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Teens meet...Orlando Bloom, bbc.co.uk/teens, August 8, 2003

He's one of the bufffest boys around and Teens Celeb got to meet him! He spoke to us about fame, sword fights and filming Pirates of the Caribbean.

Originally your busy schedule wasnít going to allow you to make Pirates of the Caribbean, what happened?

Yeah, I was already signed up to do a film called the Calcium Kid, which was a small British film that a friend of mine was directing. I had made a commitment to him and I didnít want to let him down. So when I got the script for Pirates of the Caribbean, I didnít want to read it as I didnít want to tempt myself with the idea of getting involved in a film that I didnít think I would be able to do. However, I saw Geoffrey Rush (Captain Barbossa) and he was getting really excited about doing Pirates, he said ĎYou know thereís a great role in this for you and youíve gotta just read it if nothing elseí, I did and I loved the script! Luckily I managed to shoot both the films in the end! I am very grateful and thankful that it did work out as Pirates couldnít have been a more fun film to work on.

The fight scenes between u and the other members of the cast look amazing and realistic, were they hard to work on and did u get any scrapes?

There are always a few scrapes when we are playing swords but nothing too serious! But the routine of the fight is one of the hardest things to learn, and it was a really intimidating routine. When the stunt guy showed us what we had to do, it was like are u crazy? It was great fun though, Johnny was so brilliant he improvised all the time and came up with all these crazy things like butt slaps! But they never made it to the final scenes!

Do u sometimes have to pinch yourself at how successful you have become?

I do! Itís opportunity as well as talent though. Having trained at drama school I know that I was in class of incredibly talented actors who might never make it because they havenít had the right opportunity. I think everyone not just with acting has an area of excellence and itís just when or whether they get the opportunity to show it.

How did it feel working with Johnny Depp?

Johnny set a bit of a guideline for me as a young actor, probably anyone from my generation would say the same thing. He is so courageous as an actor, I just felt really privileged to work with him and see how he goes about creating new characters and the brave way he puts himself out there.

Where u brought up on action movies? Who were your heroes?

Pirate movies used to be on Sunday afternoons when I was a kid. Youíd come in from playing in the garden and there would be a pirate movie on! I liked people like Errol Flynn!