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This section is for Orlando (and Legolas) fans to show just how big of a fan they really are! You can submit pictures of your room, locker, LOTR collection, a fan sign, or anything else that will show people that you are an Orlando fan.

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August 4, 2003
I am an Orlando Fan! As I only became obsessed two days ago (I know, I know!), I think I'm doing pretty good. I own FOTR and pre-ordered TTT. I have 1 legolas poster and 1 LOTR/FOTR poster which has him on it (duh). I save all my mags and discovered my YM magazine under everything in my room. I also stole a POTC stand up from the cardboard box outside the mall. I think for 2 days I'm doing pretty good!!
July 23, 2003
Greetings fellow Orli lovers! My name is Erin and I've been an Orli fanatic ever since the first LOTR came out. I'm American but I live overseas so I saw the movie in a cinema in Thailand. I saw the movie with one on my friends and our families and when the movie was over we both had dreamy eyes but I was the only one who had memorized his name. I've seen the LOTR over 50 times and I've seen the TT at least 20 times. Now three years after I first saw him I have one room with some Orli pics ans stuff, but my 2nd room I call Orli paradise. My computer screen, screensaver, and hard drive are full of Orli, Legolas, and Will Turner pics. I have two tack boards, both covered in Orli pics. And now I'm working on a folder called the Orli folder. It's yellow cuz that's his fav color and on the front is a collage of Orli & Will and the inside has yet to be worked on but I have over 600 pics of him in my computer, folder, and rooms. I only have one fiend who's also obsessed with him. Her name is aslo Erinne. I am a huge fan of Orli's. He's hot, sweet, and a magnificent actor. I'd love to meet him some day soon. *Sigh*
July 27, 2003
Ever since I saw LOTR, FOTR on opening night, I was changed forever. I saw the most gorgeous elf I had ever seen, granted, before this movie I pictured elves as knee-high, pointy-shoed-wearing, hats-with-bells kind of creatures. Anyways, I got home and immediately searched the web for info and pics of him. I was amazed that there were only two web sites dedicated to him, TWO!!! Now I have 4 posters of him, 376 pictures, 17 articles, a calendar, doubles of all my magazines (1 for cutting and 1 to keep in mint condition), an agenda (which is creatively designed into an Orli scrapbook), and much, much more! I can proudly say that I'm not only obsessed with Orlando gorgeous face, but his superior talent and beautiful personality. My ultimate dream, like most girls is to meet him (like at a premiere) and get a picture of me and him together (signed as well). Well, look at me, I've been babbling on and on...All I have to say is I LOVE ORLANDO!!!!!
July 26, 2003
I am soooo obsessed with Orli. Everyone I know is really annoyed with me because I never shut up about him. I buy a magazine even if it only has a picture of him in it. My wall is covered with pictures of him which include tons of posters. I have a Legolas shirt that I luv to wear. My desk and locker have nothing but Orli on it! My computer is full of pics of him, my sn is OBloomfrk88! I have a picture of him in my pocket wherever I go and I have a whole notebook just of him. I can never call it a day unless I print out at least 3 more pics of him and I spend about an hr. a day just on Orli sites. I have used up about 5 ink cartridges because I print out so many pics of him. I enter every contest about him and would kill to meet him, I luv him he is so my heart throb. I LUV U ORLI!
July 20, 2003
I fell in love with that blonde elf from lotr: fotr the day I saw it. When it was over I was like, who is that really hot blonde elf? I saw the name orlando bloom and I knew that day I was completely hooked. I looked up orlando bloom on google and I saw pics of him and I fell in love with him! I try and find all the orli sites I can and take all the quizzes about him I can. I know lots of facts about him and my friends say that that is completely "unnatural" but I say, who COULDN'T be in love with that body???? So over that time I have collected over 100 pics or orli. My desktop is orli, screensaver, aim icon, aim screennames and cursor. My friends always tell me i'm obsessed but I just say "isn't it great" *sigh*
July 17, 2003
I have 63 Framed pictures of Orlando ALL IN MY ROOM! One of them I go everywhere with, it stays on my bed while I am sleeping! I have all of the Orlando sites on favorites. I know anything and everything about him he has sent me an autographed picture! I Have seen FOTR at least 55 times and so far I have seen POTC 8 times! It is only clear I am in love with Orli! I even know what his first car was and how much it cost and I know every bone he has broken and how many times he has cracked his skull! I am an Orli major!!!!!
