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Transcript of 'Orlando Tips his Boat' feature from FOTR Special Extended Edition DVD
Transcribed by Vicki

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Peter Jackson: Usually it wasn't doubles in these boats, it was usually the actors themselves. We only had one mishap, um which I was aware of when we were shooting the scene where the actors are looking up at the Argonath, and that was a very deep, swift flowing river, and um...Orlando Bloom was paddling his canoe when he had a small Gimli, it wasn't John Rhys Davies, it was Brett who was sort of a small Gimli double dwarf-size.

Orlando Bloom: Myself and Brett were in this boat and one of the guys filming grabbed the front of our boat and stopped us, because we were going on down stream and he just stopped us to catch us. But the water was running so fast that when he held onto the boat it just started to come over the top of the boat and into the boat and so we just started going down. And I was going 'Let go of the boat, let go man!' because he was like holding onto it, trying to help us.

Peter Jackson: And these guys went under the water, the boat sunk and, and all the safety, we had lots of safety boats they rushed in.

Orlando Bloom: and Brett BT was in, it's kind of funny except, that Brett was in this like armour, like he's in heavy armour man, that's chainmail that he was wearing and he's got this wetsuit on, but and he had, he had like a blow up, um,... thing underneath him, a blow up um, life jacket in case, and he pulled that, and it didn't really inflate, and I could see him going down, so I just went like, I was holding onto this guy, and I just yanked him up out of the water and he was, (makes gurgling noise), and I was holding him up like this (demonstrates) and he was like going, (makes gurgling noise again and shakes his head), like he was freaked out man, we chucked him up and he was ok but it was like phew, for a minute there man, I mean that could have been bad.

Peter Jackson: I think Orlando was more embarrassed than anything, to be the one member of the Fellowship, who kind of sunk his boat, whilst on active duty.