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Back Into the Ring from 'The Wharf' - a Canary Wharf newspaper, September 26, 2002
By Aaron Langmaid
typed by Zoe, scans from Cat

Airport film shoot for Elve Bloom's new boxing flick

He may have lost his Elvish blond locks - but this young actor still packs a magical punch on the big screen.

Lord of the Rings: The Fellowship of the Ring star Orlando Bloom - who played Legolas Greenleaf in the smash box office hit, was on location at London City Airport last Sunday (September 22nd).

He was filming a scene for his new film The Calcium Kid - in which he plays a milkman who discovers a unique talent for boxing and soon finds himself facing up to an unbeaten american champion.

The 25 year-old braved blustery conditions along side fellow actors and more than 50 extras - mainly playing journalists crowding a star's limbo.

And he's not the only young star of the film - it was revealed last week that resting pop singer Billie Piper, Mrs Chris Evans, makes a cameo.

Producer Richard Johns, whose credits include Shadow of the vampire spoke to the Wharf.

"It's a scene where the world champion boxer Hose gets flown in with his managers before the big fight." Johns says.

Bloom laughed alongside the rest of the cast and crew as they reviewed scenes on the monitor after each take.

The Kent born actor - who was also in Hollywood blockbuster Black Hawk Down - scored the part of Lord of the Elves in mirkwood in The Lord of the Rings two days before he graduated from Guildhall university.

He now has a tattoo in Elvish script on his arm, and wears a ring with the Elvish inscription "To wherever it may lead".

Obviously, it's leading to more parts. Bloom, who lives in London, is set to appear in the next two sequels.

Shooting for The Calcium Kid is expected to take another six weeks, with filming taking place mostly in South and East London.

The London city shoot took 12 hours as the director and crew filmed through scattered showers, wind and a stream of bused in passengers pulling up in the middle of the set.

Location manager Matthew Wortman said while the weather could have been better, the use of London City Airport for the scene had been ideal.

"It's a more controllable environment than using any other airport around London." Matthew said. "All the elements we need are right here."

The Calcium Kid is set for release next year.