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My First Otto, Bravo (Germany) No. 35, August 20, 2003
translated by Marny, scans by Dannii

"Wow, this is cute!" Orlando Bloom is pleased with his first Golden Otto. The movie star welcomes BRAVO for the delivery of the reader's award in bungalow no. 3 of the "Chateau Marmont" in Los Angeles. This hotel accommodated movie legends like Marilyn Monroe and James Dean. Orlando is on his way to become 'big' in Hollywood as well! With his role as "Legolas" in "Lord Of The Rings" the Brit made his breakthrough two years ago; since then the most successful moviemakers are eager to cast him. At the moment the 26-year-old is shooting the epic "Troy" with Brad Pitt in Malta. A monumental movie like "Lord Of The Rings" - with lots of battle scenes and costumes. "I play a quixotic guy who finds his dream woman and fights for her", Orlando says. The movie will be released in 2004 - right now "Pirates Of The Caribbean" hits the screens; in most cinemas the movie will be released on September 2nd. As honest blacksmith Will Turner, Orlando learns that his father was a real pirate - and along the way falls in love. And on December 17th the third installment of "Lord Of The Rings - The Return Of The King" will be released. Playing the blonde elf hero has changed Orlando's life: "Now I'm getting recognized and followed in the street", he says. But he's happy about the success: "The Otto is my first important movie award - of course it gets a place of honour!" And as a thank you Orlando tells us: "The premiere of "Lord Of The Rings 3" will be on December 10th in Berlin - I'll try and be there"