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Oh Boy! Orlando Bloom, Glamo (Belgium), December 2003
scans and translation by Evi

You asked, we give: Hollywoods newest chick-magnet!

Of course we had seen the elf-with-blonde-Abba-wig in Lord of the Rings, but we were too distracted by the tough studs beside him. Edoch. We know how to recognize a delicious piece of mansteak, even with delay. Not only is Orlando (26) Mr. Charming himself (ask matey Helena Christensen or Heath Ledger and Naomi Watts, who he played matchmaker for on the set of Ned Kelly), he is very talented. Must be if you get the part of elf Legolas in the LotR-trilogy 48 hours before you graduate from drama school. The big movies keeps rolling in ever since: Black Hawk Down, Pirates of the Caribbean en adventure epos Troy with Brad Pitt. Our Orli loves action! Horseback riding, sword fighting, surfing, snowboarding, skydiving, bungeejumping ... . The kid broke his back, ribs, nose, both legs, arm, wrist, a finger and a toe, enough to make Jackie Chan jealous (and to make girlfriend Kate Bosworth very worried). Wirily and battered, how we like it! Orlando also has 3 tattoos: a sun next to his navel, the elvish symbol 9 on his forearm and a third mystery tattoo which we would like to find very much ... .

How to seduce ...
Mister Bloody Sexy:
Orlando Bloom
To seduce him you have to come out with a knock-out scent. Choose a sensual, sultry scent that leaves nothing to the imagination and which makes you sex-on-legs. We're talking sweet 'n sexy, honey!