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Orli Opened Lucks Door, Demi (Finland), December 2003
translation and scan by Auroora

The Lord of the Rings - movie trilogy ends, but Orlando Bloom, 26, own legend of success is just about to begin. In Demi's interview, Orli tells why it's nice to be a blond and what mystic happened during the last day of filming the Return of the King.

Orlando Bloom steps into Manhattans finest hotel suite curls fluttering. The tall and slender actor is dressed in a dark blue track suit-type jacket and loose trousers. Big silver rings and the number nine in elvish which is tattooed to his wrist, flash when he wipes his locks from his eyes. This is the first interview for the day and Orli is in a good mood.

-It was wonderful to come to New York and see all the buddies again. We don't meet often enough because we live in different parts of the world. We can go and feast together after the interviews, Orli rejoices.

Orlando has just seen 20 a minute preview of the Return of the King. He is assured that the final part is the best of the Lord of the Rings movies.

-Two first parts have been preparation for the Return of the King. As the story is coming to the end, every character becomes more sensitive and stretches out. Under pressure individuals become more important. In the Fellowship of the Ring the characters were created, in the Two Towers the story was developed and the final part will return to who the characters really are and where they come from. The audience perceives what they have risked when they went to war, Orli describes.

Bring in the Oliphants

Like the rest of the cast, also Orli returned to New Zealand to do reshooting for the Return of the King. Peter Jackson had planned a special scene for Legolas.

-Pete said he loved the scene in the Fellowship of the Ring where I shoot the cave troll, and in Return of the King (they must have a mistake here! -A) scene where I use a shield as a skateboard and slide down a rail. He wanted to make Legolas do something similar in the Return of the King. We shot a scene where I shoot an Oliphant, Orlando reveals.

Orli tells that the ending of the filming was great but at the same time sad. There was magic in the last day of filming.

We were filming the last scenes last shot when my bow unexpectedly broke. The same bow had served me during eighteen months of shooting and been through hard fighting. In a way it gave up when its time was over. Quite symbolic ending for the filming, Orlando deliberates.

Like the other actors, Orlando got part of his characters costume for himself.

-There were two bows, and Pete gave me the undamaged vice-bow, when filming ended. I got a huge chest in the post but I have not yet had time to open it. I believe there is more Lord of the Rings stuff in it. Usually actors don't get anything with them, but this time we had a special relationship for the things we used in filming.

According to Orlando, Legolas' costume, especially the light leather boots and the blond wig helped him to enter into the character of the nimble Elf. Blond wig was helpful in anther way too for the dark actor.

-I'm glad I was a blond because of that I wasn't recognized in civilian clothes as easily as the hobbits for example. People have started to notice me only after the Curse of the Black Pearl.

Viggo, Johnny, Brad...

With the Pirates movies Orli's face became finally familiar to the big public. During his short movie career the young actor has got himself in a tough company: workmates have been Johnny Depp, Viggo Mortensen and in Troy that's completed next year Brad Pitt. Biggest impact for the young actor was Viggo, who Orlando calls his mentor.

-He has affected so much my life and the way I act. Legolas' role was my first big movie role and I did most of the shooting with Viggo. He shaped much of my acting. In the last filming Viggo wasn't there but when working the scenes I thought often about the conversations I had with him.

Also Johnny and Brad get incense from the young actor.

-Johnny is an absurd role actor, he can plunge into his role easily. Brad Pitt -well, he's an icon. Brad is very self-confident and brings humanity to every role of his. It is a great opportunity to get to work with number one actors of our time and I'm keen on learning from them. I hope I have learned something from each of them and can transfer the skills forward.

Orlando has got right into the big movies in his career as a movie actor. In his curriculum vitae there are roles in such movies as Black Hawk Down, The Lord of the Rings and the Curse of the Black Pearl. But the actor doesn't evade small movies.

-I want to do different kind of things. I've grown as an actor and as a man and I strive to work according to what stage I'm at each time. It has to be fun but I can also take risks in my career.

Idol of girls, me?

Whatever Orlando does next, he will surely rise to the same cast of hot men actors where the veterans he admires are. Humbly he however asserts that he knows nothing about being famous.

-You don't perceive it just like that. When promoting the Curse of the Black Pearl, I comprehended that the bustle won't perhaps end so soon. I've opened many doors and not all of them can be closed again. Fame is one of them. On the other hand, if I wouldn't make a movie for a couple of years, people would probably forget me. That too would be ok for me.

Orli is afraid that fame will distort the image people have of him.

-Fame makes me nervous because I can't always know what people think of me. The audience makes an image of me according to the roles I play and they want to hold on to that image. They take the character and create a relationship to it. I understand them because I have watched movies myself and done the same thing. In my innermost heart I don't feel myself different than three years ago.

When I ask Orli how it feels to be number one idol for girls, the guy seems to be alsmot annoyed.

-It's difficult to answer this...(thinks for a long time). The fame is flattering, but I don't think about it often. It gives me freedom to choose my roles and I'm grateful to my fans. People who watch my movies and like my work, show me my place. I appreciate that.

Orli will be seen in two new movies next year, and also a Pirates of the Caribbean sequel will be filmed. What is the actors dream role?

-I would like to make a movie about Dan Elton, a young photographer, who died during a work task in Somalia ten years ago. We are still looking for a sponsor for the project.

No more accidents

Orli loves dangerous sports, such as mountain climbing and both surfing and snowboarding. Balance of injuries tells about reckless life: Orli has broken his skull, both legs, his nose, arms, wrists, fingers and several ribs. The worst accident happened a couple of years ago when Orlando fell from a porch and had a terrible back injury.

-I was afraid I could never walk again and from that there is not a very long way to death. It was a warning bell and I'm very grateful of it in many ways. The accident changed my attitude to life.

Nowadays Orlando says he is more careful even when filming. 

-I don't do anything that would risk my life or my back. I'm not stupid even if I look like it! Orli jokes.

For the past months Orli has lived in Los Angeles but the love of home of this brit boy is strong.

-I just bought a house from England. It feels good to be back in my home country after a long time not being there, although I was a bit nervous of home-coming. I still have magnificent friends and my family there, Orlando says.

When the interview is over, Orlando leaves the hotel and goes out to the Manhattans throng. Only the tip of the actors nose is seen: he is disguised in a woolen hat, the same kind of sun-glasses the pilots wear and a giant scarf. Natural lumination isn't however that easy to hide. Glances follow the handsome one.

What happens after the legend?
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There is also loads of other LotR things in the magazine. In Demi.fi you can participate to a LotR competition. You can win a packet that includes The Return of the King playstation 2 game, the soundtrack, The Return of the King shirt, instruction book of the Return of the King and the Special Extended DVD Edition of the Two Towers. They give away there packages.

Then there is an interview with Elijah Wood. He says some things about Orlando. For example the surfing thing (that they all went surfing together).

Every year Demi has an annual voting for best actors, artists and athletes. The Return of the King is nominated for the best movie, Orlando is nominated for the best male actor. They have also a new voting section: What's best in Middle-earth! :-) Legolas is of course one of the nominees.