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A Guy Named Orlando from chilinet.dk (Denmark), April 1, 2003
translated by Nadia

The part of Legolas in the ”Lord Of The Rings”-trilogy has already given Orlando Bloom a few contacts in Hollywood. This year he’s got four movies lined up and 2004 looks promising already.

No time to relax for Orlando Bloom. Now that the companies have got their eyes on the 26-year-old Brit, the offers are rolling in and Orlando has apparently said yes to as many as he could squeeze into his calendar. The first movie of the year has already opened. The movie’s called “Ned Kelly” and is about a bunch of rangers (with Bloom and Heath Ledger in the leading roles) in Australia, that robs a bank and keeps an entire town hostage for three days.

The next movie – which has a slightly better chance of hitting the theatres here at home – is “Pirates Of The Caribbean – Curse Of The Black Pearl”, which is about, well, pirates. Orlando kicks ass along with Johnny Depp as the partners in crime, who’re supposed to stop a band of blood thirsty pirates from killing the damsel in distress and run off with the treasure. Old school pirate movie.

And with a little luck we’ll get to see the comedy “Calcium Kid” before Christmas. Bloom is the milk man Jimmy, who boxes in his spare time. A number of obscene events leads to the fact that Jimmy is boxing against the world champion. At the moment there’s only a confirmed UK opening at the start of October.

But the movie we’re all looking the most forward to, is the third part of the “Lord Of The Rings” –trilogy. The last movie in the series is called “Return Of the King” and is, of course, about the final battle with Sauron. In case you have been living under a rock for the past two years, the opening’s on December 17th.

But especially the girls can already now begin to look forward to the summer of 2004, where the movie “Troy” will open. Why should you be looking forward to this? Because the leading roles have been taken by Orlando Bloom and some guy called Brad Pitt. Don’t think he’s that famous yet, but it will probably come.