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Troy Empire (UK), March 2003
typed by Cara

ETA May 21
Starring Brad Pitt, Eric Bana, Orlando Bloom, Sean Bean, Diane Kruger
Director Wolfgang Petersen

Austin Texas, June 2003, Comingsoon is chatting to Ain't It Cool News guru Harry knowles. But our focus is on the script in Knowles' lap - Troy, by David Benikoff. Based on The Illiad by Homer, it's the epic tale of the siege of Troy (wooden horse and all) and how legendary warriors Achilles (Pitt), Paris (Bloom), and Hector (Bana) locked heads and swords in the name of love. "It's a great script. And there are a couple of nude scenes in there for Brad and Orlando," Knowles giggles. And they could be the reason why Troy could be the hottst ticket in town this summer- it's got something for everyone. As our main picture shows, it's sort of old-fashioned, chequebook-draining spectacle that they apparently don't make anymore: a little something for the fellas (Diane Kruger as Helen of, erm, Troy); a lot of something for the laydeez; bloody action scenes for the gorehounds (Pitt has called Achilles "the angriest character in literature"); a ready-made, unf*-able classic of a story for the history buffs; a great director, cracking script and godlike cast including the unstoppable bloom of Orlando. "Paris is like the anti-hero," says Bloom. "He's the young guy who's madly in love with Helen and he doesn't really realise the consequences. He's a lover not a fighter."