everyone I could think of to give me a ride because my mom had work and my dad well he didn't even know about my plans. Well after five phone calls, and all this disappointment I pretty much gave up. But then my moms boss told her she didn't need to go to work on Wednesday! I was so happy, now all I needed to do was find someone that could help get my mom around NYC..and so a friend helped us out. I was so so anxious the night before....well about 12 pm my mom picked me up from school early and off we were to New York! It only took about 2 hrs to get there! Lol I had all these snacks in my backpack and my camera, three pens, a poster board...everything I could bring...let me tell you boy was I prepared.

When I arrived at Ziegfeld there was like only 25 people there max...I was so thrilled to be one of the first ones there, I got a spot right in the front and put out my big yellow sign that said "ORLANDO PLEASE COME OVER HERE" I didn't leave that spot once I got there. I actually met up with Kelly and Roxanne's sister from the obfiles..it was so unexpected lol we had a great time, they were really nice people, and I was a part of their documentary! I also met this couple there who were next to me, and they were so sweet...we talked for a long time until like 6 pm...and they drove all the way from Pennsylvania but it was mostly to see the director. Ok well getting to the point by the time the clock hit 6pm slowly reporters started to fill in their spots, and people were arriving at the red carpet. Lol to tell you the truth I hardly knew any of them, I only recognized Liam N. and Eva Green who came early. By now I knew things were getting serious and that Orlando would soon arrive, that's when I really got nervous. I started to tremble quite a bit, and anxiety was taking over me, plus it was cold outside which didn't help either. But after a good half hour I calmed down finally...that's when a bunch of people started to come and push against the people in the front. Anyways I stood their waiting and all these photographers were like staring at my poster so much because it was like the only one there and they took so many pictures of me with it, quite embarrassing lol. Then it hit 6:45, and guessed who arrived...drum roll please...ORLANDO! I started to scream loud but I don't think he heard me, he was trying to sign as much autographs as possible while posing for cameras and stuff all at the same time. When he was like 3 feet away from me I took pics like crazy...and then there he was standing right next to me, he gave an autograph to the girl next to me and he called her darling he was so sweet. And when it was my turn he was about to look at me to ask for my pen and the bodyguards pulled him away, I got so bad! But he promised he would come back and knowing Orlando and his kindness I knew I might as well wait. well the reporters were going nuts so they pulled Orlando to them for interviews, I just watched him from a couple feet away not believing he was right there!!! He just went down the line of all the reporters doing all the press of course for like thirty minutes. I was starting to get worried he wasn't coming back, his assistant and all these people kept shoving him in all sorts of directions!

But then I saw him finish talking and make a sprint towards the fans again, it was funny because he did this really fast so his crew wouldn't stop him. He went right back to the section he left off on, about ten people down from me, just in case he missed someone! Soon enough there he was standing in front of me. I knew I hardly had any time to say everything I wanted so I tried to use my time wisely! He was giving autographs so fast and this is what I said; (i think, still kinda in dreamland)
"Orlando Can you please sign this"
"Yeah sure"
"Can I give you a hug"
he nodded his head and bent forward so I can do so because he had things in his hands...I squeezed him just a bit hehe. And I made this really nice drawing of his face with a huge smile..so I said;
"Oh Orlando I have something to give you..."
"Here its a drawing I drew for you, hope you like it""
-he then took it from my hand and took a look at it, he looked up at me and gave me a huge smile, I think he genuinely liked it.
"Thank you, thanks a lot."
"Wait Orlando can I take a picture with you?"
"of course no problem."
that's when my camera got stuck in my moms hand...and I got so frustrated, he could tell. He asked my mom to see the camera and tried to take it himself. He knelt down to my level which was so low on the ground haha and pressed his face right against my cheek, I kinda took advantage of the moment and put my arm around him. But you wont believe it the picture wouldn't click! He had to leave though, I told him thanks anyways and he made this little sad face and whispered sorry to me, and moved on.

But I was totally content I think I was like one of the only girls there who got an actual full minute of his time, compared to just the 10 seconds. So I was thrilled anyways! And the pictures came out on the internet the next day anyways, I guess someone else took it to. I guess I got lucky! Well that's what happened, that was my lovely encounter with Orlando. And I must say he is so sweet in person and even more beautiful. He took some more pics with other girls to, and I'm so happy for all them. And even though people were pushing and shoving me into the barricade I still had a great time. I even got a free magazine with his face on it and a Mrs. Bloom shirt! Some people even got tickets to go inside, but unfortunately I wasn't one of them.

