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Orlando Bloom: I can't read properly!, Bravo (Germany), September 3, 2003 (Nr.37)
Interview by Andreas Renner
translated by Marny, scans by Tikolino

BRAVO: Did you like pirates as a kid?

Orlando: I loved pirate movies! While shooting "Pirates Of The Caribbean" I sometimes felt like on a big adventure playground. We shot a lot of scenes on an old ship on the sea - great fun! I had a fantastic time with Johnny Depp above all. I dreamt of something like that as a child.

BRAVO: Didn't you get seasick?

Orlando: Fortunately not. But some of the others - they literally hung over the rail!

BRAVO: How were the fencing scenes with Johnny Depp?

Orlando: Exhausting! But beside some little scratches nothing happened. After the many fencing scenes in "Lord Of The Rings" and now in "Pirates Of The Caribbean" as well I'm a real professional with a sword. Maybe I should try out for the Olympic Games (laughs)...

BRAVO: There are already plans for a sequel to "Pirates Of The Caribbean".  With you on board?

Orlando: I'm definitely doing the sequel; I had too much fun. Sure, I'd like to do a comedy, but right now I'm very happy with the roles I'm offered. Three years ago I was at drama school and didn't know if I would ever do a movie - and now I work with people like Johnny Depp and Brad Pitt. That's crazy! I have no reason to complain at all.

BRAVO: The last part of "Lord Of The Rings" is finished. Are you sad that it is over?

Orlando: Yes, I am! I spent three years with the team and some became really good friends, like Elijah Wood or Viggo Mortensen, who played Aragorn. And I had a fantastic time in New Zealand with the other elves too. But it is not entirely finished: In December will be the premiere of the third part in Berlin!

BRAVO: Nine actors from "Lord Of The Rings" - you too - got a tattoo of the elvish "nine" together. Will you get more tattoos?

Orlando: No! I think I'll never have one again. Two have to be enough.

BRAVO: What's your second tattoo?

Orlando: A sun at the belly button. I got that when I was 15. I went with a mate spontaneously to a tattoo shop - a stupid idea. I don't think I'd get a tattoo nowadays!

BRAVO: Does your girlfriend, actress Kate Bosworth, like your tattoos?

Orlando: She thinks they're okay but she's not crazy about them.

BRAVO: How long are you together?

Orlando: I don't like talking about it, it's the last piece of private life I have. Just this: Kate is the sweetest girl in the world! We are together for a couple of months now and very happy. Unfortunately, we can't see each other very often because we're both constantly on the move. But most of the time we find a solution. Kate is perfect for me - we have a lot of similar interests.

BRAVO: Surfing, for example? Kate played the starring role in the surfer movie "Blue Crush". Is she better in the waves than you?

Orlando: She's much better than I am actually. I've learned surfing while shooting "Lord Of The Rings" in New Zealand. But I'm not doing much sports at the moment. I used to be really active and I did all kinds of extreme sports - the wilder the better!

BRAVO: Like.........?

Orlando: Parachuting, bungee jumping, paragliding and snow boarding. Different things, really.....

BRAVO: Is it true that you broke almost every bone in your body.....?

Orlando (laughs): Oh yes! I used to be a real dare-devil. But I didn't get hurt at sports only. Once I fell from a friend's roof terrace and broke my vertebrae. I wasn't drunk, just stupidly lost my footing and fell two stories deep. The doctors thought I would be paraplegic for the rest of my life. But after the operation everything healed. Thank God!

BRAVO: Is it true that you are dyslexic?

Orlando: Yes, that's true. I am dyslexic and have difficulties to discern certain letters. But that doesn't mean I'm stupid! I did my exams and went to drama school. So don't laugh at pupils who have difficulties reading. Maybe they'll become movie stars one day and you'll like to have tickets for the premiere.....