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Orlando Bloom, 7 Extra (Belgium), August 20, 2003
translated by Aurialie, scans by Sťverine

At the end of the year, Orlando Bloom will be back for the last part of the Lord of the Rings, the Return of the King. This summer, he changed his elven costume for the naval officer one and went on the Pirates of the Caribbeanís boat. So itís a real star that 7 extra met in London for the premiere of the movie. Funny, charming, Orlando is: irresistible.

7: How do you describe your character, Will, in the movie Pirates of the Caribbean?

Orlando Bloom: The best way to understand him is to remember that he grew up without a paternal figure. So his role models were the naval officers. When Will and Jack are together, Jack tries to show him what is a real man. He shows him that the rules that he follow doesnít make sense, a guy has to make his own decisions, good or bad.

7: Were the sword fights too hard?

OB: I would lie if I answered no. There was a lot of new moves to learn. The opening scene was very big. I was a little intimidated at the idea to do all this completely ďchoregraphyĒ. But I had experience by making The Lord of the Rings. Both together, it made me exceed myself.

7: In all your movies, you always have a sword in your hand! 

OB: Itís crazy but thereís nothing planned. I donít chose my movie because of this. The fact is that today, I have a lot of knowledge that is useless in every day life. When I walk outside, I donít need to bring my sword, my bow and arrows! (laugh)

7:Which scene of your new movie is your favorite one?

OB: Thereís a lot of very cool action scenes in Pirates of the Caribbean. I love the one when Johnny and I fight at San Pedro, in Mexico. We steal a very big boat. It was amazing! Normally it is necessary for a group of 20 to do this mission well. But we did it! It was insane to drive the boat but so fun.

7: Your aduet with Johnny Depp works very well on screen. Are you happy of this?

OB: At the beginning, I was very bad at realizing that Iíd be working with Johnny. It was crazy. It was like being in the major league when youíre not of age. It was really like this. Sometimes, it was intimidating. When I had to work with Johnny, I was like lost in front of him, but he is a very cool guy. I asked him for many tips. I felt privileged to work with someone that I admire.

7: Johnny Depp is like a model for you?

OB: Absolutely. But Iím probably not the only actor of my generation who admires him. I think that his best skill is the way that he prepares himself to become his character. He becomes another person.

7: You probably didnít dream to be an elf when you were young. But what about a pirate?

OB: Yes, I played many times as a pirate. It's for this reason that I was a little bit disappointed to not wear a pirate costume. Well itís fair, I was compensated in the end where their is a girl who kisses me. Oops! I hope that everyone who reads this interview has already seen the movie!

7: Are you happy about acting with some girls, while making jealous half of the planet?

OB: Itís great. I always love to be surrounded by girls, maybe because I grew up between my mother and my sister. When you look at those actresses, I think Iím very lucky: Keira in Pirates of the Caribbean, Liv Tyler and Cate Blanchett in The Lord of the Rings and Diane Kruger in Troy. They are beautiful and talented.

7: While filming Pirates of the Caribbean, you celebrated your birthday (26 years old)?

OB: I was so engrossed in my work that I almost forgot it. But Johnny and other ďpiratesĒ took care of it. One day, they sang ďhappy birthdayĒ to me. It was simple but I really appreciated it.

7: After Pirates of the Caribbean, whatís scheduled?

OB: Iím working on the movie Troy. Itís an historic movie that takes place in the antiquity. Thereís also Brad Pitt and Sean Bean, whoís Boromir in The Lord of the Rings. Iíll be moving a lot because we film in London, Morocco, Malta and Mexico.

7: Did you come back to New-Zealand to film some extra scenes of The Return of the King?

OB: Yes, because director Peter Jackson had the idea of a super action scene, a little bit like the fight with the cave troll in Mines of Moria or the one where Legolas slides down the stairs on a shield. I donít really know how itís going to look like on screen but I think it will be amazing.

7: Youíre making a lot of films, do you still have some free time?

OB: Not a lot, but when I have time, I try to see my friends and my family. I go to the movie theater, I read books or listen to new Cds. But the most important thing is to spend as much time with those that I love.

Extra Bio:
Date and place of birth: January 13, 1977 in Canterbury England
Family: A sister two years older, Samantha
Favorite colour: yellow Favorite sport: snowboarding and surfing
Favorite actors: Johnny Depp, Edward Norton, Paul Newman
Movie: Lord of the Rings (1,2,3), Black Hawk Down, Ned Kelly, The Calcium Kid, Pirates of the Carabean, Troy

There is also the quote: ďBefore the kiss scene, I brushed my teethĒ in blue in the middle of page 2.

Under Legolasí picture on page 2: Brown or blond, is he always so charming?

Johnnyís opinion (green rectangle on page 3): ďOrlando probably had the hardest role. He has to be right, serious all the time and he had to win the public affection. He succeeded in his mission in a very surprising way.Ē

Interview with Keira Knightley:

7: How do you describe Orlando?

Keira Knightley: Orlando is an adorable, calm, funny and very professional guy. Sometimes, we took a drink or listened to music together. It was a fantastic experience.

7: What about the kiss scene?

Keira Knightley: It was cool. Orlando was very concentrated. He thought about every detail. He had some mint candies, a tooth brush and some toothpaste. He was very professional and attentive.