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Orlando Interview, Channel 10 News (Australia), April 18, 2005
transcribed by Adwena
Interview/Report with Angela Bishop

Jessica Wroe (Reporter): Orlando Bloom is the leading man of the moment, outdoing even Brad Pitt when it comes to screaming fans and website hits. but now Orlando Bloom is being put to the test, playing the leading man for the first time.

Angela Bishop (Reporting): It's make or break time for Orlando Bloom; about to appear in his first lead role, he'll find out just how far being a heart throb can get him.

Orlando Bloom: In terms of the heart throb thing, my...A really good friend of mine once said to me...he said listen mate, don't worry about it, there'll always be a hot new young - there'll always be the hot new young guy. So when that window passes quite quickly and when you're that person for a little while, then just get on with it.

Angela Bishop (Reporting): To be fair after three years of Classical acting training in London, the 28 year old hardly has to rely on his looks for success, but they can't hurt.

[Clips from Kingdom of Heaven roll - "Every man in arms" "Liam Neeson and Orlando fighting in the forest"]

Angela Bishop (Reporting): His new movie is called Kingdom of Heaven, directed by Ridley Scott, the man who helped take Russell Crowe to Oscar glory in Gladiator. It's set during the Crusades, and for those of us who missed school the day they taught about it, Orlando can explain.

Orlando Bloom: The time it takes place, there had been 100 years of peace in Jerusalem. And it was almost like a spiritual utopia in a sense. And people were able to practice their religious beliefs side by side without any conflict.

[Shots of Kingdom of Heaven set]

Angela Bishop (Reporting): So there might be a lesson or two in it for today. With this movie mostly shot in Morocco, Orlando has officially traveled the world making films.

Angela Bishop (Interviewing): Have you ever thought about coming back to Australia? You have been here before?

Orlando Bloom: Yeah for Ned Kelly. Definitely. Melbourne was wonderful, I loved Australia, it was just beautiful.

[The report ends with Anglea Bishop announcing the opening date for Kingdom of Heaven (May 5) and the trailer rolls.]

**Orlando was wearing a dark blue caftan style top (similar to the white one his is wearing in the welcome message for his Official Website) and jeans. He of course was wearing his signature necklaces.