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Making of... Pirates of the Caribbean, Bravo (Germany), September 17, 2003
translated by Marny, scan by Conny

[This is likely another fake interview.]

We meet Orlando Bloom (26) during a break on the set of "Troy" in Mexico. But the interview is not about his new historical movie where he acts with Brad Pitt, it is about "Pirates of the Caribbean". Orli remembers it like it was yesterday and talks.....

....about Johnny Depp
"I've always been a fan of Johnny. It was an honour for me to act with him. Once he navigated the 'Interceptor' alone for a moment without knowing it. When the director told him afterwards, Johnny had to breathe deeply."
....about Keira Knightley
"She is super-sweet. If I wouldn't be with Kate Bosworth, I could fall for her. Once she took a seasickness pill on set - and promptly fell asleep. She felt very embarrassed."
....about his tattoos
"I always had to cover my arm so that you couldn't see my tattoo on my wrist. When I forgot about it once, we had to shoot the whole scene again - and I had to pay a $1000 'fine'."
....about the zombie pirates
"Many of the scenes in which the pirates change into the undead were done with a computer - but not all of them! Sometimes the actors had dried turkey stripes put on their skin, so that they looked really beat. That smelled really awful."
....about gold coins
"About one million fake cold coins were made for the production. Some I took home with me....."

(The next bits each have a picture - Marny)

On board of the 'Interceptor'
"Most of the scenes with the 'Interceptor' we shot on the open sea", Orli says. "Many from the team got seasick. But for some of the location shots we used models."
Parrots and mean monkeys
"The cutest during the shoot where the animals", Orlando remembers. "We had three parrots on set: one which only sat around, one which could speak and one could fly." The scenes with the little monkey Jack where not as easy. Orli explains: "Jack is a Cabochon monkey and normally has a white face. To make him look as mean as possible, the make-up artists painted him with paint made of plants. And of course many of the scenes were made with the computer."
350.000 Dollar up in flames
"Orli: Before I began shooting in October 2002, there was a fire on the set which destroyed 350.000 Dollar worth of equipment. Even during filming ships went up in flames - but those were set alight deliberately."
Under water
Orli says pitiful: "I think that Keira can pipe down (?) longer than any freediver! She worked three days on the scene in which Johnny Depp rescues her under water!"