It was the best day of my life, and until now(two days later) I still can't believe it happened, seriously I am still a bit out of it lol. And the funny thing is my mom told me she sweared on her life than Orlando gave me a kiss on the cheek after I gave him my drawing...but I don't remember that. I was so amazed that I kind of didn't realize it...but hey I got a kiss to awesome lol even though I didn't really know it.

I hope he keeps my drawing and hangs it up on his wall or something that be so awesome, and maybe I will get to meet him again sometime who knows...I would love that!

Kingdom of Heaven NY Premiere May 4, 2005 by Joann
Try and watch Extra and ET, Fox News and E! all the entertainment channels lol, they might show screaming fans you might see me in the backround freaking out. I got asked questions but I messed up, I got asked what do you do for a living I answered I traveled 5 hours from ft drum and then answered I was a stay mom, lol I meant stay at home mom, but messed up and the reporter walked away waaaah I messed up, I'm so stupid, can't talk when I'm nervous I cant think straight!! Keep an eye out on US weekly and other magazines, you might see me in the backround lol, The celebs were posing and I was in the back giving the peace sign, I tried to pose too LOL.

I also saw Liam Neason who is in the movie Star Wars, he also was in The Village. I saw models, I saw Stars Jones, Kudus MTV VJ, Vanessa from MTV, I saw Ludicrous but he was in the MTV studios I was outside, I saw Orlando the first time from the MTV studios, the pics are not clear, sorry glass glare. I took pics of Orlando far and on one he looked to my way I was like AAAAAh and quickly took the pic. All you heard was Orlando Orlando, so many times!! I tried to call him but hey so many people calling him how the hell did I think he would turn and look or even come to me so I saved my voice cause I didn't want to loose it. But I did a lot of screaming lol. the director Ripley Scott arrived with a woman younger than him don't know if is a girlfriend or wife lol the fans asked for autographs he said No! I took pics of him, he walked to the press and posed for photographers. Ok the photographers were screaming, they were mean too calling the celebs and I even heard one call Eva Green dumb cause she wouldn't turn around while signing for the fans. I tried telling her turn around and pose for them but she was a little crazy with all the excitement. I took a pic of the photographer a lady, I said to her, smile!! lol. I take silly pics lol.

I'm exhausted. Liam Neason arrived frist, the some guy lol, then the director, then Eva Green, Orlando's co star arrived alone, she posed for some photos and then went to the fans, she is supernice and hugged fans, she shook my hand, she is sooo skinny and fragile her hand was smaller than mines!! but she is tall and skinny, she was wearing a white skirt with black print and lace up boots, cute!. The photographers were screaming turn around, and she wouldn't she was all into the fans, acting happy and excited to be there, signed a lot of fans books and pics. Fans told her you are beautiful and she replied thank you, fans chanted her name and she was happy and kind of like wow they really like me!!. She tried to signed my notepad with a pen but the pen I had suddenly ran out of ink, so I got a sharpie from a fan. She signed Eva Green, she said to me wow Eva Green get it Green!! The marker was green ink! Lol.

I was in the front the barricade was in front of me and the fans were pushing and my ribs hurt sooo bad I even think someone pulled my hair lol. I didn't care I got to meet Orlando. He arrived solo no date but had his publishers pushing him around to go to the press and photographers. He went to the fans signed autographs, hugged kissed and then walked to the press posed wow!!! so handsome!!! Then went back to the fans. I thought he went to the theater, he took a quick walk back to do quick signs.

I finally met him!!! I handed him my notepad and I said to him Hi swooning lol I was like hiiiiiiiii giggling like a teenager and he laughed and answered Hi and laughed with me and smiled, oh!! he is even more hot in person!! and tall AAAAAAHHH Lol. He signed OB on my notepad. Then kept signing he passed by superfast. I tried to get tickets to go in and see the movie but no luck. They handed out T-shirts that said Mrs. Bloom I got one and some girl wore it and she had a veil so she was able to go in to see the movie and met Orlando. The press took pics of her and she posed and waived her hand like she was Miss America.

