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I'm a Love Pirate, Chi (Italy), September 24, 2003
translated by Frannie

Interview with Orlando Bloom, the lead, along with co-star Johnny Depp, in the movie The Curse of the First Moon and new sex symbol. Im not a romantic, he says, but Id give up my life for a woman. Im flattered that people like me. But this doesnt bear an influence on my love-life..

He became popular in only two years thanks to the Lord of the Rings saga, and now, after the success of The Curse of the First Moon, where hes a pirate alongside Johnny Depp, Orlando Bloom asserts himself as one of the most interesting actors of Hollywood.

In this interview, the British actor, whos dating Kate Bosworth, actress and surf buff like him, talks about the movie, his love adventures, his sex symbol status and his latest work efforts: The Lord of the Rings: The Return of the King, out at the beginning of next year, and Troy, where he appears alongside Brad Pitt.

How did you prepare for your role in The Curse of the First Moon, as Will Turner, a romantic character who saves his love interest together with Johnny Depp?

I had to learn sword-fighting, and this was the most intimidating element: I knew that the part called for a particular ability. Then I thought of Will and his sense of loyalty, his being a normal guy that starts this difficult adventure with Captain Jack (Johnny Depp), to find the girl of his dreams. During the course of the movie, he evolves, accepts what he is and understands how to win over the girl.

Your character is a romantic hero. Have you ever been so in love with a woman you were ready to die for her?

I feel that way every time I love a person.

In real life, do you think of yourself as a romantic person?

No, not really (laughs), but I like to think I am. I try.

Does the female lead, Keira Knightley, have any of the characteristics you look for in your ideal woman?

Keira is beautiful, talented and intelligent. I should say that for many people she represents the ideal woman.

Can you tell me other characteristics you appreciate in the opposite sex?

Sense of humor and kindness.

Is it true you became an actor in order to kiss beautiful women? If so, who would you like to share onscreen kisses with?

No, I never said that, its just a rumor. I love beautiful women, but Id never accept a job offer merely to be able to kiss them.

Are you single?

I try to keep my private life separate from the rest.

Have you ever had a girls name tattooed on you?

No, Im not the type. I only have an elf tattoo, but its just a lads thing. (my note: presumably hes referring to the Elvish character for the number 9).

Are you daring?

No, even though Id like to be. Sometimes I like to act as if I am, but I have my healthy dose of fear.

What are you afraid of?

Sharks. I surf, and when on the board, I get a bit nervous, like bait bobbing up and down in the water.

Whats the greatest thing you learned from Johnny Depp while doing this movie?

Courage: I think hes a very brave actor. He transforms for every role and isnt frightened of accepting a character. Hes a pleasant person to get along with on set, fascinating, friendly. When you start filming he gets into the part and shows all his acting talent.

A pirates charm is also because of the fact that they break the rules and love danger. Are you an adrenaline junkie?

Once in a while, I do something crazy to challenge fear. While I was New Zealand doing The Lord of the Rings I had fun doing dangerous things, but then I could.

Has something changed since then?

I guess with age comes wisdom. I dont want to die before Im old.

Youve said your childhood dream was to play a pirate. Do you have other dreams?

I think Ive been really lucky with my career opportunities. Ive played wonderful characters: an elf, a bandit (in Ned Kelly), a boxer (in The Calcium Kid) and now a pirate. I feel very fortunate, like Im living out every boys dream.

Youll also be one of the main characters in Troy, another great epic.

Yes, Troy is a great, epic story, a drama. My character, Paris, is an anti-hero, a bit of a coward. A young, foolish man that doesnt realize the consequences of his actions until they come crashing down on him.

How was is it working on Troy with another star, Brad Pitt, who plays Achilles?

Hes a pleasant man. Our characters in the movie dont meet often. Hes a wonderful person, and like Johnny hes made brave choices. Ive been very fortunate to work with them: Ive had the chance to absorb all they had to teach.

How do you cope with fame?

Its been a gradual thing, there wasnt a boom for which, from one day to the next, I could no longer walk down the street. Sure, I get recognized now, but its not a problem: in the end, I love my job.

Do you sometimes stop to think about how your life has changed in such a short time?

Of course, because its something that couldnt be foreseen. But I dont let fame overwhelm me: I take things as they come.

How do you feel about being a sex symbol?

Im flattered, I like it! But I dont feel any different than I was a few years ago. Maybe Im a bit more experienced. I try to keep a sense of reality, and I get this from my work, my family, my friends.

Do you receive much fan-mail?

Yes. I have sack-loads of letters that Im slowly reading through. Im a bit scared of the mail: its wonderful being appreciated, but at the moment its difficult to answer everyone.

Are there any great actors you admire?

I remember seeing The Hustler when I was a kid. My cousin had been in the States an had given it to me: it was extraordinary. I really loved Paul Newmans portrayal.

Are you a hero in real life?

I am for my mom, I think. But apart from that I dont know. Im a gentleman, at least I like to think so: Ive been taught good manners, so I always try to be polite.

What advice did Johnny Depp give you for your career?

He told me not to chase money, keep your feet well on the ground, and remember the reason you started acting. These are things I already knew, but it was reassuring hearing them from him.

Projects for the future?

After Troy wraps Im going back to England to rest. Im not in a hurry to do anything unless the right offer comes along.

How do you relax?

With my friends and family. I often visit my grandparents. When you do exciting things for work, you tend to do normal things in your private life.

Can you tell us something about the third installment of The Lord of the Rings: the Return of the King?

To me the last part of the movie will make or break it. Theres an incredible ending: everything converges, concludes. I think who has seen the first two episodes can expect a similarly valid movie. I hope the director, Peter Jackson, achieves the recognition he deserves.

What are you next objectives?

To work with great directors and realize important projects. Id like to do a movie about the life of a young Reuters photographer, Dan Eldon, lapidated in Somalia in 1993 when he was 22 while he was attempting to document the war: its a story that needs to be told.

What is truly important in your life?

My family, my friends and the people who are close to me. I try to mature as a person and not to linger on foolish things.