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Orlando Bloom: Lord of the Hunks, Fancy (The Netherlands) #15, December, 2002
typed by Lenny of Bloomania, scan from Naomi

Write down in your agenda: in December is the premier of part two of Lord of the Rings. Of course with Elijah “beautiful eyes” Wood. However, Orlando “everything is beautiful” Bloom has our special attention, playing the role of Elf Legolas Greenleaf. With a little imagination you will forget the big pointy ears…

Walking scar

Seeing the movie you don’t suspect Orlando to be an adrenaline junkie (his own words), with a lot of scars. Orlando: ” I love to do action sports and to do crazy things. And sometimes things go wrong. In twenty five years I’ve broken several ribs, my nose, both arms, three fingers en several different toes”. His last incident was the worst: three years ago Orlando was in the hospital with a broken back. “That was a very stupid accident! I was visiting a friend, leaned a little too far out of the window and fell three stories down. I woke up in the hospital with a broken back. According the doctors I was lucky that I didn’t break my neck. I was terrified that I could never walk again and spend my life in a wheelchair.” After a heavy surgery, repairing his back, things went better with this daredevil. Twelve days after the accident Orlando walked out of the hospital, on his own.

On with the auditions for Lord of the Rings. Orlando (enthusiastic):” I was so excited when I found out that the shootings were in New Zealand. There you find the highest tower for bungee jumping”. Orlando climbed up that tower for six times and did the bungee jumps.

Stuck on the pillow

Orlando considers his period in New Zealand as a golden time. “I did some great fighting scenes, you will see those in part two and three. Legolas fights with his bow and arrow, it takes some time to get used to. The first months my arrows flew in all different directions, but three months later I could shoot perfectly, even riding on a horse!”. Orlando lived in New Zealand for a year and a half.

“Being in the cast, you depend on each other. We are very close now, I’ve made friends for life in New Zealand.” To remember this special time, all nine actors got themselves tattooed with the same tattoo. The elvish symbol for nine, nine members of the Fellowship. Orlando has his on his wrist. “I will always be connected with these films and the friends I’ve made.

For Legolas, a 2,931 year old Elf, Orlando had to go through a total change of looks.  He had to wear blue contact lenses and a long blond wig. He had to shave a part of his hair, to change the shape of his forehead.  It took the make-up artist two hours to put on his big pointy ears. “A lot of times I had pain in my neck, because the ears were very heavy. Once I had a break for four hours, in the middle of the night. I went to sleep with my ears on and when I woke up, those ears were stuck on my pillow. My former girlfriend took many pictures while I was struggling to get loose…”

No girlfriend

His girlfriend is history and there is no new girlfriend yet. “Orlando:“The only relationship I have is with my work”. It’s very difficult for a future girlfriend to compete with that because Orlando loves his work. “When I was eight years old I already knew that I wanted to be an actor. Exactly two days before graduating at the Drama School in London I was cast for Lord of the Rings. How lucky can someone be?”

Was born on 13 January 1977
Has a three year older sister Samantha
Lost his father when he was four years old
Had a sun tatooed on his belly when he was fiftteen years old
Loves his dog Maude
Collects antiques
Is a vegetarian
Is called Orli or OB by his friends
Speaks fluent French
Hates computers
Calls himself crazy about women: “I’m already satisfied if I can kiss a beautiful girl in a film, they don’t have to pay me for that”