I stayed til the stars came out of the theater til the movie was over and got to see Orlando again!! I cannot speak when I'm nervous so I wrote on my hand Hug Please, I waived at him and he read it and came up to me and he said awww and hugged me!!! He is soooo sweet!! I hugged him I was like wow!!! Fans screaming behind me, I quickly said sign my T shirt, he signed it and he looked at my greenstone necklace and smiled and turned and signed other peoples photo's. He wasn't wearing his luckky charms or greenstone lol, but he was wearing some sort of necklace. He had a black suit very soft lol I touched his suit!!!. I touched his arm, I touched his expensive suit!!!!! and rubbed his arm trying to call him to take a picture together but I couldn't he was signing pics so I took a pic, he was right in front of me!!! Then he turned and went back, fans where all around him and security were pushing the fans out of the way. I was behind the barricades watching it all. People got hugs and kisses from him!! People were coming out of the theater and were all around him, trying to hug him and touch him. then the security guards made a pathway he quickly signed some more and got in the Escalade and left. AaaaaahH!!!!

I dropped my camera a few times and the date changed lol so if you see a different date the camera dropping messed it up at one point I though I lost my pictures!! I deleted some good ones by mistake waaah!!

Before I forget a guy put on the shirt Mrs. Bloom he got to go in to see the movie, and walked the red carpet LOL a guy!!! I was like, you gotta be kidding me!!! And some old lady!!! I'm like dam it. but If I would have gone inside I don't think I would have gotten to see him after the movie. so it was good I stayed and waited outside.

This whole thing was planned so crazy I thought I was in a dream, I had to get pinched a couple of times, I got my hair pulled my ribs crakcked from being squeezed between the fans and barricades. If I could do it again I would. As Im trying to recollect my thoughts of this experience I'm still freaking out!! sorry for all the typos lol. Still freaking out here Lol!!

See the I took pics here, not so good but hey is all good.

2005 Academy Awards February 27, 2005 by Elizabeth G.
First of all, I want to say thank you to all of the major Orlando Bloom fans out there for being people who I know can actually, truly, understand how I feel about him! I thought no one can understand how I feel, but after reading some of your messages on this website, you clearly love him for real as I do! You guys are AWESOME!! I now understand, and know exactly how some of you must of felt like when you came across Orly...because I finally got to too!

I know (sorry) it's a little late, but my Orlando Bloom encounter was at the 2005 Academy Awards (Oscars) at the Hollywood Kodak Theater. (I was just so excited and told almost everyone I knew about my encounter, that I forgot to post it up!) But sadly my "encounter" wasn't as good as others who actually got to talk to Orly, get an autograph, or hear his heavenly voice. But I am still grateful to God that I got to see Orlando not too far away from me that day.

Ok, so it was Feb. 27, 2005, and my sister and I finally got to convince my mom to take us (she wasn't going to take us before cuz she said we probably won't going to see anyone and she was going to be busy that day) after I gave her a "speech" telling her his would be the best hting she could've ever done for me in life, and so on.

I had heard the streets were going to be closed so it seemed like no one would be allowed on the streets, only invited ones. But I didn't really care if I got to see him or not (even though I hoped to), I love him so much that I would be happy just to be at the same place and time as he was so I can "feel" his "prescense"! (i'm that obsessed!). I didn't even care if I was at least a mile away!

So it turned out we (only my sister, mom, and I went) didn't have a good spot cuz there were already people there. The red carpet arrivals didn't start 'till 3 or 4 PM, and it was barely about noon. I then had a brilliant idea to climb one of the knee-high fences to get in front since there was still a higher fence in front of the smaller one. I would've done anything at that point, and everyone looked at me when I did this. But the next thing I knew some other people did the same thing (even though it was a bit uncomfortable) too.

After long hours of waiting, celebrities started to arrive. It was just our luck that the limos and cars were arriving on our side of the street (there were a total of 3-intersecting-arrival-streets) where we were standing. Then even better, the street lane for transportation closest to us (right in front of us)was the Hybrid electric cars!

We ended up seeing a lot of celebs, even Kirsten Dunst with her older brother. She was "stuck" in traffic for the drop-offs in front of the red carpet. She came in a Hybrid car too so she was like 4 feet away from us with her window down! My mom, sister, and I got to talk to her and she talked to us! Then the cars started moving, so she left and waved.

After I found out the Hybrids were pulling up the closest they can possibly be to us(remember though there's a fence blocking us), I got excited cuz I knew that Orly was going to come in one this year!

Then my sister heard the crowd far from us screaming his name, so we knew he was about to pass in his car! At that point I had hoped to at least catch a glimpse of him pass by. But when he did, it turned out there was even more traffic for the arrivals, so his car stopped right exactly in front of us. It suddenly seemed like time had stopped cuz it suddenly seemed quiet to me (i couln't hear screams-nothing), but I some how snapped out of itand grabbed the video camera first because I knew I would regret it if I didn't record him!

