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Interview from Bravo, January 2002
as transcribed by Dutch from the Orlando Bloom Fan Board

okay. So I'm gonna translate it from german to dutch and then to english. So it will be VERY rougly translated... but to make it up for you I'll scan the piccie in for yas (I never saw that one, it's from the Harper's Bazaar shoot but different pose)
Picture 1 Picture 2

As longhaired Legolas with bow and arrow Orlando Bloom conquered the hearts of the movie goers. In this BRAVO-interview the shooting star tells: "I escaped death!"

BRAVO: How did you feel when you got offered the role of Legolas in this huge production? (it said something about a mad production and though it sounded great in german in english it just doesn't have the same ring to it....)
Orli: it was like winning the Lottery. I had to pinch myself. Only after we shot the first scenes, I realized that it wasn't a dream!

BRAVO: It was your first big role - did you feel insecure?
Orli : Yes, I was the newcomer on the set. The others had all shot many films. I came from theatre, I had no idea how everything worked in a production like this. In the first days, I trained to work with a bow and and sword.

BRAVO: What was hardest to learn?
Orli: Shooting the bow. At first just stringing it wore me out, but it got better every day. In the end I got so good, I could shoot paper plates out of the air.

BRAVO: Did you get hurt during filming?
Orli : Yes, I broke a rib.

BRAVO: How did that happen?
Orli : I had to shoot an arrow while riding a horse, and I fell off. But I grinded my teeth and continued shooting, the doctor said I could. But actually I am just one unlucky guy (and he used such the cutest word! Ungluckswurm. But I have NO idea what that is in english. )

Orli : I've broken my nose, my leg and my arm, and a toe once. I used to be this really wild type that tried everything out. Once I fell out of a window, and I almost died. I'm a lot calmer now.

BRAVO: Do you have something in common with Legolas?
Orli : Legolas is the son of the elven king Thranduil. He's a creature that always believes in the good. I'm a lot more realistic.

BRAVO: You also play in the two sequals. Can you tell us anything?
Orli : In part two I hunt orcs together with Gimli and Aragorn. In part 3 the Hobbits turn back, and find that Saruman has taken over power in their land (and I did a VERY crappy translation on that one)

BRAVO: Can you remember the first movie that impressed you?
Orli : Superman. My favourite movie is Stand By Me, that got me into acting.

BRAVO: Did you have any jobs before this?
Orli : When I was 13 I worked in a shooting-gallery during the summer.

BRAVO: Do you remember the first single you bought?
Orli : Michael Jackson's Thriller.

BRAVO: And your first car?
Orli : A darkgreen VW Golf. Costed me 250 Euro.

BRAVO: What role do you play in the upcoming film Black Hawk Down?
Orli : I play 18-year old private Blackburn, who gets send off to Somalia with a US elite unit (Dutch says "Huh?"). I fall from a helicopter when it gets shot down. No fear: I live, But my part is over then.

BRAVO: How did you and Josh Hartnett get along?
Orli : Great. We became good friends, and we're planning to do a movie together in 2003.