July 17, 2003
Ok maybe I'm not so obsessed compared to some of you people, but I'm pretty obsessed! I don't have posters or pics of him because I don't want my brothers making fun of me, but I'm online five hours a day reading bout him and looking at pics of him, and talking to my fellow orli fan friend about him and posting on message boards bout him!! I wanna meet him sooooooo bad! He is so cute and hot and sweet and funny and everything good! I love you orlando!!
July 16, 2003
Hello fellow Orli fans, My name is Amanda. I have seen FOTR (special edition) more times than I can count, I saw TTT 4 times, and I've seen POTC 4 times so far. I have 53 pictures of Orli that is used as wallpaper for my desktop and who knows how many more just to stare at on a regular basis! My friends and I made a coconut cake on Orli's Birthday and I made a shirt that says Happy Birthday Orli and wore it to school the next day...I print out any info I can about him.
I have 72 sound clips from Orli, I made this Leopard stuffed animal at this place called Build-a-bear,(I chose a Leopard as a representation because Orli said Legolas was cat-like) and I have bought clothes for him too... right now he has an army costume and a pair of board shorts with a surf board(too bad I couldn't get a picture) My family and friends tell me to see a psychologist or something, but don't worry I'm not obssessed or anything...
July 14, 2003
I have a total of 200 pictures in my room of Orli. That includes the 50 or 60 that I have on my computer. I have an Orlando Bloom cursor, desktop, screen saver and every magazine that he is in in the US I buy (even if it is the tiniest picture). I have written him in London (but who hasn't?) I have downloaded almost every little soundclip that I have seen. I have been to almost every website that is dedicated to Orli. Some more hard to understand than others (the language barrier.ha ha). I own LOTR:FOTR on extended DVD and regular. I have seen POTC four times since it has come out and my family and I are leaving in three days for the Caribbean. How convenient! I have practically memorized his entire biography off theobfiles and I just think he is soooooo cute!! I fell completely in love with that adorable blonde, poised, elf. I only have one friend that is as obsessed with Orli like I am, and she is in London right now. I really miss her. *tear*
July 14, 2003
hey guys it's clear that were all a huge group of Orlando obsessed people and I say OFU Orlando Fans Unite. lol Anyways if I had a scanner I show you pictures of my room but I don't currently. I have 123 pictures of Orlando and more on the way from people who aren't quite as obsessed as I am who are giving them to me, including the Legolas stand, in life size. Anyways looks like we all have our own unique ways of celebrating how hot he is. I have so many pictures that they have had to go on the door and pretty soon the ceiling. I even put up a warning on the outside of my door.
A Fellow OFU Member
Megan B
July 10, 2003
Ok, I have downloaded over 200 pictures of Orlando, but my parents made me delete them because it was taking up to much space in our hard drive. I have over 10 magazines with Orlando Bloom articles, pictures, etc. and every time a new magazine comes out I look in it to see if there is anything on Orlando in it, and even if it's just a picture, I'll buy it. I have been on over probably 25 Orlando sites, and go on 10 - 15 every day. I also have a big poster of Legolas in my room, and will soon be getting one of Will Turner, maybe a couple. I went to The Pirates of the Caribbean: The Curse of the Black Pearl on the first showing on the first day in town. I have so much more to say, but it would take to long, and I have never met anyone more obsessed with Orlando Bloom then me.
July 8, 2003
I have six posters in my room, one above my bed. I have Orlando wallpaper in my locker that me and my friend made and people quiz me on Orlando Bloom and they can ask me any question about him I know it. I have seen the first LOTR movie 57 times and the second LOTR movie 16 times. I have more than 100 pictures of Orlando and several shirts that say his name. I fantasize about him and I would love to meet him some day.
