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Orlando Bloom Interview, Capital FM (UK) July, 2003

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Elves, bush rangers and now a pirate ÖLord of The Rings star Orlando Bloom tells us about his new film Pirates of The Caribbean.

Tell us first about the film its getting good reviews from the press at least. How did you get involved in the film?
I was actually in Australia finishing a film called Ned Kelly and I was working with Geoffrey Rush and he was going on to do Pirates and he asked me if I'd read it. There was this role, Will tanner and he just thought it would be a good thing to do. He was really excited about this pirate movie he really enjoyed the script and I was coming to London to do a film called the Calcium Kid which is out later in the year. But it all came about but once Iíd read the script on his recommendation, it was an opportunity to get involved.Ē

Youíve been hanging out with Brad and people like that recently, do you have lots of drunken parties shooting or is it all well behaved?
Itís always pretty well behaved I wouldnít say Iíve been hanging out with Brad - I mean weíre working together on Troy but I actually donít get the opportunity to do that much stuff to do with him as our characters donít cross over that much. There was a cast dinner at the start but that was about it. He's a really nice guy.

What do you think you are most looking forward to in forthcoming projects? Calcium Kid is going to be your first main lead role isnít it?
That was a small film I shot here in London - it was an opportunity to be a clown completely different from elf or army boy or bush ranger in Ned Kelly which will be out later in year. It was just something completely different. I needed to do it and a friend of mine was making it as well it was just so much fun and creatively so rewarding as well. It was a small film and the tempo was moving we just kept shooting for 6 weeks. We didnít have a lot of time or money to waste - itís a sweet fun movie you know......its a v fun movie its not like these epic historic movies Iíve been doing. Itís a chance to do something light and fun.

Back to the epics Return of The King coming out at the end of the year - how do you feel about that when its all done and dusted - because I know you guys put a heck of a lot of work into it?
Yeah it was really emotional to come to the end of all that, I was in N Z earlier this year and Pete just shot me out and did everything that I had to do for the third movie. He really liked the sliding down stairs on shield and things like that. He wanted to recreate a third movie which will top all that which I think if it works out - I think it should be really great fun.

I can imagine Pete will be fiddling right up to the very final stages because thatís what he did with first and second film didnít he?
Oh yeah, I can imagine he'll be tweaking til the wee small hours Ė itís such a great opportunity for me such a great opener - I got the job when I left drama school and the experience and opportunity its led to has been unbelievable.

Do you still keep in contact with some of your mates from Kent?
Well yeah, I went to school with my best mate who I see all the time he lives up in London now, so I see him all the time he came to see me in Malta....so yeah.....

Is it kind of weird for you this ĎHollywood set thingí because you are from Kent and youíre very grounded and its all Orlando Bloom is the next whatever.......
Yeah, it does but you take it with a pinch of salt itís very flattering. Iím just grateful for the opportunity to work thatís what I love to do. The rest of it is just hype and what the publicity machine does to open a movie....