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Orlando Bloom Interview, Ciak (Italy), January 2004
translated and scanned by Tina

The event: Orlando goes to (Troy) war. Mister Nobody becomes a star. He faintly smiles while he’s playing the handsome Paris. He’s looking for a true kiss.

He is called Orlando Boom, with a mixture of astonishment and respect.

He was unknown and now he is a global idol. The world teenagers’ pastime is clicking on his websites.

-   How is your life today ?

-   It’s amazing, and frantic.

-  What is its biggest surprise?

-   I attended Acing School for three years and I experienced the nightmare of every actor : the difficulty to play a role. Now I have to protect myself from scripts.

-   What is the darkest side of success?

-   The photographers : they are more dangerous than goblins and trolls.

-    Would you like to be regarded as the next Johnny Depp or the next Mortensen?

-   I’m only the old Bloom .

-    What haven't you been able to do on the big screen yet?

-   A good kiss. There was an opportunity in the end of Pirates of the Caribbean, but a very Disney-styled kiss. As if the director had thought: ”We have to stop before making the audience excited“.

-   Who is the best actor of Lord of the Rings?

-   Mortensen and McKellen are marked characters, but the best of the trilogy is that all the characters have their moment, and grow up during the three movies.

-   What’s so special about Legolas ?

-   He is the symbol of the Elves. Blond hair, blue eyes, the pointed ears. He is an Angelic spirit, it’s an example for everybody. And he moves as a Super Hero (in comics). In the Return of the King, Peter Jakson created a scene for me with Mumakill that was worthy of Spiderman .

-   Are you frightened by your teenager fans’ idolatry?

-   I embody a necessity in spite of me. A young actor has always existed as a sort of model or guidance. I have never thought to be an object of desire .

-   Dominic Monaghan (Merry) said you are actually ”a sexy mother f*er  “.

-  I like that, I heartily return it, Merry is the sexiest of the hobbits .

-  Could Peter Jackson be an honorary elf?

-  No, he couldn’t. Peter is a hybrid between a hobbit and a wizard.

-   Now you are playing Paris in “The Trojan War “, haven't you had enough with costumes?

-   Why? It’s fun to wear costumes and it helps to act. It’s cool.

-   What is acting for you?

-   It’s like marching. It isn’t heart surgery. You have enough time to look for the character without dying during the trying.

-   The Lord of the Rings is a much more important play than Orlando Bloom.

-  What do you think of yourself ?

-  The Lord of the Rings is a much more important than a young actor called Orlando Bloom.