Rooki Rodster
June 27, 2003
My name is Rooki Rodster- but in the real world the name on my birth certificate is Tanna Rose. I own approximately 5803 shares of Orlando Bloom on Celebdaq and have about 162 picture files. I would have more if I hadn't gone through and done a lot of housekeeping since our C drive was nearly completely full... I also have two movie files (the peep cam from Regis and Kelly and the special with Orlando fighting for FOTR) and 52 sound files. I have a mousepad that was made from a picture of Legolas that Orlando signed and in total fifty Legolas bookmarks from TTT. I have the extended version DVD of FOTR, A Pirates of the Caribbean T-Shirt, one of the POTC posters that were being given away in Disney World a couple of weeks ago, far too much fan art to mention,and the January 2003 edition of YM with Orlando on the cover. -I also taped the "Return to Middle Earth" special- but haven't been able to find it in the craziness of moving to a new room. I painted a stool  with an "Orlando" logo that I designed and also have a shirt that says "Orlilicious" on it. -Is it really necessary to say that I'm obsessed?! My ezboard account name is "Homicidal Orlando Maniac" for heaven's sake!
June 27, 2003
My name is Jamie and I have exactly 182 pictures of Orlando. Amazing isn't it? My friends send me pics of him from magazines all the time and my friend is buying me a huge poster of him for my birthday and she is also buying me the POTC game for PC. AND she's gonna take me to go see POTC AND ROTK. She's great! I would show all the other fans a picture of my room, but my camera isn't big enough. I also posted signs on my room reminding me that he is going to be on TRL on MTV on July 3rd at 12pm (central time).
June 28, 2003
I didn't even count my pictures because it would've taken me too long. I've been a fan of Orlando Bloom and Legolas Greenleaf since I saw the Fellowship of the Ring. I have photo albums of pictures of them, I have a huge poster over my bed. I have several others all over my walls. All I talk about is Orlando Bloom and Legolas. I think my friends are getting annoyed. I also have all  these pictures on my door, as a wallpaper on my computer, screensaver. I am a huge fan and I'm proud of it.
July 1, 2003
I am sure there are people out there who are more OBsessed with Orlando than I am, but I haven't met one yet. I have 158 pictures of Orlando/Legolas/Will Turner. And my collection is still growing! I have watched LotR 33 times and continue too. I know tons on Orlando, I took the quiz here and I scored a 20/20. I have memorized all important Orli info, my friends that also like Orli ask me facts about him. I check out this site almost every day. At school I have an orli picture in my lanyard, 36 pictures on my planner. My locker will be full of pictures, as will my binders! I am OBsessed!
July 1, 2003
Hey I just wanted to say that I am a little O.B. sessed lol I have 205 pictures of him on my wall and a bunch more saved on my computer. lol I would send a pic of my wall but I don't have a digital camera.... but Yea I think that I am the most obsessed about him... :D My friends say that I am totally Obsessed but I tell them that it is just a very fond liking of him... lol My e-mail is Saurkal_greenleaf which is my elven name. I have more pictuers on the way from my friend. My mom has yelled at me multiple times for saving so much stuff on the computer, she had to reformat it and everything. hehehe :) My locker at school is covered as is also my binders and books with elvish and pics of Orli. I search every magazine and web site that I can to find new stuff and updates on him. I share the computer with my little brothers so I only get 3 hours a day every minute is spent on a site about orli or leggy. Well that about covers it, wish that I could show you all of my Orli stuff... I will ask my friend about using her camera...
Lydia W.
July 1, 2003
I think that Orlando Bloom is the fittest guy I have ever seen in my whole life! every time I see him I just melt! my friends think I'm obsessed with him just because I have all 4 walls of my bedroom covered from floor to ceiling of posters of Orlando and Legolas, about 50 bookmarks of him, my school books are covered with his pictures and I can’t stop talking about him. Well at least I’m obsessed with the hottest guy ever!
Sarah E.
