Official Fan Mail Message #6 11/28/05
There is a new fan mail address to write to Orlando and to request an autographs. It is:
Orlando Bloom
c/o Spanky Taylor
3727 W. Magnolia Blvd.
Burbank, CA 91505
If you would like a signed picture, please send a self-addressed stamped envelope including US postage or IRCs if you live outside the US. If you sent a letter to the London ICM address, it will be forwarded.

Official Fan Mail Message #5 9/5/05
There have been some changes to the fan mail directions. Reply coupons are still welcome and encouraged if you are requesting an autograph. You need three coupons no matter where you live, unless you live in the UK, in which case you can just include a UK stamp. If you can't find reply coupons, then that's OK, you will still get an autograph. Do not send cash, checks, or money orders.

Official Fan Mail Message #4 4/23/05
As you all may know by now, Orlando is greatly appreciative of your support and letters - and knows he is lucky to have the best fans in the world (or is it universe these days!). As you may know, he is so often filming in remote places in the world and is do greatly in demand that he has very little time to sit and deal with the fan mail, which is why he wants it done by a very reliable fan team. However, he is plans to show his appreciation to fans by insisting to the organisers of Kingdom of Heaven - that he gets to the Empire, Leicester Square for the Premiere - on Monday 2nd May Bank Holiday evening - one hour early so he can sign as many photos as possible.

You may know by now that there is a new biography come out about him (he doesn't know about it!) called Orlando Bloom by Robert Steele published by Plexus, London (it has his face on the cover) and should be available in book shops which may be nice for fans to have with a signature on it...Whatever - but this is a good opportunity to get the REAL THING and he will be delighted to see you all!! Be there at least at 6pm - remembering the early birds catch the worms!!

While we are 'talking' to you, there is now a new set of Fan cards in colour with his biog. details at the back available to those fans who send an appropriate addressed envelope ( minimum size 22x 11 centimeters or 8.5 x 4.5 inches) and don't forget the FULL address including writing the name of your country!!) plus five reply coupons or a $5 bill to cover postage costs. For us, the fan team, its hard to contemplate how many disappointed OB fans there are out there who don't receive an answer to your letters - but we simply cannot manage to reply to those, however lovely the letter, unless each letter requesting an answer also provides help for the stamps to reply and an envelope. Hope you understand and also hope you understand that when Orlando is in the Caribbean filming Pirates 2 and 3, or in the Moroccan desert filming the marvelous Kingdom of Heaven (out now) or in remote part of the States for Elizabethtown (out September) he simply cannot sign your letters and photographs. We do our best and we also promise you - a selection of letters is always sent to him so he knows how terrific you all are. Please read and carefully digest the information....Hope to see you all at the Kingdom of Heaven and Elizabethtown - both which promise to be fantastic films!

Please try to understand - it is a terrible shame that we have to re- cycle, unanswered, loads and loads of letters because they do not contain the means to reply - please help us to help you!! 

from Guy, Fan Manager and his devoted team of OB teamsters!

Official Fan Mail Message #3 3/7/04
Note to Fans:
Orlando much appreciates the enormous encouragement and loyalty of his fans and is grateful for their support of his films, but his appointed Fan Team have to point out that due to huge volume of mail, no reply can be guaranteed. However, a specially printed photograph & autographed card, can be sent to a majority of fans who, with their letters of request, enclose the following:

i) a clearly addressed long envelope (minimum 22cm x 11cm) including full address with country code and country;
ii) Put appropriate UK stamps on the envelope if from UK,
iii) If from Europe, enclose two official Reply Coupons and an addressed envelope (22cmx11cm)
iv) enclose 3 official Reply Coupons if from outside Europe plus addressed envelope
v) Reply of Photographs sent cannot be guaranteed but can only have autographed stamp on them.
vi) No authentic autographs can be supplied by the Fan Team
vii) The Fan Team cannot guarantee to get any letters or gifts directly to Orlando
viii) Fans who receive answers must please promise not to write again, otherwise other fans will be prevented from receiving replies. Thank you.
ix) Limited number of charity requests considered, but not guaranteed

NB A hardworking Fan Team do their best for fans with a huge volume of mail. Fans must note that only a small proportion of the fan mail goes to OB for his consideration and appreciation. As he works extremely hard making films for fans to enjoy, he has very little spare time, as no doubt fans appreciate.

