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Battle of the Hunks, Break Out (NED), May 19, 2004
scans by Sandra, translation by Faye

Is Orlando as sexy as he seems? The merciless test


Ever since Orlando (27) appeared on screen as Legolas the elf, we were sold: those eyes, those lips, what a hot shot! He, although, says he is not that bothered. "It's weird that girls see me like that, it makes me a little nervous. I try not to take it that serious and just do my job." Alright, Orli. You do your job and we will drool.


We cannot be blinded by his beauty because insides count too. And that too seems ok: after high school Orli went to the best drama schools that he finished without trouble. Not long after that he got his first role in the blockbuster The Lord of the Rings. And Orlando might be dyslectic, he is certainly not stupid. If he was he would never have manage to learn that tricky Elvish language.

His resume

This hunk hasn't been on that long, but he has already done top movies like the Lord of the Rings trilogy, Pirates of the Caribbean and Troy. The money Orlando earned as a pidgin thrower at the shooting club is a laugh compared to the millions he hauls in now. But money doesn't matter to Orli. "I don't care about the money at all. If I get to kiss a woman in a movie, they wouldn't have to pay me at all." (note: he never said this) Hm, would he do a love scene with on Orc for free too?


Orlando is a real dare-devil. In 1998 it almost got him killed when he tried to climb onto a rooftop of a friends. (Blahdiblah we all know this part, and something about his hobbies, don't feel the need to translate anymore)