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Black Hawk Down Transcript of Orlando's scenes only
Transcribed by Fiona

full transcript

Orlando Bloom: Private First Class Blackburn
Josh Hartnett: Staff Sergeant Matt Eversmann
Eric Bana: Sergeant First Class Norm Hoot Gibson
Ewan McGregor: Company Clerk John Grimes
Ron Eldard: Chief Warrant Officer Mike Durant

Chapter: Welcome to Mogadishu
On look of Blackburn in the black hawk, while pilots argue about the word ‘Limo’ on scrabble.
Blackburn: That’s a nice beach down there. How’s the water?
Durant (pilot): Yeah, it’s nice and warm and it’s loaded with sharks.

In Grimes’ office
Grimes: Name.
Blackburn: Todd.
Grimes: Last name.
Blackburn: Blackburn.
Grimes: (as typing it, into the computer): First name, Todd.
Blackburn: So what’s it like?
Grimes: What’s what like?
Blackburn: Mogadishu. The fighting.
Grimes: Serial number.
Blackburn: 72163427
Grimes: Firstly, it’s “the Mog” or simply “Mog”. No one calls it Mogadishu here. Secondly, I wouldn’t know about the fighting, so don’t ask.
Blackburn: Why not?
Grimes: Didn’t I just say, “don’t ask”?
Look kid, you look like you’re about 12, so let me explain something to you. I have a rare and mysterious skill that precludes me from doing missions.
Blackburn: Typing.
Grimes: Can you type?
Blackburn: No.
Grimes: Date of birth.
Blackburn: 2-27-75.
(As Grimes types it in, it shows the age box ‘18’)
Blackburn: Well I’m here to kick some ass.

Blackburn and Grimes pull up in a jeep to the shooting area where Eversmann’s team is.
Grimes: Sergeant Eversmann.
(Eversmann making his way to them)
Grimes: Serge.
Eversmann: Yeah.
Blackburn: Private first class Blackburn.
Eversmann: Yeah?
Blackburn: Reporting for duty.
Eversmann: Not to me, you’re not. You’re reporting to Lt. Beales. He should be here somewhere.
Grimes: Can I leave him with you?
Eversmann: Yeah, go ahead.
(As Grimes walks away.)
Eversmann: You brought your weapon.
Blackburn: Yes, sir. Want me to shoot? I’m rested.
Eversmann: When did you get in?
Blackburn: Just now, sergeant.

Chapter: Rangers & D-Boys
Everyone is getting dinner. Sergeant Hoot cuts inline in front of Blackburn.
Blackburn: Hey, man there’s a line.
Hoot: I know.
Blackburn: Well, this isn’t the back of it.
Hoot: Yeah I know.
(Then Capt. Steele interrupt’s them and Blackburn walks away.
Cut to: A ranger is making fun of Capt. Steele and Blackburn is in the group of rangers laughing along.)

Chapter: Actionable intelligence
After a short briefing from Eversmann, the rangers get their gear on.
(Blackburn, constantly chewing)
Eversmann: Blackburn, you okay?
Blackburn: Excited. In a good way. I’ve been training my whole life for this.
Eversmann: You ever shot at anybody before?
Blackburn: No, sir.

Chapter: ‘Irene’
Rangers are boarding into the Little Birds and Black Hawks and are heading to ‘Mog’ down town.
‘One minute before arriving’
Blackburn: What’s that for?
Nelson: Last rope, I almost bit my tongue off.
Nelson shows Blackburn his Moth Guard.

Chapter: Insertion
Little Birds land and then the Black Hawks come.
(In Eversmann’s Black Hawk)
Eversmann: Ropes. Go! Go! Go!
All rangers on board go down the ropes.
Let’s go! Let’s go! 
Eversmann and Blackburn are the last two onboard.
Eversmann: Go Blackburn go! Go!
Eversmann: RPG (missile coming)
Pilot: Hold on.
(Black Hawk turns to one side. Then we see Blackburn miss the rope.)
Eversmann: No!
Blackburn falls to the ground.
Eversmann goes down the ropes to find Blackburn unconscious. Eversmann gets Blackburn to the Humvees (ground Force) and Blackburn is back to base.

Special disc: Deleted & alternate scenes 
On, Triage & O.R.
We see Blackburn lying on a bed.

Alternate ending:
Eversmann pays a visit to Blackburn, confirming for himself (and the audience) that the ranger is going to survive.
Eversmann making his way to Blackburn. From behind Blackburn’s bed.
Eversmann: Hey!
Blackburn: (slowly waking) Hey.
(Eversmann comes around and sits down by Blackburn’s bed.)
Eversmann: How are you doing?
Blackburn: Yeah, alright.
Eversmann: We're leaving in a couple of days. Going home, everybody. Do you remember anything?
Blackburn: I remember, missing the rope, nothing after that.
Eversmann: Lucky!
Blackburn: Did you say that we are leaving?
(Eversmann nods yes.)
Blackburn: I don’t understand, what’s changed?
Eversmann: Nothing.

At the actual end, Eversmann talks about his conversation with Blackburn while he stands over Smith who died.
Eversmann: I was talking to Blackburn the other day and he asked me “What changed? Why are we going home?” And I’d said ‘Nothing’ but that’s not true you know. I think everything’s changed. I know I’ve change.
(Eversmann continues for a while until the end.)