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Orlando Bloom, Break Out (Dutch), January, 2003
scans and translation by Lenny of Bloomania
note: this "interview" is actually a combination of different interviews that he has done.

ďvery strange that people suddenly adore meĒ

As far as we are concerned, there may be five parts of Lord of the Rings. We just canít get enough of cutie Orlando Bloom (Legolas the Elf). And the English hunk seems to be a fantastic lover!

B.O: Do women in love chase you?

O.B.: No, not very much. I have long blonde hair in the film, so in real life the women donít recognize me. And Iím glad about that. I can still cross through London on my bike without being recognized.

B.O: The internet is filled with sites that groupies made for you.

Yes, and that makes me kind of nervous. I think itís ridiculous that people adore me. Iím just a starting actor! Altough I became an actor because of all the attention from the women, (laughs).

B.O.: Being an actor, you will have a very nice salary.

O.B.: If you get to play in the big films yes, but I really donít do this for the money. I would act for free if I get to kiss a woman! No, seriously, I do this because I like it.†I really enjoy this so much! I still feel like the luckiest person on earth playing in Lord of the Rings.

B.O.: Were you always such a lucky guy?

O.B. I think so. My childhood was very nice, even though my father passed away when I was four years old. Before he died, he asked a good friend to be my new father. That man has been there for me my whole life. I thank my father for that.

B.O.: Were you good at school?

O.B. Not really. I can remember a report card which said: Orlando is a sweet child, but he is always staring out of the window.

B.O.: But you were sweet.

O.B.: Later I became a rebel.† I always wanted to have some fun. When I was fiftheen, I came home with a tattoo. My mother was very angry, so I told her that it would disappear after a couple of years.

B.O.: Did you have many girlfriends?

O.B.: I had quite a few girlfriends, yes. My mother had a language school, I met many nice European girls there.

B.O. So, how old were you when you made love for the first time?

O.B.: uhhh, when I was fourteen I met this special girl. I lost my virginity with her, but Iím not gonna tell you more. Letís just say that my interest in women grew more.

B.O.: What type of woman do you like?

O.B.: I like blonde girls and she has to be sweet.

B.O.: A tough chick is nothing for you?

O.B.: I respect tough woman, but they donít attrack me.

B.O.: Are you a good lover?

O.B.: I believe so, yes. I think itís quite exciting to have a relationship with me. When Iím in love, that woman is the most important thing in my life. I do everything for her. I really love that feeling. Thinking about when you will see her again.

B.O.: What was your most romantic action?

I flew all the way to Dubai once to be with the girl that I dated at that time. And when I was in love with an Irish girl, I sent her plane tickets and asked her to visit me in Londen. She did.

B.O.: It appears that you are single now for quite some time

O.B. Yes, thatís true. However Iím happy with it. During the filming of Lord of the Rings I broke up with my last girlfriend. I spent a lot of time in New Zealand and she did in England. Itís very difficult to keep a good relationship.

B.O.: But you did date some different girls?

O.B. Donít believe all the stuff about me on the internet. I sometimes read that Iím dating women who I donít know!

B.O.: Did you ever fall in love with a V.I.P.?

O.B.: Yes, when I was young I loved Linda Evans, an actress from Dynasty. My aunt met her once and asked for a picture with an autograph. I still have that picture.

B.O.: Finally, we have some quickies for you. What is the most female aspect of your personality?

O.B.:† I really love shopping, itís like therapy.† I love buying clothes or funny antique things that you only find on the flee-markets.

B.O.: Did you ever have a normal job?

O.B. What is normal? I earned my first money with assisting at a shooting club, with clay pigeons. That may sound boring, but I really liked it.

B.O.: Mention a bad aspect of your personality.

O.B.: I bite my nails. And many people think that I am a rude person because sometimes I live in my own private world. Then I donít react to people.

B.O.: When was the last time that you were afraid of something?

O.B.: I went surfing in New Zealand I saw a fin. It was a sealion, but I was shaking. I left the water.

B.O. Do you have a fetish?

O.B.: Uhh, yes, socks! I have many pairs of socks, yellow, red, green .And some of them glow in the dark!

B.O.: Which text would you like to put on a plaque?

O.B.: Take life as it is and enjoy every day. I do that myself. I try to be a cheerful person. I donít want my bad mood to spoil my day!