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Orlando Bloom, CosmoGirl (The Netherlands), May 2004
translated by Jorien, scans by Sandra

Strange but nice

Princes, elves, pirates. Orlando Bloom (26) hasnít actually ever acted as a normal guy. How Ďcrazyí is Orlando really?

Orlando Bloom is going fast. At the age of 22, two days before graduating from drama school, he was chosen to play the role of Legolas in Lord Of The Rings. After that Black Hawk Down followed with Ewan McGregor and Pirates of the Caribbean with Johnny Depp. In his newest movie Troy (which hits theaters on May 13) Orlando plays a Trojan prince, who steals the wife of Brad Pitt (not correct) and causes a war. Meanwhile heís just as big of a movie star as his famous colleagues. He has even been so busy that heís going to take a break. So itís about time we had a good conversation with the sexy superstar!

Unknown guy all of a sudden becomes a famous actor. Whatís that like?

ďBecause I wore a blonde wig in LOTR, I didnít get recognised on the streets. Thatís just happening since POTC. Meanwhile some things have changed, and sometimes I find it difficult to keep my head cool. Fortunately I have many friends and family, who help me to keep me with both of my legs on the ground.Ē

Are you still friends with your old friends?

ďMy friends really had to get used to the change. They read more about me then they actually saw me. I really have to do my best to prove to them I havenít changed. But Iíve also made new friends. For example Joe Edgerton and Heath Ledger, who I got to know while shooting Ned Kelly. The disadvantage is that Iím completely computer illiterate: I havenít ever sent an e-mail in my whole life, so in that way I canít keep in touch with the people at home. But I try to stay friends with everybody.Ē

There will probably be many girls after you too?

ďI heard thereís a lot of Ďtalkingí about me on the internet, yeah. I only notice it when I go to a premiŤre or somewhere where people expect me to be. Than it can be pretty heated. Sometimes that can be frightening, but itís not like people are chasing me screaming or something. Nobodypanics when I walk down the street in London. Well, of course I havenít been there in a while. Iím lucky, I guess. Itís not like Brad Pitt, who needs a bodyguard to keep the fans away from him. People actually try to grab him on the streets, and they become totally crazy when they see him. I didnít know what was happening to me when we were together on Malta shooting Troy. I mostly get fan mail, fortunately from very nice people. I havenít met a scary murderer with an axe yet! Most people just want to wish me good luck.Ē

Now that youíre a famous star, you of course are more into your looks.

Laughing: ďNot really. I mean: Iím not really aware of how I look. Though, I do like to wear pretty clothes. My sister used to dress me, because I didnít look cool and she did. She went to second-hand stores to buy me hip, cheap clothes. She had a really good taste; I always got a lot compliments. I still like to go shopping with her.Ē

Are you planning on getting more tattoos?

ďI already have two: a sun under my bellybutton, and the elf symbol for the character 9 Ė from Lord of the Rings- on my right arm. I got the last one with the rest of the cast. I thought about getting another tattoo, but Iím pretty specific in what I want. After all itís on my body for the rest of my life.Ē

What kind of boy did you use to be?

ďI was a little crazy, I think. Not crazy as in Ďmadí, but I was always the first one to jump over a wall or to dive into a lake. I didnít really think about the consequences. But I was pretty normal for the rest. I loved sports and being outside. Iím dyslectic, so school was rather difficult for me. But in the end I got all my diplomaís. I just had to work a little harder for it.Ē

What does a Ďcrazyí person like Orlando Bloom do for an adrenaline kick?

ďWhen I was in New Zealand shooting Lord of the Rings, I did a lot of skydiving. Thatís really easy over there. You just drive for half an hour and then you can just jump out of an airplane somewhere. But itís not like Iím looking for the highest building here in New York to jump off. I did a lot of surfing while I was in Mexico, when we were there shooting Troy. Iím not really good at it, but I enjoy it very much. I love the sensational feeling that you get from it. I love the waves and the ocean. In the winter I always try to plan a snowboard vacation.Ē

Did you also go out a lot while you were in Mexico?

ďNo, Iím not such an party animal anymore. Iíve had my portion. I lost my wild hairs pretty young, because I moved to London when I was sixteen to study there. I went out a lot, but I also followed the classes at school.Ē

There are rumours youíre dating actress Kate Bosworth, the blonde star from Blue Crush. Tell us: is she your Mrs. Right?

ďIíd rather not talk about my private life. You have to keep something for yourself, that's my opinion. Else itíll go wrong. I have a lot of love in my life, and Iím very happy. The only thing I want to say about it, is that itís hard to have a relationship when you both live in a different country. And I donít like just one type of girl: I like blondes and brunettes. Though Iíve had more blonde girlfriends.Ē

Have you ever been in love with a celebrity?

ďYes! I was in love with Linda Evans from Dynasty. As a kid I always watched that show. My aunt produces commercials in New York, and she once did a commercial with her. I remember very well that I got a picture with an autograph from Linda.Ē

Are you romantic when you have a girlfriend?

ďThe most romantic thing I ever did for a girl, was sending her an airplane ticket from Ireland to London. So she could come and visit me.Ē

What are you going to do now that youíre done shooting Troy?

ďIím going to take a break to arrange my new house in London. Iíve been to many places, but home Ė with friends and family- is the best place to be.Ē

 Orlando Bloom quiz.

Which one of the three Orlando?

His looks in each role are a bit strange but nice though! Which film character of Orlando Bloom makes your heart beat faster? Take the quiz!

Green: Definitely!

Red: I donít think so!

From left to right:

1. - One look says more than a thousand words


- You wrote a poem for me? Thatís so romantic!

- I like a guy with passion.


- I also hate going sunbathing. Are you in the mood to kiss? Wow, your ears are funny!

- I would like to admire you during a contest shooting arrows with your bow.

- He borrowed my knee-high boots again!

- I like an exciting game.

- Oh, those guys from Westlife sound so sexy when theyíre talking.

- Are you prepared to fight for me? What passion!


- Hey, hottie, can I borrow your hairstyler?

- Tilling metals is such a cool hobby.

- Yay, a secret admirer!

- Youíre so handsome; I keep forgiving you.