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Orlando Overload, Break Out! (The Netherlands), September 17, 2003, nr. 38
translation and scans by Lenny of Bloomania

You’ve seen POTC seven times in the cinema, you played your LOTR dvd until it broke…But sometimes you feel like you're miss something. A piece of vital information about Orlando Bloom, the piece you just couldn’t find. Fortunately there is us. Especially for you we created the complete Orli files!


Mother: Sonia Copeland-Bloom always pushed Orlando to do something artistic. She entered Orlando in poetry and bible reading contests. “And I always won, so I liked it very early!”

Father: Harry Bloom was a famous lawyer, fighting in South Africa against apartheid. He died when Orlando was four years old. “Harry was a great man. He fulfilled his task and then left the world”.

Real father: A few years ago Orlando found out that Harry wasn’t his real father. His biological father is friend Colin Stone. ”That was kind of a surprise”.

Brothers/sisters: He has a sister of 29 years old, Samantha. She is trying to breakthrough as an actress. “We used to fight a lot, but now we are very close. She visits me very often on the set, very cosy!”

Pets: He had a dog named Maude, but he gave her away because he didn’t have the time to take care of her properly.


First job: throwing clay pigeons!

Breakthrough: He played parts in tv series such as Casualty and the movie Wilde, but his real breakthrough was, of course, Lord of the Rings.

Future: There is plenty of Orlando to enjoy, In October the drama Calcium Kid will play in England. Unfortunately, this film will not make it here in Holland, but in December there is the last part of Lord of the Rings. On the 24th of May the movie Troy will enter the cinema’s.  Troy is a movie about the war of Troy and Orlando plays a bad guy. “I may lie, cheat and steal someone else’s wife, what else can I wish for?” And last but not least, there will be a part two of POTC.

Examples: He used to admire River Phoenix, but mostly superman Christopher Reeve. “There was this girlfriend of mine who only had eyes for him.” These day’s Orlando would love to have a career like Brad Pitt or Johnny Depp. “They don’t care about the beautiful boys image”.


Films: Orlando saw Monty Python and Stand by Me at least 20 times.

Jewels: During the filiming of LOTR Orlando started to collect jewelry. “I also have necklaces from Thailand, bracelets from Morocco and a ring from St. Vincent.

Sculptures: At school I had better marks for my sculptures then for acting class. But I like to use that part of my brain as well”.

Extreme sports: Jumping with parachutes, paragliding, bungeejumping, snowboarding, surfing and biking. Orlando loves being outside and doing something a bit dangerous. “I tried everything in New Zealand, so I don’t want to be a daredevil anymore”.

Music: He takes his cd’s of radiohead and Jamiroquai everywhere with him.

Shopping: He likes to shop. He used to not have that much money to buy a pair of expensive Japanese sneakers. But that’s not a problem anymore. “There was a time I could only look at the stuff in the shops, but now I can by the outfits I really like. Shopping is wonderful, it’s a sort of therapy for me”