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The Elf Unsheathes His Sword, Cine Premiere (Mexico), August 2003
translated by Claudia, scan from Cinthya of Orlijah - Woom

His participation in The Lord of The Rings and Black Hawk Down was enough to have work offers from Hollywood raining all over this young English actor. At age 26, we will soon be able to see him in Ned Kelly and The Calcium Kid. Currently he is filming Troy, another project of gigantic proportions, co-starring with Brad Pitt. But, what is it that Orlando Bloom has got that has captivated the most powerful of the industry?

The most important thing is the cast

What do you watch for when picking a role?
I look for a good script, but I am most interested in the person who is going to direct and who is going to be working in the movie. For example, when I was offered the role of Will Turner and I talked to Jerry Bruckheimer, he commented that Johnny Depp had already signed up as well as Gore Verbinski. I accepted immediately, because they are people I admire for their prior work and I knew I could learn from them.

The Lord of The Rings was a springboard for your career and catapulted you into fame. How do you deal with the fact that you are recognized by people over night?
I haven’t felt it much since, luckily, the characterization of Legolas has nothing to do with my normal physical appearance (blonde wig and blue eyes). Then I could go out on the street and nobody stopped me or turned around to look. Now things have changed and I can’t help feeling intimidated, because I feel as if I am just the same as ever.

In “The Curse of the Black Pearl” there is much reference to the respect of the Pirate’s Code of Honor and it is funny that they mention it, since they spend their time breaking every existing law. Do you consider yourself a person who always follows the rules?
I am very disciplined and I try to follow the rules, but there are some situations in which I break them.

Experience makes the teacher

What did you learn working with Johnny Depp?
I always admired him and working with him was a great experience; he gave me very good advice that will surely be useful in my future.

What kind of advice?
For example, that I don’t go for the money when it come to choose (roles); that I should try to make intelligent choices with unconventional characters and that I should enjoy the process of my work, because they won’t always be successful projects.

What was the most fun part of working as a pirate?
I think that being a good swordsman was a dream I always had as a child; and even if there were a few scratches in the fights against the pirates, I felt fulfilled. I wish to repeat this experience sometime in my future career.