July 1, 2003
I am certainly an Orlando fan. I have a bunch of pictures I printed off my computer. I haven't put them on my wall yet because I'm waiting for POTC to come out. Most of them are from that movie anyway. I have a pic of Legolas that is my all time fav. It's from TTT. Here soon I'm sure my walls will be completely covered with Orlando and Legolas things. I have the special edition 4 disc dvd and the vhs of The Fellowship. I've seen it at least 60 times and I've seen the TT 2 times in the movies. I have this dream of meeting Orli someday and since I want to be an actress I know I will. iI haven't been able to find posters at stores and I don't have enough to buy them on line. BUMMER! I know my mom thinks I'm crazy about LOTR and already I'm crazy about POTC. I just think Orlando is really hot. I can't believe how fast he became popular!!! He went from being a person like me and other fans and now he's the biggest thing that ever hit the theaters!!
July 2, 2003
I absolutely love Orlando and have ever since the fellowship came out. I
1. 2 Legolas Posters and one Orlando poster
2. probably 100 pictures of him on my computer
3. magazine pictures of him everywhere!
4. An Orlando background for my computer that changes every day
5. Orlando cursor
6. Legolas stand-up
7. All the Lord of the rings books
8. Black Hawk Down, Fellowship original and extended, and Two Towers on
pre-order (both editions)
9. And I make daily trips to all the good orlando sites I can find!
June 25, 2003
I have approximately twenty pictures of Legolas in my room, and six of Orlando (*gasp* I know, not many, I'm working on it). And maybe forty on my computer. My most prized possession is my giant Legolas poster I picked up at Mall of America. I surf the internet EVERY DAY looking for pictures and news, and  I go haywire if I don't. Am cursing my state of being as my printer is out of ink, have to save money for another cartridge. Can't even print pictures! Am very poor, as am jobless teenager with no more to do than look at hot guy pictures on the internet. Which is, of course, really fun.  
I am obsessed with Orlando and Legolas. I think I have watched FOTR and TT combined twenty times, half of which just to see Leggy! I've only been obsessed since March, my excuse for having hardly any pictures. My friends are already torn between being driven insane and enjoying Orlando themselves!
Sheila R.
June 21, 2003
My name is Sheila Reyes and I'm an Orlando Bloom fan right after I saw the Fellowship of the Ring and when I saw him in my friends magazine YM. I'm just starting out by collecting pictures of him from the internet and putting them in my folder with pictures of him in the front and also the back. So I'm getting there alright.
June 19, 2003
My small collection of Orli and Legolas related things are:
1. Bookmarks from our Scholastic book fair at school
2. Photos and printables I collect from here
3. The FOTR DVD And soon to get TTT
4. My posters of Legolas and Orlando!
June 19, 2003
I have 107 pictures of Orlando and 82 pictures of Legolas in my room. I have 4 LotR calendars and a giant poster of Legolas too. I've seen LotR 57 times and counting. And people think I'm obsessed!
June 15, 2003
First my room. I have 55 pictures of Orlando all around my room, most of them are near my bed. I have 4 calendars from TTT and all of them, whether it is the right month or not, are on Legolas. I have up all the birthday cards I received this year all featuring Orlando. On my desk calendar when I get bored I write on it and it's covered in the words: Orlando, Orli, Legolas, Hot Elf, Elf. I have two posters from LoTR, one of Legolas, the other of the Fellowship.
On my computer I have a Orlando wallpaper and I change it every month. My buddy icon is Orlando and he is featured in my profile many times. I have a sn on AIM with BLOOM in it and my signature mentions how hot Orlando is.
In school one of my notebooks is covered in Orlando pictures and my locker had 10 pics of him. I never stop talking about Orlando and if I do it's to talk about Dom or Smeagol.
June 9, 2003
I don't have a lot of pix of Orlando on my wall but I have a scrapbook that is slowly but surely filling up with interviews, magazine articles and pictures. I go to cosmogirl.com everyday and vote for Orlando until I've reached a hundred. Me and my friends all had an Orlando obsession stage and they've all finished there's but I'm still obsessed. I talk constantly about him until the point where my family is telling me to leave the room because they don't want to hear anymore. Even if someone is kidding around about him, like calling him gay and ugly etc. I get REALLY mad...lol...I guess you could say I'm OBsessed...
