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Prince Orlando, Break Out (NED), May 13, 2004
scans by Lenny of bloomania.com, translation by Faye

[This interview is likely fake]

Finally, we can see him larger than life in the cinema again! In Troy Orlando is Prince Paris who steals the beautiful Helen. But there is going to be more of yummy Orli...

You have a nose for cool parts. First an Elf, then a pirate and now a prince!

It was cool to play Paris. He is some kind of anti-hero: a young guy that is madly in love with Helen and steals her, but who doesn't see the consequences of his move. It leads to war, but still, the kidnapping is a romantic deed. Paris is a lover, not a fighter...

Paris is a lover indeed! You had quite some steamy scenes with Helen!

Yep, Diane Kruger, who plays Helen, is a beautiful woman and an amazing actress. But the backgammon-marathons we did between the scenes, I enjoyed even more!

What did you think of acting with Brad Pitt, Eric Bana and Sean Bean?

Super! Especially Brad and Eric were huge to act with, literally! Those guys went into training two months before shooting. They looked like extremely muscled executioners!

You're not very skinny yourself, are you?

No, but they nearly gave me a inferiority complex. When Eric, who plays my brother Hector in the movie, put his muscled arm around my shoulder, I felt so little! That's why I went into the gym with my personal trainer two weeks before shooting.

Now you look tight again...

Fortunately yes. But I have to watch it carefully, because I like candy. Chocolate bars, cookies... I like everything. I used to be quite fat and I got bullied for that at school quite often.

Most likely you don't have to bother with that anymore. And if you do, ask broad Brad and Eric for help?

Good idea, haha! Brad and Eric are cool dudes with whom you can have a good laugh. They kept doing practical jokes with everyone on set. They would take all the furniture out of your hotel room or put bacon in your air conditioner. It would smell for a few days! That's not short.

How's it going with your next movie: Kingdom of Heaven?

Great! In that I play a young peasant in the 12th century that becomes a knight and falls in love with a princess from Jerusalem. The shootings are going on in Morocco.

Hasn't Troy been shot there also?

That's right. but then the set had to be broken up because of the war in Iraq. The area of Kingdom of Heaven is extra protected now, especially after the explosion we had a while ago...

What? Do tell!

When we were shooting a while ago, we suddenly heard a few explosions. Of course everyone thought it was an attack, so we had to be evacuated immediately. Later it was told that it were just some bottles with flamable stuff that exploded due to the heat. No biggie. But it did startle us for a moment.

And then you can start on Pirates of the Caribbean 2!

Yes great, I can't wait! The title is most likely going to be Treasures of the Lost Abyss. This autumn we are going back to the Caribbean to start shooting. Lovely, I could get a paid holiday, haha.

Do watch out for sharks?

Absolutely! I will tell you a funny story. While shooting LOTR in New-Zealand I got addicted to surfing. When Billy Boyd (Pippin) and I where surfing in California, we saw a fin heading for us.

And then?

We thought it was a shark and began to paddle to the beach like idiots. At one point the fin got so close that we could see that it wasn't a shark. It was a seal! A relief, we were terrified...

Just to check a rumor: is it true that you are going to be the new James Bond?

Ehm...there has been a meeting with the Bondmakers, yea. They want a younger 007. They think I have the looks, the charm and the accent. But Jude Law, Colin Farrell, Eric Bana, Heath Ledger, Hugh Jackman and Christian Bale are named too. Well see, but it would be cool. My name is Bloom, Orlando Bloom... Sounds kinda cool doesn't it?