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Lord of the Earrings!, Closer (UK), July 26 - August 1, 2003
typed by Sarah

Pirates of the Caribbean star Orlando Bloom displayed more than just acting talent in his school days...

No doubt the sexy 24-year-old [correction: he's 26] loved all the swashbuckling trinkets used in his latest Disney film.

But the sea of hoop earrings was nothing new for thespian Orlando Bloom, according to his school teacher.

"He liked earrings and friendship bracelets. There were a few battles to try and get him to take them off, because they were against regulations," says Richard Parsons, the rising star's drama teacher at St Edmunds School in Canterbury, Kent.

Luckily, the girlie has done nothing to put off Orlando's female fans - especially since he likes women so much he classes them as his top hobby.

"I enjoy the company of girls and I would like to think that they enjoy mine," cheeky Orlando once wrote in an English essay.

Hordes of screaming women turned up at the London premiere of Pirates to see Orlando, who shot to fame as Elven warrior Legolas in Lord of the Rings.

Sadly for them, he is already rumoured to be romancing American blonde Kate Bosworth, 20, star of surfer flick Blue Crush.

Even at school, Orlando displayed acting talent. And St Edmunds provided excellent practice for his film acting roles.

He once played a singing police sergeant for his final year production of Pirates of Penzance.

But he was so keen that he asked for a role as a pirate extra as well so he would get to spend more time on stage.

"I think that says a lot about Orlando," says a proud Mr. Parsons. "He was happy to play any role, whether minor or lead, just as long as he was on stage. He had talent, enthusiasm and always stood out."

And apparently a little jewelery fetish doesn't hurt either...