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Troy and RoTK Status Reports, Empire (UK), July 2003
Typed by Sarah

The Lord of the Rings: The Return of the King
Status: Post-Production            Release: December 17

OD'd on The Matrix? Then allow Dominic Monaghan - fearless hobbit Merry Brandybuck - to get your Return of the King juices pumping. Speaking to Pipeline before he flies back to New Zealand to "shoot some pick-ups and have a cry", he told us that - Shock! Horror! - ROTK is shaping up nicely. "I saw a cut and it was like being dipped in electricity.... It's an incredible piece of work. If everyone thinks Pete [Jackson] has peaked with The Two Towers, they haven't seen his full power yet. I sincerely believe that Return of the King is gonna be one of the best films you'll ever see"

Troy -  Status: Filming      Release:May 21 2004

The old stories are the best, so they say. Well action Helmer Wolfgang Petersen obviously thinks so. He's gone back 3,000 years to ancient screenplay consultant Homer (not Bart's Dad) for the source material of next summers $180 million historical epic, Troy. "Everyone gets how special the project is, so there's an energy and appreciation I've never felt before," co-star Eric Bana (Hector) tells Pipeline. "It's probably the best script I've ever read. And I get that feeling from everyone else too." Given that "everyone else" includes Brad Pitt, Orlando Bloom and Peter O'Toole, he may be onto something.