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A Samurai Elf, CIAK (Italy), January 2003
translated by Raffy of Dream In Bloom

Conquered by his character, the actor feels very privileged because he had the possibility to participate in the saga.

From total unknown actor to teenager idol: long is the walk of Orlando Bloom, the elf Legolas, wise, radiant and agile even if he is 2931 years old.

How does your character change during The Two Towers?
The Tolkien’ trilogy is a long travel, not only the story but also the characters have their own slow and gradual evolution.

What do you think about Peter Jackson?
He is a great psychologist. We all knew the bad boy of the zombie movies, but he has a particular thinness that he transmits in each word.

Did you have a copy of the LOTR book on the set?
No, there was one we shared, for anyone who had doubt or curiosity. It was consulted like the Bible.

Why is the relationship between Legolas and Gimli so bad?
It's one of the heritages of the cultural differences between the people of Middle Earth. Elves and Dwarves hate each other. Elves, wise and illuminated, think that the Dwarves are arrogant and avid, despite the height, or perhaps really for that: it is a compensation. They take things from Nature and give nothing in return. The elves, instead, live in contact with Nature. But the long travel will affect Legolas and Gimli, and in “The Two Towers” the hate becomes respect.

It seems that there is a rivalry between you and Elijah Wood. All the international teenager magazines use to publish double covers: Legolas or Frodo?
I didn’t realize that. I delegate my mother to watch magazines and the Internet, where she discovered that they named me Orli.

Somebody wrote that you members of the Fellowship decided to get a tattoo all together during a night when you were really drunk. Is that true?
No, that was a serious decision. It makes us feel part of the same group as humans, not as actors. Maybe this is rhetorical but it is true. These are not drunk feelings.

Is it true that last summer you didn’t come back to New Zealand to re-shoot some scenes, because you were in Australia filming The Kelly Gang?
No. Peter told me that he didn’t need me, there was just some “pieces” to re-shoot, and I was always in the background. A double was enough. I was so sorry that I called on him during a weekend. It was like a school reunion.

What did you learn from this experience?
I was lucky: most actors won’t have an experience like this, not only for the quality of the movie, but also as a life experience.

How will this experience influence your career?
It has given me the awareness of a physicality that I have always had but I wasn’t aware of. It was like a fighting movie. I acted with the attention and the concentration of a Japanese samurai: in the first movie I use only the bow, now also the sword.