After I taped him for seconds, I threw the camera to my mom and she said she would record (she ended up not being able to since she was excited too, but the camera still rolled taping the fence; but when he leaves, it shows him waving bye. It unluckily din't get my interraction with him). I instantly started screaming but he had his (un-tinted) window rolled up, and was fiddling on his cell phone. It seemed like he was dialing or text messaging someone cuz he took long!

But he would look up once in a while (seconds) from his phone and smiled to the people, then looked down again. But when he saw me, he did the same, but I remembered I had my "MRS. BLOOM" purse with me, so I tried to make him see it to show I was a fan of HIS! So after he saw me and looked down, he quickly looked back up in amazement and a bit surprised! He did this cute little face and I feel like I know him so well that I could sort of tell what he was thinking or trying to say (cuz he has window up, and couldn't hear him). It seemed like he said "AWWWW.... (that's sweet)"

Right after he did that, I started CRYING. I don't know why I did, but it just came out, I didn't even know I was 'till later. Once he saw me (I guess while I cried), he blew me a very sweet and precious kiss at ME and he kept smiling!!!!!!! It seemed like he was there for eternity, or maybe my adrenaline was rushing cuz he was only there for about 2-3 minutes (like around 4:10-4:15PM)!!! After he blew a kiss at me, his car was still traffic-jammed there, so he kept looking at me and blew a SECOND KISS!!! (I felt so stupid looking back cuz I didn't do nothing back! I was in ORLANDO-DREAMLAND crying and smiling at him!!!) The next thing I knew, he was gone cuz the car started to pull up at front of the red carpet (about 20-30? feet away).

After he left, it felt like nothing else mattered... I had finally seen/"met" Orlando Bloom! I felt like every little thing was FATED that day: the spot I got, the TRAFFIC, everything! If I would've died that day, I would've died happy.

But suddenly, more stars kept arriving, but I was still shaken, and trying to recover from my Orly encounter!! I was looking forward to seeing his good friend Johnney Depp, but I couldn't stop shaking and CRYING still! It turned out Johnney arrived on the middle of the 3 intersecting streets walking (his car was parked on another side or something). I wasn't as close to him as I was with Orly, but I could still see him walking not too far away from the red carpet with his girlfriend Vanessa. He still looked cute from far! We saw other celebs, some close some far (including Usher who passed us in his car).

That eveing was the best day of my life-- no doubt! It will probably remain the best day of my life, unless I get to marry him or something of course (lol). My mom got her surprise that we ended up seeing lots of celbrities, so she said we will go to every Oscars (at the Kodak) from now on when we could.

2004 Toronto International Film Festival September 11, 2004 by Lizabeth
I left my grandmas house in Toronto about a quarter after 8 on saturday sept 11. We got down to ryerson theatre, me my mom dad and two brothers where there was a HUGE line up and a huge crowd in front of the carpet. I told my mom and friends that no matter what no one was gonna get in my way of getting to the front. So my brothers and Dad decided to stay behind the crowd just to people watch and what not but me and my mom were going in. So I stood at the back off the crowd wondering how I could get all these people out of my way when my pure luck a camera crew said excuse me and passed me and made a opening throug the crowd so i got and idea and pretended to be part of the camera crew and got right to the front! it was so awesome. But it didnt stop there, I had two pictures with me and i waited for he to come squished and looking for my mom (since im a loving daughter and left her behind when I was part of the camera crew) but after a couple of limos he came. Everybody went bananas I was soo shocked I was crying I got one pictures signed then he came around again and asked for a hug and he did(!!!) but I would have never thought of it because my brain dropped out of my head when i saw him but I saw another girl ask him so I got the idea but even later I got another one signed for my mom by pushing my way up to the front. Just when I thought I was done my mom told me I should give him my number so i did only I asked some people to give it to him that were in front of me but by the time I got up there I just gave it to his publist and I saw her give it to him. He never phoned me but thats alright it was the best day of my life. But also I met Kevin Bacon but not in the way I would have wanted to. After I had got my hug and was standing with my mom This limo pulled up and this guy got out and he looked famous so I asked him if he was famous but he said no and kept walking my mom turned around to see who the hell I was talking to when she said, OMG that's Kevin Bacon!. I was stunned he's in one of my favorite movies and I was so stupid to even reconize him then he got on the carpet and all I could hear was Kevin, Kevin! hah oh well it was an awesome day and Orlando is the sexiest man I ever met and I cryed for about 4 hours that night cause I couldn't stop.

