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A Bloomin' Moviestar He Is!, bluntreview.com, July 2003
by Emily Blunt

Orlando Bloom is one of those "emerging" mega-stars. Granted we who are a smidge behind in the acknowledgment of his manly beauty are forgiven this retched faux pas as his role in Black Hawk Down wasn't huge and then in the extra super-duper fantastic Lord of the Rings films he was an elf. Sure, we gals noticed the frolicking bow master but yet we were distracted by the oodles of manly men beside him.

Well, as a chickbabe known for spotting a special slice of mansteak on them there screens, I tell you now, know, love, discover, and swoon for Mr. Orlando Bloom.

Not only does he have the talent - as his blockbuster casting would hint - but gals take the sixty-foot vision we've been teased with, and multiple that times -like- ten because this man is positively edible in person! I have not lost my composure so bad since Javier Bardem (aka - the definition of my "type" walked into the room!). Oh, and after talking to him I can vouch that he has a charming personality that makes the even most respectable gal want to go exhibitionist style rabid rhesus monkey on his adorable buttocks.

We met to chat about his next flick Pirates of the Caribbean: The Legend of the Black Pearl.

EMILY: I'm sorry handsome man before me; I meet so many young handsome stars, what's your name again? Hrrrr.

ORLANDO: I'm not sure anymore! [laughter]

EMILY: What was it like playing the guy who didn't want to be a pirate yet was ultimately forced to be a scallywag?

ORLANDO: He [Will] got to be a pirate! It was awesome. A great time. It was odd because Johnny [Depp] kind of created that mad kind of fellow! This incredible drunken sea legged Keith Richards thing, which was really… I mean it didn't read like that on the page so it was amazing to see it! And it left me wide open to do what was there on the page for me. Which was kind of the earnest true blue straight shooting guy with an interesting arc. It was kind of a more human thing about Will. I really wanted to be doing what Johnny did and that's why I had a little go of it in the film! [laughter]

EMILY: You mean your brief but spot-on impression of "Jack Sparrow [Johnny Depp's indelible character in Pirates]?

ORLANDO: Oh yeah! I was talking to him when we were flying into St Vincent and I said, "I want to be doing what you're doing! Maybe I could do an impression." And Jerry [Bruckheimer]was there and said, "Why not we'll write it in." - And I got a little shot at it.

EMILY: Did you rehearse for Pirates at all?

ORLANDO: We did some stuff together ya. Like fight stuff.

EMILY: So you knew about Johnny's character

ORLANDO: No. I didn't know I saw that when we started filming like everyone else actually. I knew he was going to do a Depp number on it I just didn't know what it would be and when I saw it I thought fantastic. I think everyone else was like whhoooaaaa. I think the studio was like whooaoaoa but then they got it. But that's what as a young actor to go see somebody like Johnnie that creates a character from nothing. He really puts himself out there he's so great and courageous in the way he just goes okay! I mean this is a Disney movie it could fall flat on his face- it could go all wrong and Disney could be that's not going to work. But he goes with it whole-heartedly and takes it there. Johnny does that ya know? And it always works

EMILY: Are you good at that? Going for whole-heartedly?

ORLANDO: I try. I mean I don't think I've been able so far yet really. I 'm at the beginning of my career and I hope I get to get the opportunity to play someone diverse and dark and more serious in the story.

EMILY: You will now! You've got what? Four major films - the scripts will be pilling in.

ORLANDO: Yeah hopefully they'll be the ones I want to do. Allot of the scripts that pile in? They're not me.

EMILY: What about your "indie" venture the Calcium Kid?

ORLANDO: Yeah that was fun. I got to be a bit of a clown. There's a lot of these man characters and Jimmy's the through line. He's like a smooth simple sweet guy. It's for kids; twenties and younger. A sweet movie. I dunno maybe it will appeal to everyone. It's a sweet "popy" kind of story and I was working with a friend Alex on it. This is something; you know what someone told me? The budget of that movie, the Calcium Kid, was the same as the after party for Lord of the Rings! [laughter] It was made for like a million and a half dollars. Go figure! Eric Felner at Working Title told me that…isn't that crazy.

EMILY: It just proves good movies don't need 100 million dollars to be good.

ORLANDO: Absolutely! I couldn't agree more. But who knows if it's a good movie you haven't seen it yet [laughter]

EMILY: Do you think it's a good movie?

ORLANDO: [laughter} I hope it'll be! I saw it the other day and it wasn't what I thought it was going to be but I really liked it. But this is much more kind of "teenie" sweet comedy. But it's good. I think it will be liked. There's nothing not to like about it. It's cool.

EMILY: How is it as an actor to look at the script and do a performance and then when you go to see the film it's not what you thought you did, or the editor changed the scene?

ORLANDO: Oh it's the worst! That's the way I'd seen it and you did this and then that. That sometimes happens not always but I suppose that's part of the job isn't it. And you can only do what you can do and at the end of the day you have to put yourself in the hands of the people who share the vision or you share their vision. But essentially there's kind of a right of passage as a young actor and you have to pay your dues. Fortunately I've been able to do that in great movies. Face it. I hoping that now …soon anyway… after TroyI can start doing - you know - stories that I really want to do and work with directors that really want to work with me. Hopefully.

EMILY: You're getting big enough now- you could go after the directors.

ORLANDO: I hope so I'd love to do that.

EMILY: So how good are you with a sword? In every movie it seems you're there with a sword!

