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Orlando Interview, Girlfriend (Australia), June 2005
transcribed by Kate

Orlando walks into a Los Angeles hotel and slides onto a comfy couch. dressed in jeans and a red tee with his tanned olive skin, he couldnt look more like a Magnum Ego- yum! With his dog Sidi by his side, Orlando speaks to GF about being a romantic, his movie Kingdom of Heaven and rumours. In the epic movie Orlando plays the heroic Balian who tries to protect his country during the 18th century.

GF: Hey Orlando, great to see you.

Orlando: you too.

GF:Whos the friend you've brought along?

O: This is my dog Sidi. I rescued him while I was shooting this movie. It was such a special project for me in so many ways I got Sidi too. He's such a good boy. Watch this. (he tells Sidi to lay down and roll over and the black labrador cross does it immediately at his command). I'm trying to teach him a few little tricks. He's my mate.

GF: There was a report we read in a magazine that Sidi went missing and you launched an all-out search for him.

O: Really? That I lost my dog? Well there you go.

GF: Are you implying a lot of things which got written about you aren't true?

O: I've heard so many crazy stories that aren't true, its ridiculous.

GF: What's the craziest thing that has ever been said about you in the press?

O: A teen magazine once wrote that I got into this business so I could kiss beautiful women, but I can tell you right now I never said that. Beautiful women are wonderful but I wouldn't take a job just so I could kiss a beautiful girl.

GF: You don't have to! You must have girls coming up to you all the time.

O: No, they're all too cool. They're all too cool to be in love with me.

GF: Your co-star Eva Green was telling us things got pretty crazy for you while you were shooting Kingdom of Heaven in Spain with girls screaming after you.

O: Yeah. every time I left the hotel or when we were out shooting there would be fans. I think it was like the circus had come to town and they were just excited a Ridley Scott epic was being made there.

GF: Do you enjoy being famous?

O: It has its ups and downs. You know what though? I trust in humanity. I trust in each individual. A young girl in Spain who's 13, if it makes her day to have me sign something then great, but you know the truth is they don't know me. They have an idea on who I am.

GF: How do you deal with it?

O: Don't believe everything you read.

GF: What do you think about people who look up to you or admire you?

O: I think it's so sweet when someone asks me to sign something or get their photo taken with them, but your big fear is that they're going to meet you and then be disappointed.

GF: Tell us why Kingdom of Heaven is so close to your heart.

O: I read this script as I was flying back from Mexico and I thought it was amazing. I'd just finished troy and I'd played the cowardly younger brother Paris and I wasn't looking to do an epic or sword movie. It was a opportunity to play someone who is a polar opposite to Paris. you know, he's really a reluctant hero. He's a guys guy and I  like to this I'm more balian than I am paris. I thought I'd be crazy not to do it.

GF: Everyone says you look more grown up in this. How does this make you feel?

O: That makes me feel great! Part of what I  wanted to do with this was that I wanted to look bigger so I ate a lot of food, pushed a lot of weights and ended up putting on 10 kilos.

GF: If you could do anything you wished for a day what would you do?

O: I love hanging out with my friends and I love being with my family. I also like taking this guy (pats Sidi) for long walks to that's what I would do. I'd just relax.

GF: You have a tattoo on your stomach from when you were 15. Tell us how you got away with that!

O: Oh, it was easy (smiles). I made up this ridiculous story that it would only last for 5 years.

GF: You've broken your bag, your leg, your arm, your nose - is anything unbroken. 

O: Not much. I'm an adrenaline junkie. I  was lucky I didn't injure my self during Kingdom of Heaven because I was riding a horse and fighting in a lot of scenes. iI got a few nicks, cuts and bruises, but no broken bones thankfully!