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Finally Orlando!, Break Out! (The Netherlands), August 14, 2003
scans and translation by Samantha

Oh, we have been trying to interview Orlando Bloom for a long time. But when the Fellowship of the Ring, Black Hawk Down and The Two Towers were released he was either busy or on vacation. But we hit the jackpot with the Pirates of the Caribbean! If we wanted to interview Orlando in London, what did you think?

Still sleepy, Orlando joins us for the interview when we fin-a-lly get to speak with him. The star from Pirates of the Caribbean is not yet fully awake. And that is not that odd: he hit it big time last night at the premiere of Pirates... in London. But despite his hangover, Orli looks fit. His long black hair hangs in strings over his beautiful eyes, his baggy clothes look cool on him and the cool rings that are around his fingers are shiny. He takes a sip water and says: "Okay, I am ready. What do you wanna know?"

BO!: Have you always wanted to play a pirate?

OB: "Of course, isn't that the dream of every boy? It was mine too! I used to watch pirate movies with Errol Flynn on Sunday afternoons when I was younger. It looked like so much fun to walk around with a piece of cloth over my eye, cross swords and enter the ships."


BO!: How did you get the part of blacksmith Will Turner?

OB: "It was really coincidental actually. At the final party of my next movie Ned Kelly I was talking to Geoffrey Rush (who plays captain Barbossa). I asked him what he was going to do after Ned Kelly and then he told me about Pirates of the Caribbean. He told me that Johnny Depp was in it and they were still looking for someone to play the part of Will. Where do I sign? I shouted out and a little while later I was on board."

BO!: Did you do all the stunts in Pirates yourself?

OB: "Not everything, because the insurance company doesn't allow you to. But the scenes I could not do myself, were done by an incredibly good stuntman. "

BO!:  In 1998 you broke your back when you fell out of a window. Don't you think it is dangerous to play these action roles?

OB: "No, I don't. I have trained really hard to get fit for this movie. And the doctor that operated on me after I fell told me that my back was completely healed. But they have recommended me to eat a little bit more steak."

BO!: But you are a vegetarian!

OB: "That is true. My broken back might have healed but I kept having this nagging pain. When I was working on Lord of the Rings I saw an expert about it. He told me that one steak a week would ease the pain a little. It is a complicated medical story, but it did help! I have no pain since. "

BO!: Did you have to develop more skills for Pirates?

OB: "I had to learn to handle a sword. I had experience with action scenes because of Lord of the Rings but sword fighting is something totally different from archery. It is really hard!"

BO!: But you were in good hands?

OB: "Yes and not just in any hands: I got sword fighting lessons from Bob Anderson. He used to be pirate actor Errol Flynn's Trainer. He even doubled for Errol in the Master of Ballantrae, that is cool!"

BO!: What do you remember the most from shooting Pirates?

OB: "The difficult shoots on the ships. In contrast with Lord of the rings all the pirate ships were really built. But the hard wind, high waves and clouds made the takes sometimes very difficult. At one time director Gore Verbinski got really mad. He finally shot a difficult seen well, he sees a oil tank in the background when he viewed the scene.  Oi, he was mad, haha!"

BO!: Your new project is also one to be looking forward to: Troy.

OB: "Troy will be so cool. It will be a gladiator-like spectacle about Greek heroes, we are shooting it in Malta and Mexico at the moment. I play Paris, the prince of Troy whom in 1193 (BC) steals Helena from her husband, the Greek ruler Melenaus. The Greek declare, whose leader is Achilles, war to the Trojans, whose leader is prince Hector."

BO!: In Troy Achilles is being played by Brad Pitt!

OB: "Isn't it Cool? The whole cast is great, we've also got hulk-actor Eric Bana. But I have been through something really weird with Brad on Malta. Before the shoots we had a 'Cast-dinner'. When Brad and I went outside afterwards, what happened then....."

BO!: Tell us!

OB: "The whole street was filled with cheering shouting people. I never saw anything like it. Look, something like that happens at premieres... But in a small alley in Malta you don't expect anything like that!"

BO!: What do you think of all this attention?

OB: "It is nice, intimidating and overwhelming at the same time. On the other side it sometimes is also is annoying. I just want to be an actor, not a sex symbol. The fun part is that you get a lot of sweet fan mail. The other day a girl wrote me: Orli you are not only a sex symbol, you are also a nice boy. I thought that was so sweet. "

BO!: What do you do with all the fan mail?

OB: "When I have time I read it. But it is starting to become so much that I've got a whole team to take care of my mail. Every week I go to them for a couple of hours to sign pictures, cards and goodies. My team does the rest. I would prefer to handle everything myself but then I should clone myself and I wouldn't really like that. Although a lot of girls would think different about that, haha!"