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"I’m a pro at handling a sword!", Bravo (Romania), September 18, 2003
translated and scanned by Andrea

[It's likely parts of this interview were made-up]

Orlando Bloom is the star from POTC and LOTR. Directors and producers all over the world want the talented 26-year-old actor! In BRAVO he talks about his movie experiences, about his perfect girlfriend and about his tattoos…

Bravo: Have you liked pirates ever since you were a kid?

Orlando: I loved pirate movies! While shooting the movie I felt as if I were in a land of adventure and tales. A lot of the scenes were shot at sea, on an old ship- it was great! I especially had fun with Johnny Depp! I dreamed of this ever since I was little! And after the fighting-scenes, I actually became an expert in handling the sword!

Bravo: Were you by any chance sea-sick?

Orlando: Fortunately not. But others were and after shooting the scenes they spent their time bent overboard!

Bravo: The shootings for the third part of LOTR are over. Are you sorry?

Orlando: Of course! I spent three years with the crew and some of them, like Elijah Wood and Viggo Mortensen, became good friends of mine. We partied in New Zealand, together with all the elves. Anyway, it’s not over yet. The premiere of the third part will take place this December in Berlin!

Bravo: Nine of the actors from LOTR, with you among them, got the same tattoo- "Nine" in elvish. Will you get any other tattoos?

Orlando: No! I don’t think so, two are enough!

Bravo: What does the second one represent?

Orlando: It’s a sun on the torso I got when I was 15. I entered a tattoo salon out of curiosity and I said ‘why not?’. I wouldn’t get another one now!

Bravo: How does your girlfriend, actress Kate Bosworth, feel about your tattoos?

Orlando: They’re ok to her, but she’s not crazy about them.

Bravo: For how long have you been together?

Orlando: I don’t exactly like talking about it, because it’s my private life and others shouldn’t be interested in it! I can only say she’s the sweetest girl in the world and we’ve been together for a few months! We’re very happy, and even though we can’t see each other too often, we always find a solution. Kate fits great to me, we have a lot of things in common.

Bravo: If there’ll be a second POTC , will you be ‘aboard’?

Orlando: I wouldn’t miss such great fun!!!



-"Pirates…" cashed in over $300 milllion
- Few ships of our times could pass as a sailing ship from the 17th century, but the producers managed to find a full-scale reproduction of the first ship to anchor on the NV coast of the Pacific –" The Lady Washington".
- Depp got inspired for his character from a cartoon- Pepe Le Pou- and Keith Richards (Rolling Stones)

PIRATES OF THE CARIBBEAN- The Curse of the Black Pearl

The same director who spooked us with "The Ring" now amuses us with "POTC-The Curse of the Black Pearl". Gore Verbinski’s movie is captivating, amusing, fun…superb! Don’t miss this new Disney production!

Ahoy, mates! "POTC-The Curse of the Black Pearl" finally arrives in Romania too (26th September) !The story takes place in the 17th century, in the Caribbean: the sea is hunted by the Black Pearl, a ghost ship which plunders and destroys any ship and any port that comes in its way. The cursed pirates show their true faces only at moonlight: they are ‘living dead‘, frightening skeletons who can not be killed! Soon we find out the crew of the Black Pearl bears the curse of greed: the pirates had stolen a treasure and if they don’t get it all back, their suffering will be eternal. To brake the curse, the pirates kidnap Elizabeth, who has upon her the last coin. Captain Jack Sparrow is a weird yet very seductive pirate. He decides to help Will Turner, the girl’s childhood friend, to save the brave lady. But not out of kindness, but ‘cause Jack used to be the captain of the Black Pearl- he was abandoned by his own crew on an island and now he wants revenge and his ship back

…Everything good, especially Johnny Depp’s interpretation, who claims to have come up with ideas concerning his character while reading the script in the sauna! Geoffrey Rush is also charming in a negative role. Although captain Barbossa isn’t as despicable as Inspector Javert ("Les Miserables"), we hate him just as much. The captivating and funny story, the special effects as well as Johnny Depp’s acting make this movie the hit of autumn 2003! Don’t miss it