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Orlandomania Has Arrived, Acciůn (Spain), October 2003
scans from Ana, translation by Silvia

Did you always want to become an actor?

When I was a child I loved watching films and then did the things I had seen in the movie, and in this way I was inspired to be an actor one day, but at the same time it gave me the opportunity to turn into a hero or play the part of characters like Legolas in Tolkienís trilogy.

Have you ever thought you'd reach the success you have?

It's strange, suddenly I canít walk in the street, I am not sure how to face embarrassing situations and I am overwhelmed by the moments in which the whole world looks at me in a public place. But as much as I the cinema pleases me, the fame displeases me, so I suppose there is some balance in it.

Is the career of actors more difficult if they don't triumph with the first film they do?

No, Iíve decided to work in the world of cinema and Iím very grateful of what I achieved. I did not make a conscious effort to achieve it, it simply happened.

Have you had to return to Australia for the last film of the Lord of the Rings, The Return of the King?

Yes, and it was incredible coming back for the third time. Peter Jackson wanted to do something with Legolas, give the character a special moment. So I went there to film this part of the movie.

Youíve just had the premiere of Pirates of the Caribbean. When you were young did you like best the stories of pirates or did you prefer mythological stories like the Lord of the Rings?

I grew up playing pirates in my homeís garden, and I think pirates are always fashionable in childrenís minds. I remember I liked watching pirate movies on sunday afternoon, and I loved to imitate them: I imagined battles of ships and I hanged from the curtains.

Do you like reaching the fame you are reaching now in Hollywood?

It's rare, isnít it? I still cannot believe it, it is a strange moment for me.Right now Iím trying to guess how I feel. Actually I am very lucky for having the opportunity of working in the job I always dreamed of.

Does the success burden you?

Yes, totally, all the time. It's difficult when you are trying to live like in a dream. Iíve never thought it was like this because besides being burdened I have learn to live with it all the time. I would like to be filming movies, and at the same time, enjoying all the things that surround movies, but sometimes Iím anxious, because maybe I havenít adjusted myself to this world yet.

Would you emphasize something favorable in this world of fame?

Yes, this world has incredible things, IĎve always wanted to be a successfull actor, Iíve always wanted to fulfill my desire to be an actor and obtain amusing and interesting roles. I like the idea of traveling around the world because of my work, getting richer, going out with girls. But I confess that sometimes I have to pinch myself, because I say to myself this cannot be real.

Your status as heartbreaker means that you run risks that perhaps you would like to run from...?

The status of ďheartbreakerĒ is something very current that apparently I think is funny; but I hope it stops, because I want to film interesting movies, or ones that Iím trying to. And maybe I will not be always in a romantic film or one with happy ending. Iíd like to create myself, as Johnny Depp did. He only wants to work: He had fame as a ďheartbreakerĒ but this didnít prevent him from making interesting films.

How would you describe yourself?

Iím a person who follows the rules. I donít like to hurt to anybody either, so I try to stay always in my place.

Is it true that you are going out with Kate Bosworth?

That is something I am not going to talk about, because it's a side of my life that only belongs to me. We can talk about what you want except this.

I suppose it's fantastic to be going out the girl that everyone desires...

I feel very lucky, because I'm charmed by women. I love women. I grew up with my mom and my sister and the question you asked me is not offensive, but I simply donít like talking about my personal relationships in public, because it is something I keep just for us. There is a line you never have to cross: you must be a gentleman. I worked with Keira Knightley in this film and I feel very pleased with working with pretty girls like Liv Tyler in the Lord of the Rings and Diane Kruger in Troy.

What do you enjoy when you are not working?††

I havenít much time for resting and when Iím not working I like doing nothing, spending time with my friends, my family, watching films, reading books or listening to new music; But sometimes my job is the entertainment, if I have to go film in places like Malta or California or New Zealand, but I also like coming back and bringing myself up to date in all the things that Iíve lost out on, and spend the time with important people to me.

Do you receive letters from your fans?

Thousands, and I read a lot of it. Iím very grateful for their correspondence, they respond to my work, and that fascinates me. But I want them to known that sometimes they fall in love with the character I play, and maybe Iím not like the people who I play in the movie.

Do you see the websites that are made about you on the internet?

No, but my mother sees them and calls me when she discovers something new. I tell her that I donít want to know about it, I prefer keeping my feet on the ground, living in my London apartment far from this madness.

What about your character in Troy?

I play the part of Paris, the usual antihero. A man condemned to a disaster that he will have to confront. His love for Helen creates a world of pain for everybody. For that reason he was an interesting character. I wanted to play his role because Paris is not the typical Will or Legolas of my previous films; on the contrary he was a young and very impulsive man that with his behaviour creates a terrible situation, and this was a challenge for me because I had to give Paris human elements and convince the audience that he needed the people to understand him. It's a spectacular script and Iím fascinated to be a part of this movie. Also, I didnít want to do a movie for teenagers and the character I play in Troy is perfect after ďPirates...Ē because he represents the antihero, and because his faults and whim causes the war. It's a wonderful character, and in the movie is much more facinating.

You're filming in Mexico, arenít you?

Yes, at this moment Iím filming with Brad Pitt and Sean Bean, who plays the part of Boromir in the Lord of the Rings; also I have this strange hair.

With ďPirates of the CaribbeanĒ and ďThe Lord of the RingsĒ have you become an expert using the sword?

Yes, Iím a Errol Flynn with abilities that cannot serve me today, but perhaps they would have made me a hero two hundred years ago.