June 7, 2003
Hi, my name is Amanda and I have been and HUGE Orlando fan since the first time I saw him in Fellowship of the Ring. I have a Legolas poster above my bed. It helps me have good dreams. :-)  I have a Legolas action figure which I haven't taken out of the box because I don't want it to get damaged. I have saved up enough money to buy a Legolas stand-up. I have Orlando pictures on my desk. The background on my computer is Legolas. There are pictures of him on my binder. I might not have a whole wall covered with pictures of him, but I am really into him!
Nina from France
May 31, 2003

I'm french and I love orlyyyyyyy.
Aurora from Texas
May 29, 2003

1. This is my "Orli/Legolas" wall. I have my collage that I made, with my Lego and FOTR poster. It's right above my bed so I can stare at it whenever. The rest of my walls are already covered with *NSYNC posters so I made room for Orli stuff. I'm planning on buying more LOTR posters to put up.
2. My Aragorn action figure, Legolas action figure, TTT soundtrack (I forgot to put the FOTR soundtrack in the pic), my FOTR calender, the extended DVD of the FOTR, and my 14 FOTR tickets.
3. These are various articles I have on Orli or Legolas from magazines. The tickets on the bottom are from TTT. The LOTR book is also in there with a Legolas bookmark that I bought along with a printed bookmark from here (OBF). My chemistry binder is on the top right with Orli pix. My drawing of Legolas is in there, too.
4. Here's a picture of me with my Legolas standup on Legolas Day. The pic is kind of old but oh well.
May 28, 2003
Hi fellow Orli fans! I sorted out a load of pictures of my room and stuff to show you all but the damn scanner has rejected them for some reason! Anyway, I am completely 100% Orli obsessed! I have been twice nominated and voted biggest Orli fan on an Orli webring, and twice nominated and voted Orli AND Legolas fan on a Lord of the Rings forum. I've got a load of Orli stuff! I'm so obsessed with him and Legolas that I'll buy a magazine even if it just mentions his name. I have a folder of printed off pics, now with just over 90 pages in it, and I haven't printed them all off yet. My hardrive is nearly full with so many Orli pics on it! I have also just setup up my own group for Orli obsessives and it will be up and running in a couple of months.
Anyway, onto my Orli things. In February, I paid over £100 for a framed signed Legolas photo with a certificate of authenticity. I have 15 framed Orli and Legolas pics in my room, I have bought EVERY Legolas poster released (and I mean that!), I bought two tear off day by day LOTR calendars, one to use and the other just so I could make a collage of Leggy pics. I got a friend in America to send bookmarks over of Legolas because I didn't have them, I have a collection of Legolas birthday and Christmas cards and loads more. I also own both the FOTR and TTT Legolas dolls as well as five of the metal citadel miniature models of him, which are only about 3" high but come in £25 boxed sets!
Anyway, I'm running out of room, so I just wanted to share how ridiculously obsessed I am. All of my friends know it and take the mickey out of me for it, but I don't care, I'm proud being one of the biggest fans of Mr Bloom and always will be! Long live Orli!
Jessica C.
May 27, 2003
My friends aunt makes wallpaper so I asked her if she would print an Orlando Bloom poster. So now I have one in my room and on the other wall I have posters all over it and some of my friends think that it is an actual wallpaper thingy and my furniture is full of Orlando Bloom. My friends know that I'm a huge fan so they give me pics of him and I cut them out and paste them on my table and my wall. It's really cool. I do have pics of my room but my scanner won't work.
May 27, 2003
I'm soooo obsessed with Orli! I've got 2 walls full of his piccies, and I go on theorlandobloomfiles every day to get my daily dosage... my mum is starting to worry about me because I worship my orli posters! I've got 4 massive posters, and I'm going to get the lifesize cut-out and a locket for my birthday! Yaaaaaaay! Everyday I go on a search engine and read through all the new Orlando web sites, and print off all the nice pictures so I can put them on my wall and in my homework diary so I can see him at school! Everywhere I go I have to have an Orli picture with me, so I keep one in my bag one as a bookmark and one in my pocket, so I can look at him whenever im feeling upset!!!! I talk about him all the time, always updating my friends with my knowledge... I think if there was a test on him, they would be able to get 10/10!
