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Bloomin' Elf, It's Orlando, Cosmo Girl (UK), January 2004
typed by Laura, scanned by Laura G.

Start worrying about next December! This month is the last time Orlando Bloom, 26, will be galloping across cinema screens in The Lord Of The Rings. Sadly The Return Of The King is the last in the eye popping trilogy (sob!). Not to worry though, he'll be back in the spring playing a boxing milkman in The Calcium Kid and May sees the lust fest that is Troy coming to a cinema near you. Appearing alongside Brad Pitt, Orlando plays Paris, a trojan prince who steals someone else's wife and causes a war. With all this to look forward to, we thought it best to pin him down now, before he jets off to film Pirates Of The Caribbean 2 and let him answer a few of your (yes, your!) questions.

There have been rumours about you and Kate Bosworth, the blonde star of surf movie Blue Crush.Do you think you've found Ms. Right?
Sam, 15, Chester

I don't like to talk about my private life. I will say that it is difficult to keep a relationship going when you're not in the same country as the person you are seeing. I don't have a particular type of girl that I go for. I like blondes and brunettes, but I have blonde girlfriends.

When you're with a girl, are you romantic?
Sophie, 15, Middlesborough

Well, the most romantic thing I've done was send a girl an airline ticket from Ireland to London so she could visit me.

If I was hanging with you in your spare time, what would we be doing?
Hannah, 16, Newcastle-upon-Tyne

I like being outdoors because I'm an adventurer. I haven't done so much adventuring recently because of work, but I got up to tons of stuff in New Zealand making The Lord Of The Rings, but I didn't get to do much in Australia because it was winter. I also love snowboarding. I try to get a snowboarding trip in every year, so we could do that!

It's freezing cold here at the moment. Are you more of a winter or summer person?
Jade, 16, Surrey

I'd say more of a summer person. Summer's easier isn't it? Long days are definately a bonus. I can't cope with short, cold days. In England it gets dark early, so I prefer summer. I'll be heading back to the Caribbean to film with Johnny Depp soon, which is cool. I have no complaints about working in the Caribbean! On the first film they took me out there early and I didn't start shooting my scenes for a while, so I felt like I was on holiday. The weather there is so beautiful but everything takes longer to do because the people there are on 'island time'.

How do you prepare for each new role?
Karly, 15, Bristol

I have to do plenty of research. For example, I wasn't well informed about the history of Ned Kelly before I signed up to do the film. In preparation for the role, I read all the books to get my head into the character. I enjoyed reading about the history of the Kelly gang. There are so many ideas about who the gang really were and whether they were heroes or villains so I took what I thought I needed in order to create the character. There was something eerie about filming it, because we were shooting in locations they had actually been in.

Have you lost touch with your old mates now you're a star?
Lyndsey, 15, London

It's been an adjustment for my mates at home because the more publicity you do and the more your face is in magazines or on TV the harder it gets. When your friends read about you more than they get to see you, then you keep having to reassure people you aren't changing. I've made some great friends filming Ned Kelly like Joel Edgerton. I see Heath Ledger a bit in LA too, so that's great. I'm completely computer illiterate and haven't sent an e-mail in my entire life so I can't keep in touch that was but I do keep up with my friends.

Your family is from Canterbury in Kent. Do you miss England when you're away filming for so long?
Tracey, 16, Cardiff

London is now my home and always will be. I may travel away but I'll always come back. I loved being in New Zealand for The Lord Of The Rings and Australia for Ned Kelly. There is a nice pace of life over there, not too slow, not too fast, and the people are friendly. I've been to loads of great places, but home is always best.

Are you planning any more tattoos; perhaps a skull and crossbones for Pirates Of The Carribean 2?
Kirsty, 17, Dorset

I've already got two tattoos: a sun below my belly button and the elvish symbol for the number nine on my right arm, which most of the cast of The Lord Of The Rings got. I've been thinking about another one, but I'm quite specific about what I want to ink myself with because they're with you forever.