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Lord Of The Ring, Dare (UK), May 2004
typed and scanned by Rianna

Orlando plays a buff boxer in The Calcium Kid, and here are six ways to make this knockout yours! (The picture caption of Jimmy running says: 'We were out for the count when we saw Orlando in The Calcium Kid')

1 Get Sporty!
It's not just those brooding eyes, that wonky smile and those soft brown curls that make Orli gorgeous. He's a total adrenaline junkie, too. "I love bungee jumping, skydiving, paragliding and snowboarding," he tells us. So get yourself out on those slopes and melt his heart!

2 Be honest
Orlando's a real perfectionist and takes advice from fellow thesps and new mates Brad Pitt and Johnny Depp! "Those guys told me to listen to my heart;' he says of his film roles. So be true to yourself and Orlando will respect you.

3 Overcome hurdles
Orli admits to having a tough time at school, and dropped out at 16 to study acting. "As a kid I was dyslexic so I always struggled in school," he says. But that didn't stop the smart lad going on to get eight GCSEs and three A-Levels. Proof that if you believe in yourself, you're already a winner.

4 Be supportive
If you wanna know what a lad wants in a girl, just check out what he likes about his mum! "I owe so much to Mum for her support and encouragement," says Orli. And a lad who's open to his emotions and loves his family is always a great catch. OK, girls! Please form an orderly queue...

5 Be modest
There's nothing worse than a big-headed guy, but Orli's not one of 'em. "its weird being on those 'sexiest people' polls," he reckons. So any girl who doesn't take herself too seriously's gonna win him over. Easy!

6 Be yourself
Unlike some celebs (J.Lo, take note!), he hasn't let fame faze him. "I'm not different in public or private. I'm the same old me but I'm just doing new things!"

So the best way to make Orlando yours? Just be yourself!

Fact File

Name Orlando Bloom
Born Canterbury, Kent,
Star Sign Capricorn
Nicknames Orli, O.B.
Siblings A sisiter, Samantha
Hobbies Painting, sculpting, snowboarding, surfing, bungee jumping and skydiving
Loves Dogs and the colour yellow
Hates Sharks and computers (apparently Orli's never sent an email!)
Bad Habits Biting his nails