Megan from England
May 26, 2003
Hi, I just wanted to share with the world the way I feel about orli! In my room I recently re-decorated and I sent a poster of orli to a photo place and now I have Orlando Bloom wallpaper, this makes it really hard to put posters up as I can't bare to cover any of his godlyness up. Anyway, sorry there is no photo because it looks so cool!
May 26, 2003
Well today I was cleaning out my room and I found all my posters of Leggy and I put them up in my closet. I don't want my parents to see it, they'll think I've gone nuts. And my friend whenever she comes over she just sits in front of my closet all night and bows down to it. It's funny but sometimes she whispers weird things to it.
Brooke R. S.
May 26, 2003
I have a door with pictures of him all over it. I have the first LOTR movie. My computer has pictures of him all over the place. I have the Orlando screensaver. I go on the internet everyday to this site. I have pictures of him all over my binder. I have the paper dolls of him. What I am trying to say is that I have a lot of Orlando stuff!
May 23, 2003
My name is Samantha (Like his sister!!!!!) and my Elven name is either Lastande Tindome or Nuladiel Ai-Loki depending on what variation of the Elven language you use. I am currently learning to speak Quenya (and will proceed to Sindarin) and will see The Return of the King (which opens in 207 days from today [May 23, 2003]) as Lindrien of Mirkwood; a character I made up in a Lord of the Rings RPG I started. My backback has passages from the movies and books written on it in permanent marker, and I have a HUGE Legolas poster in my room. I have countless pix of him decorating my bed, desk, and walls. (Sorry for the lack of photos, but I can't figure out how to work the camera.... damn modern technology...) I wake to the TTT soundtrack every morning, and by now my whole family must have FOTR and TTT memorized the times they've walked down the stairs to see me watching them and reciting along. I think if I were to say "Lle holma ve' edan" to my little sister again, I'll be locked up in a closet with only fish and lembas to eat (The lembas wouldn't be all that bad though....)
Jessica Lee
May 21, 2003

My Name is Jessica Lee I am a huge Orlando Fan! I may not have as many pics as everyone else does... but I'm gettin there!!!
Terri from New York
May 21, 2003
My names Terri from New York and I am wayyyy obssessed…. My instant messanger screennames----all 22 of them have to do with orli/legolas. I have over 3000 pictures of him and that doesn’t include all the pics of him on my walls……. I also have a shrine (if you want to call it that) with a candle and the 12'' doll and the action figure and the two towers dvd, FOTR dvd and the extended one, I have 6 pins with his picture and the one ring replica, prostetic elf ears, an elvish charm….a lot more stuff……also, in school, we had to pick an invention and do a report on it and I chose ARCHERY, the next project is actors and you can guess who I’m doing :) ………I am also saving up for a trip to London to meet him… I currently have 30 dollars---not much, but soon…… I’ll have enough… look out orli!!!!!! :)
May 15, 2003
1.) I have pictures of him everywhere!! ( It's almost like wall paper.)
2.) I have the LOTR bed set!!
3.) I have action figures of Legolas.
4.) My mom even made a shirt for me and scanned my favorite picture of him on it!!!
May 14, 2003
My entire binder is dedicated to him and absolutely no one else, whenever I go online I only go his his sites, (well...for the most part...) my PC is about full of pics, interviews, quotes and just about anything you can think of that has to do with him, I have the TTT soundtrack, the box set of all the LOTR books, including the one with him on it : ), and all my friends are getting me LOTR posters with him on it for my b-day party, so then I'll have like ten billion of them (exageration....bad habit) : ) and all my brothers think I'm pathetic, but they're guys so they can't understand that I am obssessed!!
May 13, 2003
My name is Corinne and my elvish name is Elarwiel. My whole wall is covered in posters of Orlando Bloom. I have also got a two towers calendar and guess who is on my b'day (July) THE PICTURE OF ORLANDO BLOOM!!!! I was sooo happy when I found out. I have covered my diary in pics of him and my final count is now bout 65-70. My friends have brought me massive posters of him and I am very grateful for that.
