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Västervik was Wonderful, Aftonbladet (Sweden), December 30, 2003
By: Fredrik Virtanen
translated by Elisabeth

Suddenly Orlando Bloom has become one of the world's hottest movie stars. He breaks hearts the way Leo DiCaprio did during his popular days.

- It feels... weird, says "Legolas".

Suddenly we start talking about Västervik.

It turns out that superhot Orlando Bloom was there last summer with his "best friend Chris", who's Swedish.

- Loved it. Beautiful place. And beautiful girls, says Orlando, a bit unnecessary.

He adds:

- You know, the Swedes really remind me of the elves. Very tall, blonde, lithe, and very relaxed, most often.

- And I think Tolkien had the Swedes, or the Scandinavians, in his mind when he wrote about them.

In real life Orlando doesn't look like he does in the LOTR-movies, not at all. His hair is dark, a bit curly, and he has a bit of beard stubble. A real smasher.

This - and the huge successes with "Lord of the Rings" and "Pirates of the Caribbean" - has made him one of the world's hottest girl's idol. Do you feel like a sex symbol?

- No. I feel like the exact same person as I've been the last 26 years. Nothing has changed. Because of that it's so weird, because I don't believe it.

- But it's very flattering, and I'm grateful for the fans. It makes it a lot easier for me in the movie business, but I don't buy that thing, you know.

Orlando had barely finished drama school before he ended up in New Zealand playing Legolas and since had constant new projects.

- It's incredible, it was the only thing I wanted. But I never expected this celebrity thing. I just wanted to be an actor, I never thought of fame or being famous. Because of that it feels so weird.

Privately he's hanging with his "old ordinary" friends in London. He likes going out and meeting people, but will absolutely not reveal if he's got a girlfriend or who he has dated (he has been connected with the top model Helena Christensen - probably false - and the actress Kate Bosworth - probably true.)

- I don't talk about such things. I hope it's OK, says the nice 26-year-old with a pair of eyes imploring of understanding.

When we meet he has just finished the filming of "Troy" and spends his spare time reading scripts while he listens to his favourite bands such as Coldplay, Kings Of Leon and Ben Harper.

- I haven't decided at all what to do yet, I take my time and am hoping to find something really good. It's been a lot now.

He says Brad Pitt is a nice guy, but that they didn't get to know each other very well since they didn't have many scenes together in "Troy", about the Trojan war.

He however loves his pirates mate Johnny Depp. When the two of them once were going to meet the prime minister of the Caribbean islands they practically fell out of the plane.

Then they crawled to the prime minister - and Depp kissed his feet.

- Well, we had been drinking a couple of glasses wine, what can I say? grins Orlando.

- Johnny is a wonderful guy to hang with, and a brilliant actor.

When Bloom grew up Depp was one of his idols, as well as Paul Newman and Daniel Day-Lewis "to name a few," he says.

His three biggest movies - "LOTR", "the Pirates" and upcoming "Troy" - are all fantasy-like costume movies.

- Well, yes, I love dressing up. It's a part of the fun thing being an actor!

- But I think I will keep doing this for a long time. It wouldn't surprise me at all if you see me in a very realistic, grey drama by a kitchen sink. I want to do everything.