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ROTK Interview, Cine Live (France), December 2003
translated by Caro

Cinť Live : While performing your characters,did you find you had something in common with them?

Orlando Bloom : Honestly, I think Iím the opposite of Legolas! He is introverted, doesnít speak much, weighs his gestureÖ Iím the complete opposite. I do speak, move. Playing an Elf means you have toput a lot of your personality on the back burner, hiding your human nature. Elves are perfect beings, supernatural. If you try to put a little bit of yourself in them, you risk making them look too human and as a result, todamage their credibility in the context of the LoTR.

CL : Many actors and technicians of the trilogy compare Peter Jackson with a Hobbit. Do you think the same?

OB : Peter Jackson gave mea passion for the acting profession. Before the LoTR I didnít have much experience. He taught me all. For example, that shooting a movie is a really complex venture. Also, that it brings a lot of pleasure. And moreover it pays well! (laughs)

CL : If you all liked Peter Jackson, is that the case for New Zealand?A country halfway around the world which forced you into a long exileÖ

OB :Well yes, I shed a few tears too when I heard the clapperboard for the last time. Then, I understood†that weíd have to leave New Zealand, to leave this filming on which I have grown, evolved.Just like Elijah, I was very youngwhen I joinedthe LoTR. Thatís whythis human and professionalexperience, as well as New Zealand, have changed us.

CL : Now you met fame with the LoTR, how do you feel?

OB : Paparazziare doing their job, but thatís no reason for me to give in. I have my privacy andI like it. Though I understandpeople read tabloids, I want to keep myself from the exposure they provoke.As for fans, Iím happy to have some, even ifsome of them donít necessarily see that between the actor and the character he plays, thereís a big difference.