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Fan Questions from Official Site, theofficialorlandobloomsite.com, April 2005

April 25, 2005

  1. Name: Janelle
    City: Cambria
    Question: What are your top three favorite movies that you just can't say no to watching?

    OB: The Duellists (Ridley Scott, dir.), The Hustler (Robert Rossen, dir.), Taxi Driver (Martin Scorsese, dir.), In the Mood for Love (Won Kar Wei, dir.).

  2. Name: Miranda
    City: Lawrenceburg
    Question: Do you have any advice for young people out in the world who might be interested in pursuing acting?

    OB: Try to get as much training as possible.

  3. Name: Judi Frazier
    City: Los Angeles
    Question: Please tell us about 'Crusade for Charity,' how you came to be involved, and in general what your work with charities means to you.

    OB: I am proud to be involved with the following charities: Peacegames (www.peacegames.com) Global Green (www.globalgreen.org) The One Campaign (www.one.org)

  4. Name: Jennifer
    City: San Jose, CA
    Question: What was it like working with the gorgeous Eva Green?

    OB: Eva is an incredibly talented and beautiful actress and it was a pleasure to work with her.

  5. Name: Emily
    City: Framingham
    Question: Orlando,
    It must be pretty weird being famous. What is the best thing about this whole experience and what do you miss the most about living a normal life?

    OB: Getting to work in an industry that is inspiring and creatively fulfilling. What I miss most is not being able to people watch while sitting in a cafe.

  6. Name: Amanda
    City: Greenfield
    Question: Do you feel that with the release of Kingdom of Heaven, that you reached a new plateau and place in your life?

    OB: No, I still feel like I am very much at the beginning of my career. I still have a lot to learn, many mistakes to make, and hopefully a lot more risks to take. Have no expectations!

  7. Name: Jamie Kirkham
    City: Salt Lake City
    Question: What do you enjoy doing in your spare time?

    OB: What spare time? I like to hang out with my friends and family.

  8. Name: Jill Kirsch
    City: Buffalo, NY
    Question: Hi Orlando! Which do you prefer, the bow and arrow or swordfighting?

    OB: That's a tough one!

  9. Name: Lizzie Palmer
    City: Columbus
    Question: Are you religious, and if so, did "Kingdom of Heaven" have any impact on that?

    OB: I have been interested in Buddhist philosophy since college. I could relate to Balian as a man on a journey of spiritual discovery as he comes of age.

April 19, 2005

  1. Name: Katie
    City: Baton Rouge
    Question: What is your favorite memory from filming Kingdom of Heaven?

    OB: Getting to work with Ridley Scott on a character that was so unique - Balian is a reluctant hero who comes of age in a time fraught with political, religious, and spiritual conflict.

  2. Name: Amanda
    City: Grove City
    Question: Orlando- This is the first movie in which we see you in the starring role. How was being a lead character unique from your past movie experiences? Thanks!

    OB: It was a new pressure since I worked nearly every day. I loved the character, so this was an exciting new challenge. Getting to play the lead in a Ridley Scott film so early in my career was an invaluable opportunity that shaped the way I think about acting.

  3. Name: anca
    City: Israel
    Question: What's the most special place (for you) you've ever been to?

    OB: Guatemala, Morocco, and Brazil.

  4. Name: Amy S.
    City: Bruno, MN
    Question: What would you say has been your greatest accomplishment, as an actor, at this early stage in your career?

    OB: Surviving Kingdom of Heaven!

  5. Name: caitlin
    City: asheville,nc
    Question: We've all seen you go from a elf to a pirate to a prince. What would be your choice for a character you hope to play one day?

    OB: The opposite of any of the above. The same gender though - I don't want to play a princess particularly!

  6. Name: Serene
    City: Clifton, NJ
    Question: Hi Orlando, My question is; who inspires you in life or work or both?
    Name: Erika
    City: Houston,TX
    Question: In keeping with the religious undertones of KOH, what three people would you choose to sit at your table for your "Last Supper"?

    OB: Paul Newman (both his work and his life), Bono (great singer and humanitarian) and Nelson Mandela.

  7. Name: rhonda long
    City: washington, dc
    Question: If you weren't an actor, what do you think you'd be doing right now?

    OB: Sculptor or photographer.

  8. Name: Clare T
    City: USA
    Question: Hey Orlando! Sidi is a beautiful dog, but I was wondering where the name came from?

    OB: Sidiki means friend in Arabic and Sidi means Lord in Moroccan.