Official Fan Mail Message #2 7/25/03
from Lori

A message from Orlando Bloom's Fan Mail Team:

Orlando would like to convey that he is very appreciative of the support shown for his work as an actor and the films coming out shown by his fans in his fan mail. Due to an increase in volume ( approx 600 letters/week), he is unable to read every letter himself. However, he does receive regular reports regarding the mail and is genuinely touched.

When writing, please endeavour to follow these guidelines:

All correspondence should be sent to:
Orlando Bloom
Oxford House,
76 Oxford Street, London

Send a Self-Addressed Envelope, Minimum size 22cm x 11 cm (8.5 x 4 inches), properly addressed, INCLUDING COUNTRY.

Include Postage:
**THREE OFFICIAL INTERNATIONAL REPLY coupons (purchased at a Post Office) for those living outside the UK (What's a reply coupon?)
**TWO official International reply coupons for those living in Europe
**and for those in the UK, a stamped addressed envelope of the correct size.
Using postage from your own country does NOT work. The Reply Coupons are used to purchase English stamps.

Those sending photographs to be signed may have them stamped with Orlando's autograph, but fans must be aware that there will be NO original autographing.

To receive an original autograph would probably entail meeting Orlando via a public walkabout during a premiere or other public event.

We cannot encourage the sending of gifts as it is often not possible to forward these.

Letters received, which do not meet the above guidelines, unfortunately will NOT receive replies. We are sorry for the disappointment of so many fans who have written and not received a reply because they have not adhered to the above criteria. However, the Fan Team endeavour to ensure they do not go to waste. They are donated to a home for the disabled where they are able to benefit from the stamps.

Please, for the sake of ALL fans waiting for a response and the team, if you receive a reply, please DO NOT write again. We are sorry for all those who have been disappointed but we hope you all understand the difficulty facing the team. Hope you all enjoy Orlando's films now and in the future - and once again, he is appreciative and aware of all this marvellous support from all over the world.

With thanks,
Orlando Bloom's Fan Mail Team

Official Fan Mail Message #1 6/16/03
from Lori

All correspondence should be sent to:

Orlando Bloom
c/o ICM
Oxford House
76 Oxford Street

There is a small team endeavouring to deal with Orlando's fan mail. The
team dealing with the fan mail plead for fans not to keep writing every week
or every month. There will strictly be one reply per fan.

Please follow the following guidelines when writing:

Send a Self Addressed Envelope:
Minimum size 22cm x 11 cm, properly addressed with country and country code.

**THREE OFFICIAL INTERNATIONAL REPLY coupons for those living outside the UK
**TWO official International reply coupons for those living in Europe
**and for those in the UK a stamped addressed envelope
What's an International reply coupon?

Those sending photographs to be signed may have them stamped with Orlando's
autograph, but there will be no original autographing. Fans will continue
to receive his printed photograph and printed autograph, usually
personalised. If fans keep sending repeat requests and the incoming mail
gets much too heavy for the team, it is possible that the attempts to
satisfy fans will no longer be viable and no mail at all will be answered.

There is no guarantee that mail sent before April, 2002 will be answered but
there will be an attempt to cope with it soon. It may take months to deal
with the backlog. It will take a matter of weeks from now to try to answer
all the current mail - but the Fan Mail team must stress, that it cannot
guarantee that all fan mail will be answered because of the volume.
Certainly fans that do not send the correct envelopes and reply coupons will
be disappointed.

Orlando may only see a small proportion of the most interesting and genuine
fan letters but takes an interest in the monthly reports on fan mail
provided by the team. Being a good actor, working very hard and
professionally as part of the creative team is the most important aspect of
filming for him. He is delighted that so many fans support and vote for him
and hopes these many, many fans will enjoy the forthcoming films he appears
in which include the final part of the Lord of the Rings trilogy; Pirates of
the Caribbean (with Johnny Depp), the Kelly Gang, the Calcium Kid, in which
he plays the lead, all which will be out this year, and Troy (with Brad
Pitt) out next year...with other exciting possibilities still in the