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Orlando Bloom as Joe Byrne, Empire (Australia), April 2003
by Richard Luck
typed by The OB Files, scan from Julie

The Lord Of The Rings star swaps the Land of the Long White Cloud for rural Victoria.

England's Orlando Bloom has spent so much time in the Antipodes, it's a wonder he hasn't taken out citizenship. "I love it in Australia and New Zealand," laughs the lad who is Legolas. "And, despite being a Pom (slang for Englishman), I never get too rough a time from the crews!"

Bloom, who was cast before he was awarded his breakthrough role in the Rings trilogy, became so interested in Byrne that he toyed with buying one of the few surviving pictures of the bush-ranger. "It was a shot of him being strung up." he recalls. "I had all but bought it when I had the most dreadful night's sleep I've ever had. The next day, I decided that I didn't need a picture of a dead man in my life."

One dead man who has done Bloom a few favors is J.R.R. Tolkien. Speaking of whom, is there a chance that The Return of the King is going to be any good? "What do you think?" Bloom laughs. That would be a rhetorical question, then.