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Epic Tale of Success, Northampton News (UK), December 14, 2002

An interview with Lord of the Rings star Orlando Bloom
This time last year actor Orlando Bloom was just happy to be part of an A-list cast in one of the most successful films of all time.
One year on, the blue-eyed star is himself now firmly in the A-list.
Thanks to his role as Legolas in the Lord of the Rings trilogy, Bloom has emerged as one of the biggest stars of the epic movie, and the bashful 25-year-old can’t believe his luck.
“It’s been incredible,” he said, grinning. “I only graduated from drama school three years ago and I just walked into this job. It’s been probably one of the most exciting experiences of my life.”
The Kent-born star is in big demand in Hollywood. He not only scooped the award for Best Breakthrough Star at the MTV movie awards, but is also lined-up to appear alongside Johnny Depp in a new swashbuckler The Pirates of the Caribbean.
It is not just the film world clamouring for Bloom either. The handsome star is also in big demand with the opposite sex.
But although he’s been linked to Hollywood beauties such as Christina Ricci, happily for his many female fans he’s currently single.
“There’s no one in my life at the moment,” he says. “I’m too busy for a relationship.”
It will be a lucky girl who does end up with the talented star as he admits he’s a big romantic.
“I once flew to Dubai just to hang out with a girl,” he said sheepishly. “Another time I had a crush on this girl and sent her an airline ticket from Ireland to London so she could come and visit me.”
It looks like romance will have to wait though, as Bloom is busier than ever, thanks to the eagerly awaited Lord of the Rings sequel The Two Towers, which opens next week.
Legolas, the elf archer, is back, this time trying to save the lives of lost hobbits Frodo (Elijah Wood) and Sam (Sean Astin), who became separated from the rest of the fellowship at the end of the last film.
Most of the major characters from the original movie are back, but for Bloom the best part of this latest outing is the dynamic battle scenes.
“I become Action Elf,” he said. “With the first film we had all these characters to introduce and a really complicated story to explain, which meant there was a lot of the film which didn’t have much action, but now we’ve done that, this one is going to be fantastic and the third one is going to be this great finale.”
Not only was Bloom a dab hand with a bow and arrow, he also became an expert horse rider.
“I’ve always loved riding, as a kid growing up in Canterbury I used to hack round the countryside,” he said. “I picked it up again for the film.”
The hardy star says the action-packed shoot in New Zealand has left him with a permanent taste for adventure.
"I used the spare time on location to learn surfing, sky-diving and white-water rafting, and I did my first bungee jump there.”
Although Legolas is constantly in the thick of the action Bloom wanted to make him more than just an action hero.
“I just wanted him to be a centred and focused kind of being,” he said. “Not only are the elves kind of immortal, they are capable of turning their hand to anything, so I wanted to portray that.”
The star may have moved on from Legolas, completing two further films, The Kelly Gang and Brit-flick The Calcium Kid, but said he couldn’t forget the fellowship he shared with his Lord of the Rings co-stars. “I miss them all the time,” he said. “It isn’t one of those things which is just an on-set friendship which ends when you stop working together. This is something else. I mean, all of us got a tattoo together. I wouldn’t do that for every film.”