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Bloom Blossoms, Glossy (The Netherlands), August 12, 2003
translated by Samantha

Orlando Bloom, a nice name for an actor and it isn't even made up. According to his mother it means 'famous throughout the land' and the 26-year old actor. Not only is he famous in his own country (England), but also far outside it people know who he is. He plays parts that speak to the imagination: From elf to pirate, from outlaw to evil prince. "As an actor I am privileged: I get paid for doing something I love to do the most!"

It was a close call, or he would not have been here. Five years ago Orlando Bloom fell three stories and broke his back. The doctors told him he might never walk again, but after a difficult operation and twelve days, he walked out of the hospital. This experience had the result that the actor is very thankful for what he can and may do. "I appreciate things more. I don't try to take myself serious and just enjoy the things that cross my path". He picks his parts with great care, after a few plays he auditioned for a role in the movie 'the lord of the rings' and he eventually got picked for the part of the elf Legolas Greenleaf. He still finds it incredible that he got to work with so many talented actors and director Peter Jackson. "I didn't really have to think about it, it was more like: Where do I sign? At first I didn't even realize what I took on. I just thought that I was busy for the upcoming 15 months, but a friend of mine was astonished. He told me that this was one of the biggest opportunities ever and he was right". The then still unknown actor stayed for Eighteen months with a gigantic team in New Zealand, were in his time off he enjoyed the nature, and where he made friends for life. He especially got along with Viggo Mortensen (Aragorn) during the shoots.  "Vig called me Elf-boy and I called him dirty human. As an elf I never had a scratch and never got dirty. Vig always walked on the set dirty and sweaty and whenever he saw me he said: Ah, Go polish your nails and brush your hair!" After the shooting of the lord of the rings trilogy followed Black Hawk Down and soon we can admire him as pirate Will Turner in Pirates of the Caribbean. In this adventurous movie, captain Jack Sparrow (Johnny Depp) tries to win his ship the Black Pearl back, and together with Will save the gorgeous Elizabeth Swann (Keira Knightley) from the hands of the evil pirates. "When I read the script I wasn't really interested. I was not into making a giant American movie." But eventually this turned into a instructive and fun experience. "Isn't it amazing that you can dress up as an actor? And why not as a pirate then?"

The Beginning

Orlando's acting ambitions were awakened when he saw "The hustler" with Paul Newman at the age of twelve. He was so impressed with his performance that he realized he wanted to act. At the age of sixteen Orlando quit school and moved to London where he tried to prove his luck in acting in plays. He played two years with the National Youth theatre and got a scholarship for an acting school, The British American Drama Academy. But his passion really awakened when he went to the Guildhall School of Music and Drama. "That was the first time I got the feeling I was getting a decent education. We learned about the classic play writers, read pieces of Shakespeare and Tsjechov, that really inspired me." Creativity is something that mother Sonia encouraged with her kids. "My mother is a creative businesswoman and she also writes. She is pretty eccentric and she always took me and my sister Samantha to plays. We also went to festivals were we entered the competitions. You had to read prose and poetry and we always won! I got the taste of it when I was young." Orlando sort of grew up without a father. The South-African writer Harry Bloom died when Orlando was only four years old. A family friend, Colin Stone, became Orlando's legal guardian. When Orlando was a teen he discovered that not Harry but Colin was his biological father. "Colin was for as long as I could remember a good friend, but I always thought that Harry was my real father".

Being a star

Orlando doesn't have a big head. During his collaboration with Johnny Depp he learned that he doesn't only have to play 'the pretty boy'. Depp never tried to be the pretty boy. Bloom wants to be appreciated because of his work instead of his looks. And he is, Orlando has a large amount of fans "that is really weird I didn't notice that I got more famous because I worked so much lately.  And to be honest it sort of makes me nervous. The last time I was in London I could just take the subway. I don't hope that will be different".  To prepare himself on the fame he got advice from his co-actor Heath Ledger with who he plays in 'Ned Kelly' a movie about the notorious Australian robbers of the 'Kelly-gang'. "It was nice talking to him about it, although it still is weird since it is not palpable. But I love my work and maybe not everything about it can be great." Maybe he could talk about it with Brad Pitt, the two are filming the movie Troy together at the moment, where Brad plays the Greek Hero Achilles. Bloom portrays the part of the evil prince Paris who steals the Greek Helena from her husband. This kidnap unleashes a long war between the Trojans and Spartans. Orlando loves bringing the combative Paris to life "He really is the anti-hero, he ruins everything!" It will be some time before Troy will be released in the Netherlands -the movie is planned for may 2004-. Before that time comes we will at least be able to enjoy Orlando already as a pirate in "Pirates of the Caribbean", in cinemas on August 14th. 'Ned Kelly' premieres in October so we can enjoy Orlando for some time and we will enjoy him alright......