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Heroes of the Cinema from Adorable (Quebec Mag), 2002
translated by Eggy and Sarah, scan from Eggy

The beautiful English man knows the glory of playing the role of Legolas in the movie The Lord Of The Rings. You can also see him in the upcoming  movies The Two Towers and The Return Of The King. He acts in another movie, Black Hawk Down with Ewan McGregor. His next movie will be The Kelly Gang with Heath Ledger.

Did you know:

  • That he loves extreme sports like parachuting and surfing?
  • That his name means “Renowned”?
  • That if he had not became an actor, he would be a photographer?
  • That he refuses to say his weight?
  • That 4 years ago, he broke his back and the doctor said that he would never walk again. Twelve days and an operation later, he left the hospital... walking!
  • That he has 3 tattoos and one is the number nine in Elvish?
  • That he wanted to become an actor after realizing that Superman was an actor?
  • That his salary is not important as long as he can kiss an actress?