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Hot Kisses and Sharp Blades in the Caribbean!, Bravo (Germany), May 21, 2003
translated by Christel and Elisabeth, scans from Steffi

[It is my belief that this interview is a fake, and was compiled from other articles, while some of the info was made up altogether. Orlando says Keira is 20, when she is really 18. I'm sure he would know the truth. - Sarah]

The secret star of “Lord of the Rings” is back. In “Pirates of the Caribbean” Orlando Bloom’s having the adventure of his life. Bravo met him shortly after the end of the hard shoot for an exclusive interview!

Bravo: What’s your new movie “Pirates of the Caribbean” about?

Orlando: My character’s the young Will Turner- a really harmless guy- who joins Johnny Depp, who’s playing a pirate. My character is everything but evil… Shortly: it’s an enormous adventure movie!

Bravo: Are you wearing a pirate costume?

Orlando: Unfortunately not. Only Johnny and Geoffrey Rush are wearing complete pirate costumes. I’m a little jealous about it. But at the end I get the girl- you can bet, oops, I shouldn’t have revealed that - so, don’t tell anyone. (smiling)

Bravo: Which girl?

Orlando: Keira Knightley. She played Jules in “Bend it like Beckham”. She’s 20- and looks absolutely gorgeous.

Bravo: You told me half a year ago that you’re allowed to kiss her.

Orlando: Yeahhhh! It was unbelievable. Usually film kisses are always strange because so many people are standing around you. But this time it was different. We forgot everything around us. Perhaps because we practiced a few days before on a deserted island. (smiling)

Bravo: Pardon me? You kissed her privately?

Orlando: It was just for business (more smiling). I’ve got a girlfriend!

Bravo: Tell me more!

Orlando: Her name’s Kate Bosworth, she’s 20 and an actress. Her new movie is “Blue Crush”.

Bravo: Do you want to marry her?

Orlando: That would be too fast. We’ve known each other since January. I gave her a gold necklace as a present, but that means nothing. I just love giving gifts. 

Bravo: Keyword gifts. You had a birthday while shooting “Pirates of the Caribbean”.

Orlando: Oh yeah! I didn’t realize it, I was too much involved in my work. I was with Johnny and a whole lot of other pirates on the set at around one o'clock in the morning - and then suddenly, the Crew starts singing "Happy Birthday! That was a cool surprise.

Bravo: How did you prepare yourself for your part (in POTC)?

Orlando: Most of all I had to learn how to sword fight.

Bravo: But in “Lord of the rings” you fought with the sword too…

Orlando: You can’t compare that. In one scene the evil pirates are changing into skeletons as they move through moonlight. So I had to fight against real pirate actors and than against imaginary enemies. The skeletons were put in later by the computer, but for me as an actor it was very hard.

Bravo: What do you think is the best scene in the movie?

Orlando: There are so many great action scenes. I like the one Johnny and me shot in San Pedro in Mexico. We stole a huge British battle ship. It was unbelievable – because you normally need at least 20 men to bring the ship into action. Johnny and I did it by ourselves – he was the captain and I was the ship hand. It was totally crazy, to steer the boat, but so much fun.

Bravo: Are you wearing your real hairstyle for a change in POTC?

Orlando: My hair’s brown this time and not white (laughing). But I have extensions. In real life, I don't have a ponytail!

Bravo: What’s after “Pirates of the Caribbean”?

Orlando: At the moment I’m working on the historical movie “Troy” with Brad Pitt and Sean Bean, who played Boromir in “Lord of the rings”. We are shooting in London, Morocco, Malta and Mexico. In “Troy” I have yet another bed-head hairdo - almost like Jack Osbourne (smiling).