May 9, 2003

1. My wall, it's covered in orli pics. It's right next to my bed so sweet dreams to me =)
2. My dresser has some orli/legolas stuff that I have. I framed his pic =) bookmarks, books all that junk.
3. My ceiling, yes more orli pics including one I drew =)
4. Me =) the fan!
May 8, 2003
I Orlando Personalize every thing I have. That's from school books to desktops. The title page of my drama coursework is Orlando (the teacher will agree that it is theme related). My desktop changes every 5 minutes because I can never choose which Orli/Legolas Desktop is best.
May 8, 2003
Where to begin?! My email is lovinorli4eva as is many of my board names. My room has tons of pics. Every wall has at least 25 pics taped onto them. On my corkboard, I have it covered with Orlando pics, if you look hard enough you may find a few pics of my friends or something non-Orli related, but that is if your lucky. I would have more but I dont want to seem obsessed ;). My locker at school has a couple of pics... ok, it's covered also. My assignment book has 57 pics of him which keeps growing. As does my binders for school, they are covered with pics and "I love Orli!"'s. Everyone at school thinks I'm obsessed or something... I have no idea what they mean by this :D. I have had to "clean" out my hardrive on my computer b/c it began to crash from all the audio, pics, trailers, and short video interviews I had saved on it. That was the hardest day of my life... All the books I read are bookmarked with an Orlando bookmark (which I happened to find on this site! yaya!) I also have tons of drawings of him that I drew myself :) and I think that's about it, see! I'm not obsessed! :D
May 8, 2003
My whole wall is covered in guys that I think are so hott and most of them are Orlando Bloom and my brothers think I'm crazy cuz I talk about him all the time I even carry some with me in my folder at school.
May 2, 2003
I keep a thirty-page scrapbook of Orlando Bloom pics on my PC with about 175 pics in it. I carry around his biography, filmography, quotes and contact list (don't ask) and between 35-50 pics of him around with me and I keep the YM issue with him on the cover plus another 20-30 pics of him in a shoe box. I have two large movie posters on my wall. Only reason I don't enshrine my room is because I don't want my parents to think I have a problem. :)
May 1, 2003
In my bedroom, my walls, closet doors, and the door to my room all are covered with pictures of Orlando as himself and Legolas. I'd say that I have over 300 pictures of Orlando on my walls and over 400 that I've found on the internet that are saved on my computer. I know, I'm obsessed. I have a Legolas action figure from the TTT that I got for Christmas. My locker at school has several pictures of Orlando in it and my assignment book has some pictures on it too.  And I have several LotR bookmarks and I only use the ones with Legolas on them. 
Princess of Mirkwood
May 1, 2003
I share a room with my big sister, but my little corner of the room is what is usually known as my Orlando shrine, where my friend Steph also comes to worship! All the wall space I have is covered with various pictures, which my sister is so embarassed about she won't have friends over!  I recently had to delete some of my pictures on my PC because I'd used up all the memory! My email address is Princess of Mirkwood and my friends have saved my number in their phones as Mrs Bloom! I even have my own special video tape with any TV bits about Orlando on!
April 30, 2003
This photo is of most of my Orlando stuff. My favorite things are my Pirates of the Caribbean days to the opening countdown chain, Lord of the Rings kite, bow and arrow, Lord of the Rings mini bust figurines, and Return of the King calendar.
April 30, 2003
I love my pictures right above my bed!
April 30, 2003
I have a whole wall full of pictures of Orlando! I am the proud founder of the club Legolas Lovers (LL 4 short) and I would have made it something else but my friends said he only looks good as Legolas which isn't true! I'm really fighting to make it something else. If you wan to join email me at swimchick@pacbell.net
April 30, 2003
My name is (well- I'll give you my elvish name!) Aireiatheril and I seriously am obsessed. All my books are LOTR, the only bookmark I use is Legolas, my conversations are Legolas, EVERYTHING is Legolas!! One thing, though that I have I made is a folder that I take everywhere. The front side has 24 pictures of Orlando Bloom and the back- Legolas! I don't have a scanner or anything so I can't really give you a pictures of it (sry). My friends are mad at me because of it, but I don't care. The way I see it is: More for me!!
Lozzy from Berkshire, England
April 29, 2003
I'm Lozzy (Berkshire, England), and, if you look on the updates, I was 12 on April 10th.
