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Orlando Bloomís New Girlfriend, Frida (Sweden), September 2003, nr 18
translated and scanned by Gabbi

[It's possible this interview was made-up.]

Orlando is half lying, half sitting in the chair. Itís too small to work as a bed and he looks squeezed together. His mouth is slightly open and his eyes are almost closed, and he doesnít look like the movie star from the LOTR-movies and POTC.

ďUsually Iím very energetic, but today Iím tiredĒ says Orlando. ďIíve been talking about pirates and sword fighting for hours so I hope you have some fun questions that can cheer me up.Ē

Orlando makes a smile that could melt a heart of ice. Then, he pours himself a glass of water. Heís dressed in black pants, two t-shirts, a red underneath a white one Ė and heís got some charms around his neck. Completely gorgeous. But he still looks natural. When heís asked how he feels about being called a sex bomb, he laughs and shrugs.

ďI guess itís ok if it helps getting me parts in movies. But I donít really care if others call me handsome. It would be really sad if I would stand in front of the mirror all day.Ē

Frida [the name of the paper] meets Orlando in a fancy hotel in Los Angeles. Orlando, born and raised in England, has spent a lot of time traveling since he got the part as Legolas in LOTR.

ďLately, Iíve been living in Mexico and Malta, where weíre shooting Troy. I act alongside Brad Pitt and Eric Bana (The Hulk). Itís fun to work with those guys and Iím learning new things all the time. Brad Pitt is a really nice guy, and considering how famous he is, heís just a normal guy and thatís nice.

Q: You work a lot, do you have a private life at all?

Yes, but it can be hard to be able to spend time with my family and friends. But I donít want to turn any big part down now when I have the chance, you never know how long this lasts.

Q: What do you do on your days off?

I spend time with my friends. If Iím in England I spend time with my grandmother and grandfather. They are very dear to me and theyíre getting old so they canít come and visit me when Iím working abroad. I donít have time for hobbies anymore, but I like sky diving.

Q: Youíre wild!

Iím accident-prone; Iíve broken my back, ribs, arms and legs through the years. But luckily enough Iíve always managed to pull through. I like stuff that gives me an adrenaline rush. Sky diving is real fun. And bungy jumping.

Q: Are you are daredevil by nature?

About some things, maybe. Iím very afraid of falling into the ocean and sinking to the bottom. I surf but I donít like to be out on unknown waters. I panic when I start to think about sharks and stuff like that. The fact is that Iíve become calmer during the years, I donít do stupid things that can get me injured.

Q: Forgive this rude question, but there have been rumours about you saying youíre difficult to work with.

Thatís probably reporters who think Iím stuck-up just because I donít have enough time to give them interviews. My friends and family are all down to earth and they would never allow me to be stuck-up.

Q: Whatís the weirdest thing youíve ever read about yourself?

That Iím rude, uneducated, that I have sex with girls all the time. Itís weird to read about yourself because itís like the article is about a person you donít know.

Q: Did you get some good advice from Brad Pitt?

When we were in Malta we were off to have a beer. And suddenly there were cameras flashing everywhere. It was horrifying. I whispered to Brad ďWhat are we going to do?Ē and he smiled and said ďKeep walking, shake their hands and smile, but keep walkingĒ.

Q. Do you get more girls if youíre famous?

I donít know, but that was definitely one of the reasons I wanted to be an actor. [Orli has denied this though] When I was younger I fantasized about being a superhero all the girls liked, someone like Superman.

Q: Do you get a lot of letters from female fans?

Yes, all the time. I think itís great and I would really like to respond to all of them personally, but I just donít have the time.

Q: Are you romantic?

No, not really. Well, I donít know, what do girls think is romantic anyway? I try to be a gentleman, to be polite and listen. But I guess thatís just normal behaviour and not really romantic.

Q: What would the woman of your dreams look like?

She should be funny and she has to be nice. I donít like cranky girls who never laugh. And I also would like her to understand what itís like to be with an actor. Itís important that she accepts that I travel a lot and that we wonít get to see each other as often as we would like.

Q: Rumors say that youíre dating Kate Bosworth. Is she traveling with you now that youíre working abroad a lot?

Really, where have you heard that Iím dating Kate? No comment.

The intense interview is over and Orlando goes down to the lobby. There he greets a crying Kate Bosworth with a big hug. He hugs his girlfriend tight and pats her on the back. Orlando is leaving again, a fact that obviously has made Kate upset. Orlando checks his watch, whispers something in her ear and then they walk hand in hand to the limo. When he kisses Kate goodbye she starts crying again. The limo drives away. Orlando waves goodbye and then turns around towards the elevator to continue his work. Nothing gets in his way, not even crying girlfriends. Maybe itís Bradís piece of advice ringing: ďKeep walkingĒÖ