2004 Toronto International Film Festival September 11, 2004 by Pip
Read it here.

2004 Toronto International Film Festival September 11, 2004 by Brittany S.
I saw him and he was even more beautiful in person! My friend Maira and I went down to the Toronto Film Festival. We met a few people and met some friends, a girl named Jordan and Erika. We stood at the end of the red carpet for 2 hours waiting for Orlando to get there. People were screaming and there were many false alarms. we couldn't see him but knew when Orlando arrived. Everyone went nuts! My friends dad was at the front back from a walk and put me on his shoulders (keep in mind I'm 14) and took me up to the front to see Orlando. I grabbed erikas camera and went. I saw him and was shreiking his name trying to get his attention. People looked over at me and said to yell louder and they joined in. unfortunetly he was talking to the press so he couldn't turn. My friends dads shoulders hurt so he put me down and I ran back over to my friends. Everyone wanted to know what he looked like. After what seemed like FOREVER! he finally made his way to the end of the carpet. I got up on my friend's dads shoulders again confident that I would get his attention! I yelled as loud as I could "ORLANDO!!!" and he turned around and looked right at me! He smiled and waved looking at me the entire time! I know that a whole bunch of you have had better experiences with hugs and even kisses, but he means so much to me that I cried the entire hour home! hes a great guy and kate is soo lucky! I'll be back to see him next time!

2004 Toronto International Film Festival September 11, 2004 by Hallae
I went to the World Premiere of Haven last night and of course the one and only Orlando was there. I had a ticket to that night so I was in line when I heard screams growing louder so of course I ran over to where it was coming from. I actually got really close to him considering the crowd wasn't too big. He was being so gracious and signing practically everything. BUt at one point he did have to say, "One at a time girls, I can't sign them all at once." But he was very kind about it. So, afetr I got an autograph (now I have 3!) I rejoined my mom in line to go into the theatre. While going in I saw him doing interviews (love that voice of his) and went in. Once in I decided to go to the lobby to wait for him but I was asked to leave four times so I figured I should, but I was still able to watch him do the interviews. After a bit he finally entered the theatre, I stood on my chair and I got a bit too into in because I screamed, "I LOVE YOU ORLANDO!" at the top of my lungs and was rudely told to, "Calm down!" by a guy working for HBO. After the cast and crew of Haven had made it's way backstage they all came on the stage, Orlando seemed quite nervous to my surprise and only really came to the mike when someone had pulled him over but he did yell something, except it was loud and incomprehensible....no one seemed to mind though. Then the movie started but I'll send something else in for that. After the movie there was a Q&A period. At that point a lot of people had left so my mum and I went to the fornt row. He didn't go all the way on stage but was off to the side a bit. There he was joking around with one of the other actors and another guy. He was making funny faces and whispering and laughing. He must've also had heartburn because he hit his chest and made a face, but then laughed. He didn't say much though. A lot of people thought it was because it was the world premiere and his first time producing. I'm going again to morrow, hopefully he's there and is less shy (Get it? Shy? Like his ch aracter in the film?). And that was the best night of my life.

Review/spoilers: Haven first of all is the best movie I've seen Orlando act in so far. His performance in it really surpassed those of his previous films. First of all, there is a lot of swearing and a lot of violence, it's pretty intense. I caught myself gasping a few times. The movie goes back and forth a lot (4 months earlier, 4 months later) so Orlando's face doesn't always have the huge scar from an acid burn (that's the part I gasped at). The ending is very interesting, it doesn't clearly explain what's going to happen to each character but it gives a small hint. The outcome for Orli out of all the characters is the worst. It's not going to be a big movie, you could tell by how it was done, so it may not come out everywhere.