This is basically my bloom- sorry, ROOM; which is currently being used as a place of worship (Orlanity). I had my b-day sleep-over a couple of days ago; and b4 that I had 72 OB posters(etc), but now, since my friend Kizzy had the bright idea of seeing how many she could take down and hide in 10 mins, (whilst the others pinned me down!) now I only have 58!
Hannah from Melbourne, Australia
April 29, 2003
Here is me with my collection of Orlando clippings and posters that I have been gathering for a few months now. I LOVE ORLANDO!!:D
April 29, 2003

These are some LOTR nick-nacs that I found laying around in my room. There is also a calender, a Legolas Poster, some of my action figures, and some more posters.
April 29, 2003
I have a binder FULL of OB pictures and I am the founder of a fan club too. I don't know how to take a picture to show how much is really in there though.
-Vivienne of the OBFFC
 Orlando Bloom Forever Fan Club
April 28, 2003

I have two shelves filled with magazines, pictures, and two legolas dolls. My friend made me an Orlando calender that I hang there too. Last summer I asked someone at the Gap if I could have the poster (that Orlando was in) and they gave it to me for free!
April 28, 2003

This is only about 1/3 of my collection cause I couldn't find everything. I have both of the Legolas actions firgures from FOTR & TTT but I took the figure from TTT out of its box to play with my cats, they love chasing his arrows across the house. I have Black Hawk Down somewhere in there, Midsomer Murders, original and extended versions of FOTR, the soundtracks from FOTR & TTT, there's 3 pillows, 2 with Legolas and 1 with the cast on LOTR, PS2 games for FOTR & TTT. My friend is the same way, but instead of liking Orli, she likes Dominic Monaghan.
Melanie from UK
April 27, 2003
This is a picture of my Orlando collection which is posters, books and pictures from the web. My friends think I'm obsessed!!
Sarah from Ontario, Canada
April 27, 2003
This is a photo of my locker at school...I'm working on covering the inside now. My locker is considered the Orliest in my school....For obvious reasons. The door is covered with both pictures of Orli, and quotes said by him. My friend made me an Orli "Curtain" to cover my shelf and the hooks beneath...they're the white sheets of paper. The inside features some more Orli, but a couple of other guys as well.
Anna G. from USA
April 27, 2003

This is my room/collection.
Jackie from USA
April 26, 2003

Here's a couple photos of my small LotR/Legolas/Orlando collection. I've even kept the packaging of the Legolas action figure and the extended DVD. ;)
April 26, 2003
This is the birthday cake I made for Jennifer's 13 birthday this past March. - Sandra
April 26, 2003
1) This is the back of my door, which is getting collaged with Orlando magazine pics and clips, and a collage I made in art.  plus little love notes "he" sent me  ;)
April 26, 2003
2) These are my folders and notebooks at school, covered with all Orlando, and only Orlando.
April 26, 2003
3) These are random Orlando things in my room, an Orlando paper doll, a Legolas bookmark, a teddy bear named Orly, the book he was named after by Virgina Woolf, the Two Towers book with him on the cover, and Lord of the Rings cards (only gotten one Legolas one so far though) and a Legolas action figure.
April 26, 2003
4) Legolas posters in my room. I also have a fan club that I run, a pillowcase with him on it, and have made lembas bread. lol
April 25, 2003
This is a photo of my cake I made. I got 9/10 for it. I should of Got 10/10!
April 22, 2003
Here is a picture of my wall. Pictures I printed from my computer, magazine cut outs and Lord of the Ring posters of Legolas! On the computer screen is this site too!
Arwen Undomiel
April 22, 2003
Here's a picture captured from my computer to show proof how full my hard drive is of Orlando Bloom and LOTR pictures, bookmarks, scripts, other word files....... etc, etc, and so forth. You can not fully imagine how much trouble I was in when my dad found out! I have to get an extra hard drive! :)
Nicole from USA
April 14, 2003
I made this cake in honor of Orlando Bloom, who has made my grieving over my own fathers loss a bit easier. But I am sorry because when I was transporting it home from cooking class the frosting of the little green leaves and the OB were shifted.

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