ORLANDO: [laughter] Crazy isn't" I haven't chosen it like that. I haven't been like, " Is there a sword in that movie? Alright, I'll do it!" No. It's just kind of worked like that! Now I have these great skills that are completely useless in everyday life you know what I mean? [laughter] Like bow and arrow what am I going to do with that walking down the street? [laughter]

EMILY: Have you had to go back to New Zealand to do any reshoots for the final Lord of the Rings film?

ORLANDO: Yeah, and I was so emotional to say goodbye to that. Ahhh… it's the last time I don the blonde wigs and the pointy ears. They gave me my bow and arrow after the last shot and they cut together a little clip of "leggy" moments from the movie. There's this bit- they played it to me - you know the eighties that kind of song like "Hungry Eyes?"

EMILY: Oh sure [sadly]

ORLANDO: So it's like Viggo pulling his sword, then there's me going [he bats his eyes]. It was so funny! [laughter] It was this whole homoerotic thing and Ian's going [he pantomimes argh]!

EMILY: Can I get a copy? [I said this without jest or humor quite frankly- with an eyebrow raised in fantasy visions of this young buck frolicking in elven ears…]

ORLANDO: [laughter] You! Ah, you know maybe Peter will put it on the dvd! Can you imagine! Totally. We had such a laugh. You should see the photos - the Polaroids we've got. [laughter] But it was so much fun. You know what's going to be awesome? Pete…everything is documented. Pete loves that shit! The gag reel he's going to do is going to be all that shit!

EMILY: Lord of the Rings is really a ten hour film that out of necessity had to be released three separate smaller pieces don't you think?

ORLANDO: It totally is. I mean it's a book. One long book separated into three books. Because nobody wanted to carry that big fucker around! [laughter] I don't know what they could do- but as a director? I'm sorry Jackson deserves the Oscar - he deserves that. It's incredible.

EMILY: Have you every been on the Pirates of the Caribbean ride?

ORLANDO: No. I've haven't had the opportunity. It's not that I didn't want to go.

EMILY: You can go at the premiere it's at Disneyland.

ORLANDO: I kknnnooowww. I'm hoping to get back from Troyin time.

EMILY: How is it to work with all these great actors? To come in and do a scene with them?

ORLANDO: It just raises the bar. It really does. It's intimidating sometimes. When I was working with Johnny? I was like forget about it! Hey forget the close up gimme the two shot! [laughter] Do you know what I mean? [laughter] He's so fucking cool.

EMILY: How about working with Brad Pitt on the up-coming Troy?

ORLANDO: I wish I did more in terms of acting with Brad. It's amazing to work with the people you admire in the business and get so close and experience what they're doing! It's amazing!

EMILY: These names I'm throwing around, Johnny Depp, Brad Pitt - the sexiest men alive etc - really you're up there now! Don't you think?

ORLANDO: Yeah. I've heard. [He throws this sly inviting glance…maybe it was just me and my over active lustful mind…] It's very fucking strange! Weird ya know? I'm not doing this for that. I love the work you know what I mean. I can see how you have to do it because it's part of getting the work done and getting the movie out there. I'm not really…I'm working as actor 'cause love working as actor and I'm trying to figure out the rest of it. It's a weird by product.

EMILY: What do you think about the tabloids now that you - as a hot new man about film - are about to make front-page news?

ORLANDO: I just don't read those magazines. And I don't go out [laughter]. I do! You just don't take it serious. People say very nasty things in those magazines about people and I know for a fact for example Brad is a fantastic guy and doing a great job and somebody told me there's a story somebody wrote that he uses steroids or some shit. Do me a fucking favor! The guy has an amazing trainer. I mean have you seen his body? He doesn't need to.

EMILY: No I have not…[well, Fight Club…]

ORLANDO: [laughter] Well I HAVE! [laughter] and he doesn't need to. It's just why do people do that? I guess they make money off it. I guess people want to hear that shit. What can you do? I guess it's like water off a duck's back. It's all kind of new for me and hopefully I wont get it too bad. It's a little bit strange I experienced that [the women wanting a man so bad they drooled thing…] actually in Malta with Brad. We had a cast dinner and we all left and went to a bar. We had to walk a hundred meters to the bar and fucking the whole of the town swooned on this guy! It was insane. They were just trying to touch him it was like [he reaches and touches me]

EMILY: Do that again-I'm not following [laughter]

ORLANDO: [he does] It was mad. I was freaked out. He was so composed man. He was like, "Just keep waking. Don't stop walking and we'll be fine? If you stop it can get really scary." He's got a bodyguard with him.

EMILY: Now when I saw Pirates and your name came up all the girls - and some men- shrieked. Are you ready for this?

ORLANDO: Thanks! I'm picking Brad's brain as to how to deal. And Johnny [Depp] is great for that too. ' Cause I think Johnny's done it very well. They're both great for that. Brad is kind of a sort of different thing and Johnny's chosen a different thing.
With that we were interrupted and the beautiful talent said his goodbyes…

Orlando truly has the talent to back up his marketable looks. Pirates of the Caribbean: The Legend of the Black Pearl is fantastic! And I for one can not wait to see Troy; the cast that portray the likes of Achilles, Mercury and Hector are on the check-list of hunks you'd cast in a private little epic in your own mind's eye...trust me….dvd pre-order time!

Basically, keep your eye out for Orlando's name he seems to pick exceptional films…I wonder if he's as good at picking stock winners?