2004 Toronto International Film Festival September 11, 2004 by Rosie
I was at the film festival in Toronto at 9:30 pm on saturday, where Orlando would be walking the red carpet for the premiering of his movie at the Festival, Haven. There must have been over a thousand people on that street, mostly girls too. I got a spot right near the red carpet where he would be walking, and each limo that arrived everyone started screaming for the hopes that it would be him. It wasn't... yet. About the fourth limo arrived, and thats when Orlando stepped out. EVERYONE started screaming and shoving and almost completely knocking me over but i held my spot near the red carpet and managed to snap alot of pictures. Unfortunately I didn't get his autograph because he walked his way up. HE WAS SO CUTE! lol, and then when he was walking up, my friend and I, and these 3 other girls, started chanting VIEN ICI in french (which means come here) and while he was giving an interview with EXTRA he kept glancing towards us and I was completely shaken! And we kept chanting and then he blew a kiss at us!! I was completely in tears since he stepped out of the limo, my friend thought I would have a heart attack because i couldn't breathe and i almost lost my voice from screaming! anyway when he went inside i started to cry hystericaly and that's when the producer of Haven walked over to us and asked me why I was crying so much, and that "Orlando is a person too, he walks, sleeps, poo's and eats just like everyone else" LOL! but i still cried, and she told me not to worry because she would tell him 'the french girls' said hi! lol! I was so happy but I was still hysterical and thats when my dad had to practically drag me off the sidewalk and back into the car, and this all happened last night (september 11) and I'm STILL spazztic! LOL!

2004 Toronto International Film Festival September 11, 2004 by Deana
Last night I arrived at the Ryerson theatre at 8:00. The volunteers were separating people on sides, ticket holders on one side, and fans on the other, obviously the fan side was pretty big. My mom and I had tickets so we went on the ticket holders side, and I met a 13 year old girl, and we started talking, it was about 8:50, and we were getting really anxious. So we watched the cast members get out of this black truck, then the next car to arrive was a cast member and then all of a sudden I heard screaming, so I looked and it was Orlando, as soon as I saw his face I froze, he looks exactly like the magazine pictures, no make up, just that gorgeous face. Then he went to the fan side first, and I was thinking, he is never going to come over here. Then he came, and I gave him the pen, and my GQ magazine, and he signed the cover, and I gave him the yellow hat my grandma had made him that says O.B. in small blue letters. He gave me a hug, I managed to give him a kiss and he yelled to me I will wear the hat, don't worry! Look for it! So we were about to line up to go in the theatre of 1200 people and I ran over to him and yelled wear the hat, he gave me a cute wave, and yelled back again look for it! Then a reporter asked me what had just happened, and I told her that he hugged me, and the 13 year old girl and I were crying hysterically. So we went into the line, and you have to be 18+ to get in, but I am turning 15 at the end of September, but I managed to get in. As we went into the lobby, you could see Orlando right there, he was outside for almost half an hour doing little television shoots, and signing peoples autographs. Then my mom and I went to look for seats, because you don't have assigned seats, you get whatever is there, so I said to her, I don't care if we don't get good seats, I'm staying and meeting Orlando. Then I didn't know at the time, but the cast members of the movie Haven, came over to me and started talking, the boy who plays Fitz was asking me why I was crying, and I said Orlando hugged me, and then the main girl came over and started touching my face, and clearing the tears, and she pushed my hair back. Then another guy from the cast came over and asked me if I wanted a tissue, if I needed a tissue, but I said No thanks, I'm alright. Then Orlando walked in to the lobby, and every girl who was a fan was still outside looking in. Then he walked towards me and I gave him my magazine to sign and as he was signing it I said please wear the hat! Then he turned to his assistant and said where is my hat? Then she pulled it out of his purse, and he put it on, and stood beside me and my mom was about to take a picture, then our camera broke! And then he stood in the lobby for about 5 minutes asking if anyone there had a camera we could borrow, but no one did because the movie was about to start and they were all in there seats. So he said sorry and he gave me a huge hug, he squeezed me so tight that I couldn't breathe, and he held me for about 5 minutes, and then he gave me a kiss, and just as he was walking away, his assistant asked for our address, but we didn't have time to give it to her, and I told him my name is in the hat on the label that says made with love! Then he yelled back to me saying I will wear the hat, look for it! And then he made his way into the theatre, then the whole cast went on stage, and Frank E. Flowers, who produced the movie was talking and he introduced the cast, then they took there seats, and it felt amazing to be sitting near Orlando and thinking that he is watching the exact same thing that I am. After the movie, the cast went on stage to have some questions asked, and then Orlando and the cast left. I ran outside to give him my address but he was gone by the time I was there. But he is the nicest guy, and he said he's going to wear the hat, and I forgot to tell him that I mailed him another one for his birthday last year, but I'm happy enough that he got that one, and I don't care if I didn't get a picture with him, I spent over 10 minutes in total with him, and I will always remember that!