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Legolas Speaks! from Big Hit, The Two Towers - Poster Special, December 26, 2002
typed by Leanne, scan from Leanne

World Exclusive! LEGOLAS SPEAKS!
We chat with the cutest archer in Middle Earth!
Orlando Bloom, who plays the elvin archer Legolas in The Lord of The Rings is as much a daredevil in real life as he is on set!
He tells us about how LOTR  changed his life and almost cost him his life at the same time!
How did playing Legolas Greenleaf change your life?
New Zealand is so green and healthy and outdoorsy and stuff so I started putting little tests on myself, like in terms of getting fit and using the environment around me.
I used to go swimming quite a lot when I was there and I stopped drinking caffeine too because we were doing nine weeks of night shoots and I came in at 6 and was out on set by 11 or 12.
Before I went on, I had two huge espressos in the makeup bus and I got up on set and I was gung ho. I'm not a big coffee drinker anyway so I was firing on all cylinders and when I went to see the rushes I was like 'Whoa!'. I was like 'No more coffee!' and started becoming more elvin, drinking herbal tea with lemon. I tried to stop smoking. I didn't go as far as eating nuts and berries which is what Viggo accused me of!
Did you get a tattoo?
I've got a small sun tattoo on my belly. I got it when I was about 15. I told my parents it was one of those tattoos that only lasts five years or some ridiculous thing like that.
You do a lot of stunts and sustain a lot of damage in real life.
I broke my leg on my motorbike when I was driving around in London. I realized when I came off the motorbike I was probably not safe on the roads. I just move a bit too quickly through life - at least I did. I broke my back too and that really stopped me. I fell three floors out of a window trying to get onto a roof. I used to just do things impulsively. I'm the sort of person that will go off and do something on a whim and then just deal with the consequences later. Breaking your leg is one thing, I've broken both of those and my arm, my wrist, my nose and all sorts of things and numerous other injuries through sport and snowboarding and stuff like that, but breaking your back is a different thing. I didn't think I was going to get through that one but I did. I was in a wheelchair for four days when they told me I'd never walk again. A neuroscan revealed I crushed my vertebrae and bruised my spinal cord. And then two years later I was playing one of the most physical characters in the Lord Of The Rings which is surreal.
I broke my rib when I fell off a horse during filming. We were doing this shot where we were going down a gully and had to pull up very quickly. We did it like five times and I kept saying to the person who had all this clobber on the horse with me, 'Lean back! Lean back!' when we were going down the gully. His weight was pushing me forwards the horse just kept wanting to go. The fifth time, the horse was overexcited, and we were tired and when we went to pull up, we couldn't pull up and we just bailed off to the side when I landed on a rock and he fell on top of me and I cracked a rib!
What's Liv like?
Liv's a sweetheart. She played an Elvin princess and she really is an Elvin princess - a lovely sweet girl. She's great at what she does. She became one of the lads. She came surfing with us once - I don't know if she actually got on a board but she was there. She was there with her boyfriend and her sisters and we all became like family.
You did a lot of surfing in between filming right?
When we arrived there I thought we need to do something outside of the movie to keep ourselves sane. I suggested that we get motorbikes but the guys said there was no need to kill ourselves [Laughs]. Eventually we went out and bought surfboards and we started getting really into it. You can imagine what we looked like, going down to the beach on that first day with our brand spanking new boards just freshly waxed and the water was freezing and all of these surfers just turned around and looked at us giving us filthy looks. We actually got quite good by the end of it. And because a lot of the other guys got boards as well - Billy, Don (I assume they meant Dom:), Elijah and Sean. Even Viggo had a go at it and we were all first time surfers.
The two "RING FACTS!" :
*Orlando's father worked with Nelson Mandela
*Orlando is a strict vegan - no milk!
What's up with Legolas?
According to Orlando: I tried to illustrate with movements what is going on inside his head. Legolas' gestures are elegant and supple, like a cat. During the battle scenes I was always thinking about the image of a cat that turns and lands on his feet. Legolas is both mentally and physically, sort of like a samurai warrior.
"He's going to become a lot closer to the dwarf Gimli. In the beginning Legolas doesn't really put up with him, because traditionally, elves consider dwarves to be dirty creatures that exploit the earth without giving anything back. But the relationship between Legolas and Gimli evolves when they are forced to become a team and to support each other mutually. They end up respecting their differences and, in the final battles, they laugh together and even compare the number of enemies they've slain"


Sneak Previews, sssh!

Spoiler 2: As the soldiers retreat into the keep, Aragorn and Gimli come out from a back door. They peer down at the berserker orcs. Aragorn looks at Gimli. Gimli says to him, "We can take them." Aragorn replies, "It's a long way down." Gimli hesitates for a moment and then says, "Toss me Aragorn." Aragorn asks, "Are you sure?" Gimli answers," Yes. But don't tell the Elf."
Spoiler 3: The riders of Rohan surround Aragorn, Legolas and Gimli. Eomer asks, "What business does a Man, an Elf, and a Dwarf have in the Riddermark?"
Eomer's hostility causes Gimli to make a threatening remark, and Eomer replies, "I would cut off your head, beard and all, Master Dwarf, if it stood but a little higher from the ground." Legolas then draws his bow and arrow, and says to Eomer, "You would die before your stroke fell." Aragorn stops Legolas and calmly explains that they are friends of the King. Eomer replies that the King does not recognize friend from foe. He also reveals that Saruman has poisoned his mind, and has taken over these lands.