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Johnny Depp Steals the Show in Turbulent Pirate Show, Barneveldse Krant (The Netherlands), August 2003
translated by Christy

Barneveld- Pirates of the Caribbean is a fantastic adventure film full of pirates, swordfights, hidden treasures, parrots and planks. The movie is based on one of the most popular attractions in Disney World. Direction is in the hands of Gore Verbinski who, before this, gave us the exciting The Ring.

Captain Jack Sparrow (Johnny Depp) is a pirate who is known because of his incompetence. When he saves the life of Elizabeth, the damsel in distress, he gets thanked by her father and her fiance, but at the same time gets arrested for piracy. He manages to escape but eventually gets captured again by the heroic blacksmith Will Turner (Orlando Bloom) who has a thing for Elizabeth.

Jack only gets his freedom back after Captain Barbossa (Geoffrey Rush), a famous pirate, attacks the fort with his ship The Black Pearl. Barbossa kidnaps Elizabeth, and to save her from his hands as soon as possible, Will urgently needs Jack's help. But Barbossa isn't interested in ransom for the woman. His ship and its crew are doomed for life and sail the world eternally as living dead. During the day the sailors look like normal mortals but at night they change into moving skeletons. The only thing that can give them back their mortality is a blood sacrifice. And Elizabeth is the ideal prey.

What follows is a tough battle aboard the Black Pearl in which the heroes Jack and Will take on the indestructible pirates. This is accompanied with humor and grandeur.

In the year of the sequels, Pirates of the Caribbean is a pleasant surprise. This is mostly the work of the cast, in which Bloom (mostly known from his role as Legolas in The Lord of the Rings), Rush and Depp shine. The only problem is that the movie with its 2 hours is just half an hour too long.

(under picture) Johnny Depp and Orlando Bloom play the main parts in the pirate spectacle Pirates of the Caribbean.